10th century.

All that is known of Rorans appears in a letter written 1055×1067 by her great-grandson Gervais, archbishop of Reims, to Éven, abbot of St. Mélaine. Gervais referred to Rorans as "avia mea" in one place, where "avia" is evidently to be interpreted as "ancestor" rather than "grandmother", since Gervais later refers to his father Hamon as her "nepos" through a son ("... nepoti suo, quem de filio suscepit, nomine Haimoni, patri scilicet meo ..."). From this letter, we know that Rorans had Argentré as a dowry, which passed to her grandson Hamon. [Cart. Château-du-Loir 8-9]

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: Unknown.
Place of Death: Unknown.

Father: Unknown.

Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Unknown.


MALE Son, name unknown, father of Hamon.
[Cart. Château-du-Loir 8-9]

Grandchild (through a son):

MALE Hamon de Château-du-Loir, fl. 1013-28.
[Cart. Château-du-Loir 8-9]


Cart. Château-du-Loir = Eugène Vallée, Cartulaire de Château-du-Loir (Archives Historiques du Maine 6, Le Mans, 1905).

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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