MALE Pépin/Pippin

fl. 834×840, count (near Paris).

In 834, he appears among the supporters of the emperor (Louis I) as Pippinus, consanguineus imperatoris [Ann. Bert., s.a., 834, 9]. In 840, he defected from Charles the Bald to Lothaire ["Quod quidem Pippinus, filius Bernardi regis Langobardorum, ceterique cernentes, elegerunt potius more servorum fidem omittere, iuramenta contempnere, quam ad modicum tempus facultates relinquare; ..." Nithard ii, 3, MGH SS 2: 656-7]

Date of Birth: say 815×8.
Since his father died at a young age, Pépin must have been born near the end of his father's life.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: After 840.
Place of Death: Unknown.

Father: Bernard, d. 818, king of Italy 812×3-818.
Kunigund, d. after 15 June 835.

Spouses: Unknown.
The conjecture that she was a member of the "Nibelungen" family (descendants of Childrebrand, son of Charles Martel) is based on the fact that Heribert I's predecessors in some of his possessions belonged to that family, and on the presence of the name Heribert in that family [see Werner (1960), 101-6].

In an annal noting the blinding and death of king Bernard of Italy, Regino of Prüm, writing ca. 906, offers additional information about the son and grandsons of Bernard (the latter obviously not belonging to the year 818): "Anno dominicae incarnationis 818. Bernhardus filius Pippini, rex Italiae, Aquis evocatus ad imperatorem dolo capitur, et primo oculis, post vita privatur. Habuit autem iste Bernhardus filium nomine Pippinum, qui tres liberos genuit, Bernhardum, Pippinum et Heribertum; qui Heribertus Rodulfum comitem, filium Balduini interfecit nostris temporibus, et non multum post occisus est a Balduino, satellite Balduini, gratris Rodulfi, qui Balduinus hucusque in Flandris ducatum tenet." [Regino, s.a. 818, MGH SS 1: 567]

MALE Bernard.
Bernard's only certain appearance in the records is in Regino, and his identification with a count near Laon in 877×8 is not certain [Werner (1967), 455; Settipani (1993), 215]

MALE Pepin, count, d. after 28 January 893.
He appears with Heribert in 877 [Ann. Bert., s.a. 877, 136], and he and Heribert appear as counts at the elevation of Charles the Simple as king on 28 January 893 [Regino, s.a. 892 (misdated), MGH SS 1: 605]

MALE Heribert I, b. say 850, d. 900×6, count of Soissons and abbot of Saint-Crépin; count of Vermandois.


Conjectured daughter: NN, m. Gui, count of Senlis, supposed parents of Poppa, wife of Rollo of Normandy.
For this conjecture, see the page of


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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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