MALE Raculf

Viscount of Mâcon, fl. 893-915.

Raculf witnesses as viscount in a charter of 1×9 November 893 ["Signum Raculfi, vicecomitis." Cart. Cluny, 1: 62 (#53)]. He appears in another charter of 20 June 898 ["... domnus Raculfus ..." ibid., 1: 74-5 (#65)]. He was excommunicated at a council at Chalon in 915 for usurping the rights of the church [Mansi, 18: 325].

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth:

Date of death: After 915.
Place of death: Unknown.

Father: Unknown.

Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Unknown.


FEMALE Tolosane/Etolane/Attalane, m. Aubry I, count of Mâcon.
["Hec sunt nomina Comitum Matisconensium. Primus, Albericus Narbonensis qui, accipiens filiam Raculfi vice-comitis post mortem domini Bernonis Matiscensis episcopi, comitem se fecit; ..." Cart. Mâcon, 6 (#7)]


Probable relative: Liétaud, fl. 879×887-905, viscount or count of Mâcon.
Liétaud appears as a missus of count Guillaume of Auvergne and Mâcon in 879×887 ["Leotaldus missus Willelmi comitis" Cart. Mâcon, 105 (#152)]. At Mâcon on 2 November 905, Liétaud signed a donation to Cluny as count [Cart. Cluny, 1: 101 (#90)]. Since Raculf's grandson who eventually became count of Mâcon was also named Liétaud, and the younger Liétaud's father came from Narbonne, it is very likely that the younger Liétaud was named after this Liétaud because of some relationship via Raculf and his daughter.

Conjectured daughter:
FEMALE Ingeltrude, m. Robert, d. ca. 960, count of Dijon.
The basis of this conjecture is that Lambert (evidently the son of Robert and Ingeltrude of that name), is called a consanguineus in a charter of Liétaud, son of Aubri and Tolosane ["ego Leotaldus et uxor mea Berta, ..., quem mihi Lanbertus, consanguineus meus, dedit, et soror mea Attala michi postea reddidit, ...", February 944, Cart. Cluny, 1: 609-610 (#655); see Poupardin (1907), 234, 419, n. 3].


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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

First uploaded 24 April 2008.

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