MALE "Sprota"

Wife or concubine of Guillaume (William) "Longsword" (of Normandy), 10th century.

Called a Breton concubine by Flodoard [s.a. 943: "Rex Ludowicus filio ipsius Willelmi, nato de concubina Britanna, terram Nortmannorum dedit; ..." (clearly referring to Richard), MGH SS 3, 389, van Houts (2000), 47], she was first given a name by William of Jumièges [GND iii, 2 (vol. 1, 78-9)], who, writing in the second half of the eleventh century, stated that she was bound to William by the Danish custom ("... Danico more iuncta, nomine Sprota ..."). Although the name "Sprota" gives us a convenient name to refer to the mother of Richard I, the unusual form of the name and the lateness of the source (more than 100 years later) make it uncertain that her name has been correctly reported, hence the above use of quotes.

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: Unknown.
Place of Death: Unknown.

Father: Unknown.
[As mentioned on the page of Rollo's wife Poppa, the statement of Dudo [iv, 76 (pp. 106-7)] that William's son Richard was a nephew of Bernard of Senlis was most likely due to Bernard's relationship to William's wife Liutgard, and it is therefore very unlikely that anything about the origin of "Sprota" can be deduced from this statement.]

Mother: Unknown.


(1) Guillaume (William) "Longsword" of Normandy, d. 942.
[GND iii, 2 (vol. 1, pp. 78-9)]

(2) [Esperleng].
His name is given only in Robert of Torigny's additions to GND, which states that after the death of William, Sprota was forced to become the concubine of a very rich man called Esperleng, who held mills at Vandreuil [GND (Rob. Tor.) vi, 17(38) (vol. 2, p. 175)]. but his existence is guaranteed by other sources which state that count Rodulf was a half-brother of Richard by the same mother [GND iv, 20 (vol. 1, pp. 134-5); see also Dudo iv, 77 (p. 171), who calls him a brother of Richard].


by William Longsword:

MALE Richard I "the Fearless" of Normandy, d. 996.
[GND iii, 2 (vol. 1, pp. 78-9)]

by [Esperleng]:

MALE Rodulf, count of Ivry.
[See comments above under Sprota's second union.]


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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

First uploaded 8 February 2004

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