MALE Roger

Count of Maine, late 890's.

Nearly all of what is known of count Roger of Maine is related in a letter of Gontier, bishop of Le Mans. Gontier's predecessor, Lambert, died on a 13 December on the same day as count Bérenger, in an unknown year, probably in the middle of the 890's [Nec. Mans, 329; see the page of Bérenger for more on the chronology]. Gontier accuses Roger of ravaging the possessions of the diocese, and states that Roger was driven out by duke Robert (later king Robert I), who established a certain Gauzlin as count, but that Roger then succeded in driving out Gauzlin [Act. Pont. Cenom. 342-7; Latouche (1910), 14-6; Barton (2004), 35-6].

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: Before 31 October 900.
He was undoubtedly deceased on that date, when his son Hugues, count of Maine, appears with his mother in an act of Charles the Simple. See the page of Hugues I for further details.
Place of Death: Unknown.

Father: Unknown.


Rothilde, d. 22 March, not long before 929, daughter of Charles the Bald, king of the Western Franks, Emperor.
Rothilde does not appear in any document with Roger, but she appears as the mother of Roger's son Hugues. See
Rothilde's page for further details.


MALE Hugues I, d. after 26 March 931, count of Maine.
Hugues is called a son of Roger in two charters of 930-1. See the page of Hugues I for further deatils.

FEMALE NN, m. Hugues le Grand, duke of France.
See Rothilde's page.


Conjectured ancestor: Roger, 8th century, count of Maine.
(said to be related to the Rorgonid counts of Maine)
This is a common onomastic conjecture, based on the fact that there was an eighth century count of Maine named Roger, who in turn had a son named Gauzlin (Gauziolenus), a name common in the Rorgonid dynasty of counts of Maine [Act. Pont. Cenom., 244-5; Boussard (1968), 19, 24; Keats-Rohan (1994), 6; Jackman (1999), 138]. The conjecture is plausible, but unproven.

Suggested identification of Roger: Roger, nepos of Hugues, count of Bourges.
[e.g., Keats-Rohan (1994): 8-9; Keats-Rohan (2000), 65] This is based on the suggestion that Roger of Maine was the same as a certain Rotgarius, nepos of Hugues (Ugo), count of Bourges, both present at the siege of Paris by the Vikings in 885-7 [Abbo, De Bello Parisiaco, ii, 562-5, MGH SS 2: 800]. For the old hypothesis that Hugues of Bourges was the husband of Roger's wife Rothilde [Depoin (1908), 590-3], see the page of

Conjectured daughter (unproven): Richilde, m. Thibaud, viscount of Tours (parents of Thibaud le Tricheur, count of Blois).
[Keats-Rohan (1997), 194; Keats-Rohan (2000), 65] See Rothilde's page for a discussion.


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