MALE Robert

Count of Meaux, 946-after 966.
Count of Troyes, 956-after 966.

Robert first appears as a witness in a 940 charter of count Geoffroy of Nevers ["S. Rodberti, filium Heriberti comitis." Cart. Cluny 1: 496, n. 1]. When his father's lands were partitioned in 946, he received Meaux as his share. As was shown by Karl Ferdinand Werner, Robert became count of Troyes by right of his wife, and not of his father, as had been previously believed [Werner (1960), 107-115]. He evidently became count of Troyes on the death of his father-in-law Giselbert in 956, and is first mentioned with that title on 6 August 959, when he appears with his wife and young son Heribert ["Placuit atque convenit inter gloriosum Trecassine urbis comitem Robertum et Gratianum abbatem monasterii sancti Petri Dervensis, ... Signum Rotberti, gloriosissimi comitis. S. Adelais comitisse. S. Erberti filii eorum. ..." Cart. Montiéramey, 19 (#14); see also Lot (1901), 269; Werner (1960), 112]. He was still alive on 19 June 966, when he is found witnessing a charter of his son-in-law, count Geoffroy Grisegonelle of Anjou ["S. Roberti comitis Trecassinorum." Cart. S.-Aubin 7]. He probably died not long afterward, succeeded by his brother Heribert "vetulus" and eventually by his son Heribert "juvenis".

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: After 19 June 966.
He was still living on 19 June 966. The death date of August 968 given by Arbois de Jubainville [Arbois de Jubainville (1859-66), 1: 141] depends on his dubious identification as the father of Archambaud, archbishop of Sens, and on an incorrect placement of the death date of Archambaud in 968 (see below).
Place of Death: Unknown.

Father: Heribert II, d. 943, count of Meaux, Soissons, and Vermandois, and abbot of Saint-Crépin and Saint-Médard (Soissons).
NN, daughter of Robert I, king of France.
See the page of
Heribert II.

Spouse: m. 11 December 942 × 18 June 950, Adélaïde alias Werra, d. after 967, daughter of Giselbert, duke of Burgundy.
["Et Gislebertus Comes Burgundionum obiit: et honorem ejus cum filia, nomine Leudegarde, ex qua postea a Radulpho Divionensi Pipicus factus, Otho frater Hugonis Ducis recepit: aliam vero filiam, nomine Werram, duxit in matrimonium Robertus comes Trecassinorum." Ex Chronico Odorannus, RHF 8: 237.] Adélaïde appears in a charter with her parents on 11 December 942 ["S. Giselberti comitis ... S. Ermengardis, que consensit, Adaleidis filie eorum ..." Werner (1960), 112, n. 95]. Robert appears as a witness to a charter of Giselbert dated between 19 June 949 and 18 June 950 [Werner (1960), 111 & n. 89]. She evidently survived her husband, and appears with Robert's brother count Heribert in a fragment of the cartulary of Montiéramey ["... S. Adeleidae comitissae, S. Ettini, S. Eriberti comitis ..." Werner (1960), 112-3, n. 95]


MALE Heribert "juvenus", d. 28 January 995 or 996, count of Meaux and Troyes, 980×4-995×6.

FEMALE Adèle, living 6 March 974, m. ca. 965, Geoffroy I "Grisegonelle", d. 987, count of Anjou.
For details, see Adèle's page.


Conjectured daughter:
FEMALE NN, m. Charles, duke of Lorraine.
This conjecture is based on a passage in Historia Francorum Senonensis, which states that Charles married a daughter of count Heribert of Troyes ["Cui successit Karolus, frater eius, filius Hlotharii regis. Eodem anno rebellavit contra Karolum Hugo dux Francorum, eo quod accepisset Karolus filiam Herberti comitis Trecarum." Historia Francorum Senonensis, MGH SS 9: 367-8]. Here, Charles is falsely made into a son of king Lothair, when he was in fact a brother. For chronological reasons, Settipani conjectures that she was instead a daughter of Robert [Settipani (1993), 337-8, n. 1010].

Supposed son (doubtful):
Archambaud, d. 29 August 967, archbishop of Sens, 958-967.
This supposed son has been assigned to Robert by a number of sources [e.g., GC 12: 30-1; Arbois de Jubainville (1859-66), 1: 141-2, 145-7; Lot (1891), 28, n. 3; Brandenburg (1964)], based on a statement of Clarius de Sens that Archambaud's father, a certain Robert, vir nobilis et dives valde, died in the same month that Archambaud died ["In ipso anno, mense Augusto, obiit pater ipsius, Rotbertus nomine, vir nobilis et dives valde. Ipse vero Archembaldus, eodem mense, obiit adhuc juvenis, IIII Kal. Septembris, expletis in episcopatu annis VIIII, et duobus mensibus, et die uno." Clarius de Sens, Chronicon Sancti-Petri-Vivi Senonensis, Bib. Hist. Yonne, 2: 488]. Since Archambaud's father Robert is not clearly identified, the suggestion that he was the same person as Robert of Troyes is uncertain at best. Neither Werner nor Settipani include Archambaud among Robert's children [Werner (1967), 474, where he points out that the names Archambaud and Robert appeared among the lords of Sully; Settipani (1993), 232, n. 303]. For 967 (rather than 968) as the correct year of Archambaud's death, see Lot (1891), 335-6.

Falsely attributed second wife: Ingeltrude.
This error is based on a charter of June 960, in which a "count" Robert and his wife Ingeltrude appear witnessing a charter of Frotgaire, bishop of Chalon ["S. Frotgarii episcopi et Rotberti comitis et uxore sua Ingeltrudis. S. Lamberti, comitis, qui consensit." Cart. S.-Marcel-lès-Chalon, 87-8 (#104)]. This Robert has been identified by some with Robert of Troyes [Arbois de Jubainville (1859-66), 1: 142; Brandenburg (1964), 90], but he was in fact a different Robert, a viscount of Dijon of that name [see Lot (1891), 326-7; Werner (1967), 462]. Robert and Ingeltrude were the parents of Lambert, count of Chalon. The editor of the cartulary notes that the title of count given to Robert in this charter was probably a copying error [Cart. S.-Marcel-lès-Chalon, 88, n. 1].

Falsely attributed daughter:
Adélaïde, m. (1) Lambert, d. probably 978, count of Chalon; (2) Geoffroy I "Grisegonelle", d. 987, count of Anjou.
[Arbois de Jubainville (1859-66), 1: 140, 142; Kalckstein (1877), 302 & n. 2; Vajay (1962), 159] This scenario is not feasible [see Lot (1891), 323-6]. Adélaïde, second wife of Geoffroy "Grisegonelle", should not be confused with Geoffroy's first wife Adèle (above), who was in fact a daughter of Robert.


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