MALE Pascweten

fl. 895×903.

Pascweten appears as a witness to Breton charters in the years 895 and 903 [Cart. Redon, 216, 376-7], and also in other charters of uncertain date around the same time. He is identified in an eleventh century collection of Angevin genealogies as the father of Beringerius, father of Conanus [Poupardin (1900), 206].

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: Unknown.
Place of Death: Unknown.

Father: Alain le Grand, d. 907, king of Brittany.
See the page on Alain le Grand for more details.

Mother: Unknown.

Spouse(s): Unknown.

Possible son:
MALE Juhel alias Bérenger, count of Rennes.
See the page on Juhel Bérenger for more details. Even if this affiliation is correct, there is no known justification in the primary sources for giving the title of "count of Rennes" to Pascweten, as is done by some modern secondary sources [e.g., Winkhaus (1950)].


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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

Uploaded 17 December 2005.

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