Brother of Chrodegang, bishop of Metz.

Thegan states that Ingram, father-in-law of Louis the Pious, was the son of a brother of St. Chrodegang (Hruotgangus) ["Supradictus vero Hludowicus postquam ad aetatem perbenit, desponavit sibi filiam nobilissimi ducis Ingoramni, qui erat filius fratris Hruotgangi, sancti pontificis." Thegan, Vita Hludowici, c. 4, MGH SS 2: 591]. The name of this brother (called here "NN") is unknown. Wertner identified Ingram's father as Gundeland, abbot of Lorsch, the known brother of Chrodegang, but it is far more likely that Ingram's father was an unknown third brother not connected with the church [Wertner (1884), 55].

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth:
Date of death: Unknown.
Place of death: Unknown.
All that is known of the chronology of this unnamed individual is that which can be approximated or guessed from the fact that he was a brother of bishop Chrodegang, who appears in records from 741 and died in 766, and a grandfather of Ermengarde, whose son Lothair was born about 795.

Father: Sigram.
Mother: Landrada.
This parentage assumes that the subject of this page was a full brother of bishop Chrodegang, whose is known to have been a son of Sigram and Landrada ["Iam hinc vir egregius et omnibus praeconiis efferendur, Chrodegangus antistes eilgitur, ex pago Hasbaniensi oriundus, patre Sigramno, matre Landrada, Francorum ex genere primae nobilitatis progenitus." Paul the Deacon, Gesta Episc. Mettensium, MGH SS 2: 267]. Although this is likely, the possibility remains that Ingram's father and Chrodegang were only half-siblings, in which case only one of the above would be a parent of "NN".

Spouse: Unknown.


MALE Ingram, count.


Possible child:

MALE Angilram, d. 26 October 791, archbishop of Metz, 768-791
Angilram succeeded Chrodegang as archbishop of Metz after a two year vacancy ["Angelramnus archiepiscopus et palatii capellanus, qui sedit annos 23. et dies 28. Requiescit in monasterio cuius vocabulum Nova-Cella. Obiit 7. Kal. Novemb. in loco qui dicitur Asnagahunc Chunis-berch, et cessavit episcopatus annos 27. et menses 4." Catalogus episcoporum Mettensium, in Paul the Deacon, Gesta episcop. Mettensium, MGH SS 2: 269]. According to Gallia Christiana, he was a son of a brother of Chrodegang ["Sanguine illustri satus Angelramnus seu Ingelramnus, quem Chrodegangi antecessoris fratre natum fuisse diximus t. VII, col. 224, ..." GC 13: col. 708; ibid., 7: col. 224]. Fleckenstein points out that the name Angilram has the same ending as the names Sigram and Ingram, giving indirect support to the claim of a relationship. Note that Angilram could be the son of a different brother of Chrodegang than Ingram's father.


Fleckenstein (1966) = Josef Fleckenstein, Die Hofkapelle der deutschen Könige (Schriften der Monumenta Germaniae Historica 16, Hiersemann, 1966).

MGH SS = Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores series.

Wertner (1884) = Moriz Wertner, "Zur Genealogie der Karolinger", Jahrbuch der k.k.heraldischen Gesellschaft Adler zu Wien 14/11 (1884): 53-60.

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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