FEMALE NN (of Wetterau/Kinziggau)

Wife of Frédéric ("of Luxemburg"), advocate of Stavelot-Malmedy.

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: Unknown.
Place of Death: Unknown.

Father: Heribert, d. 992, count in Kinziggau.
This parentage was convincingly argued by Schenk zu Schweinsberg [Schenk zu Schweinsberg (1904)]. The main basis is the notice which describes the consanguinity between Otto von Hammerstein (son of Heribert) and his wife Ermengarde ["Item ex alia parte: Godefridus et Gerbirhc nepos et neptis. Godefridus genuit Irmingardam. Gerbirhc genuit Imizam. Imiza genuit Ottonem.." [MGH Const. I 639; Schenk zu Schweinsberg (1904), 351; Hlawitschka (1969), 49; here, in the first sentence, "nepos et neptis" is to be interpreted that Godefroid and Gerberge had a common grandparent, i.e., that they were first cousins]. Noting that Imiza was a shortened form of the name Ermentrude/Irmintrud, and that Frédéric's daughter Imiza/Ermentrude, wife of Welf II, was stated to be "de gente Salica de castro Glizberch" ["Guelfo supra nominatus, Roudolfi huius filius, uxorem duxit de gente Salica de castro Glizberch, Imizam nomine, sororem Heinrici ducis Noricorum et Friderici ducis Lotharingiorum et Adilberonis episcopi Metensis", Historia Welforum Weingartensis, MGH SS 21: 460; similarly in Genealogia Welforum, MGH SS 13: 734]. Schenk zu Schweinsberg identified Gerberga and her daughter Imiza in the Hammerstein notice with the Gerberga and her daughter Ermentrude who appear in the life of abbess Adelheid of Vilich (see below). This identification is now widely accepted.

Mother: Ermentrude (Imiza), daughter of Megingoz and Gerberge.
In the life of abbess Adelheid, daughter of Megingoz and Gerberge, Adelheid's sister Ermentrude is stated to have been the grandmother (avia) of dukes Henri/Heinrich and Frédéric and bishop Adalbero ["Ex quibus una nomine Irminthrudis avia erat Henrici magnifici ducis et Adhelberonis Metensis episcopi, Friderici ducis fratrumque suorum, magnorum scilicet huius temporis virorum." Vita Adelheidis Abbatissae Vilicensis, c. 3, MGH SS 15: 757]. Since Frédéric's mother is known to have been named Hedwig (see the page of Frédéric's father Sigefroid), this identifies Ermentrude as Frédéric's mother-in-law, but without identifying the name of Frédéric's wife. Note that this source gives direct proof only for the identity of the mother-in-law of Frédéric, and does not identify Ermentrude's husband, which involves less direct evidence. (See also below in the Commentary section.)

Spouse: Frédéric, d. 6 October 1019, count; advocate of Stavelot-Malmedy.
See above.

As mentioned above, Henri/Heinrich, Frédéric, and Adalbero are documented as grandchildren of Ermentrude. See the page of their father Frédéric for documentation of the remaining children.

FEMALE Ermentrude (Imiza), d. 2 August, year unknown; m. (perhaps ca. 1015), Welf II, count of Altdorf.

MALE Henri/Heinrich, d. 14 Oct. 1047, advocate of Echternach and Saint-Maximin; count in Moselgau and Bidgau; duke of Bavaria, 1042-7.

MALE Frédéric, d. 1065, advocate of Stavelot-Malmédy; duke of Lower Lorraine 1046-1065; m. (1) Gerberge, daughter of Eustache I, count of Boulogne; m. (2) Ide (or Raelendis), who later m. (2) Albert, count of Namur.

MALE Giselbert, d. 14 August 1056×9, advocate of Saint-Maximin, count of Luxemburg, count of Salm.

MALE Adalbero III, d. 13 Nov. 1072, bishop of Metz, 1046-1072.

MALE Thierry/Dietrich, fl. 1036, 1056.

MALE Hermann, of Gleiberg, living 1045, 1056.

FEMALE Oda, nun in Reinersberg, abbess at Lunéville.

Possible children:
Otgive was a daughter of either Frédéric or his brother Giselbert, and Gisèle was a sister of Otgive, whose parentage is discussed in detail on her page. Obviously, these two are to be placed as children of our unnamed countess only if Otgive and Gisèle were children of Frédéric.

FEMALE Otgive, m. Baldwin IV, count of Flanders.

FEMALE Gisèle, d. 22 May, year unknown; generally believed to be the same as:
Gisèle, m. Raoul, advocate of Saint-Pierre de Gand, lord of Alost.


Falsely attributed father: Richard, fl. 971, count of Metz.
Prior to Schenk zu Schweinsberg's paper, Vanderkindere had conjectured that Ermentrude's husband was count Richard of Metz [Vanderkindere (1902), 2: 172, 179]. For count Richard, see Chatelain (1898-1901), 13: 294-5; Hlawitschka (1969).


Chatelain (1898-1901) = V. Chatelain, "Le Comté de Metz et la vouerie épiscopale du VIIIe au XIIIe siècle", Jahr-Buch der Gesellschaft für lothringische Geschichte und Altertumskunde 10 (1898): 71-119; 13 (1901): 245-311.

Hlawitschka (1969) = Eduard Hlawitschka, Die Anfänge des Hauses Habsburg-Lothringen (Saarbrücken, 1969).

MGH Const. = Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Constitutiones series.

MGH SS = Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores series.

Schenk zu Schweinsberg (1904) = Gustav Freiherr Schenk zu Schweinsberg, "Genealogische Studien zur Reichsgeschichte" (part I: "Die Verwandtschaft des Grafen Otto von Hammerstein mit seiner Gemahlin Irmingard"), Archiv für hessische Geschichte und Altertumskunde, n.s. 3 (1904): 351-9.

Vanderkindere (1902) = Léon Vanderkindere, La Formation Territoriale des Principautes Belge au Moyen Age (2 vols., 2nd ed., Brussels, 1902, reprinted 1981).

I would like to thank Chris Phillips for sharing copies.

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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