FEMALE Susanna

Wife of Wulfhard, 9th century.

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth:

Date of death: Unknown.
Place of death: Unknown.

Possible father: Bégon, count of Paris.
See the pages of Bégon and Adalhard for details.

Possible mother: Uncertain: Either an earlier wife of Bégon (Hildebrun?) or Alpaïde, daughter of Louis I "the Pious", emperor.

Spouse: Wulfhard.
See the page of Wulfhard for details.

See the page of Wulfhard for details.

MALE Wulfhard, living 2 November 889.

MALE Adalhard, count, fl. 875-890.

MALE Vulgrin.


FEMALE Hildeburg.

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

First uploaded 16 August 2012.

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