MALE Mathilde

Wife of Heinrich I, king of Germany.

Mathilde appears on 22 April 922 in a charter of Heinrich I ["Heinricus divina favente clementia rex. ... rogatu coniugis nostrae domnae reginae Mahthildis ..." MGH DD H I, 41 (#3)], and she appears thereafter on numerous occasions in acts of her husband Heinrich I and son Otto I "the Great". Her last appearance while living was in a charter of Otto I on 17 July 966 [MGH DD O I, 442 (#328)].

Date of birth: say 895.
Estimates for Mathilde's birthdate have ranged from ca. 890 to ca. 894×7 [see Hlawitschka (2006), 69]. The principal basis for estimating her birthdate is that she is said to have been of tender years (aetate tenera) in a passage of Vita Mahthildis reginae shortly before her marriage to Heinrich, which occurred about 909.
Place of birth: Unknown.

Date of death: 14 March 968.
["2. Id. Mart. obiit Mahthildis regina" Annales Corbeienses, s.a. 967, MGH SS 3: 4 (recté 968: see Dümmler (1876), 438, n. 2); "2. Id. Mar. ob. Mahthild regina" Annales necrologici Fuldenses, s.a. 968, MGH SS 13: 201; "Eodem anno Mathildis regina, mater imperatoris, obiit." Annales Lobienses, s.a. 968, MGH SS 13: 234; "... secundo Idus Martias animam Christo reddidit." Widukind, iii, 74 (p. 125); see Dümmler (1876), 440, n. 1 for a more detailed list]
Place of death and burial: Quedlinburg.
["Mactildis regina Deo et angelis spiritum reddidit, migravitque ad Dominum 2. Idus Marcii in Quidilingaburg civitate, ibique in basilica sancti Servacii episcopi et confessoris honorifice tradita sepulturae, iuxta sepulcrum domini sui Heinrici requiescit." Vita Mahthildis reginae antiquior, c. 15, MGH SS 10: 581]

Father: Dietrich, living 929, count.
Mother: Reinhild.
["Ab huius quoque posteris, postquam christianae se submiserunt religioni, praedictae pater puellae proddit nomine Tiedericus, cui nobilissima iuncta erat uxor Reinhilda, Fresonum Danorumque genere progrediens." Vita Mahthildis Reginae Antiquior, c. 2, MGH SS 10: 576; "A posteris ergo eiusdem Witikini, egregii ducis, processit stirps beatissimae Mahthildis. Cuius pater, nomine Thietricus, in occidentali regione comes fuerat gloriosus, et venerabilem Reinhildam, Danorum Fresonumque germine procreatum, moribus probabilem, sibimet adiunxerat coniugum." Vita Mahthildis Reginae, c. 2, MGH SS 4: 285]

Spouse: ca. 909, Heinrich I, d. 2 July 936, king of Germany.
["Genuit quoque ei et alios filios clara et nobilissima ac singularis prudentiae regina, nomine Mahthilda, ..." Widukind, i, 31 (p. 37); "Ubi et venerabilis eius coniux regnique consors ex eadem gente, nomine Machtild, ..." Liudprand, Antapodosis, iv, 15, Dümmler (1877), 86; Vita Mahthildis Reginae Antiquior, c. 3, MGH SS 10: 576; Vita Mahthildis Reginae, c. 2, MGH SS 4: 285-6] The date of ca. 909 for the marriage is based on the statement of Vita Mahthildis Reginae Antiquior that Heinrich's father Otto died three years later ["Praefatus vero dux Otto, pater Heinrici, tres post haec vivens annos, mortem subiit." Vita Mahthildis Reginae Antiquior, c. 4, MGH SS 10: 576].

See the page of Heinrich I for details.

MALE Otto I "the Great", b. 23 November 912, d. 7 May 973, king of Germany, 936-973; king of Italy, 961-973; emperor, 962-973;
m. (1) 930, Eadgyth, d. 26 January 946,
daughter of Eadweard "the Elder", king of England;
m. (2) 951, Adélaïde, d. 17 December 999, daughter of Rudolf II, king of Burgundy, widow of Lothair, king of Italy.

FEMALE Gerberga, b. say 913×4, d. 5 May, 969 or later;
m. (1) 929,
Giselbert, d. 2 October 939, duke of Lorraine;
m. (2) 939, Louis IV, d. 10 September 954, king of France.

FEMALE Hedwig, b. say 917×922, living 958:
m. 937,
Hugues "le Grand", d. 956, duke of France.

MALE Heinrich I, b. 919×922, d. 1 November 955, duke of Bavaria 947-956;
m. Judith,
daughter of Arnulf, duke of Bavaria.

MALE Bruno, b. ca. 925, d. 10×11 October 965, archbishop of Cologne (Köln), 953-965, de facto duke of Lorraine.


Falsely attributed father: Ludwig "das Kind", d. 20 August 911, king of Germany.
This claim appears in the Chronicle of Saint-Martin de Tours, a later French chronicle ["Ludovicus genuit duas filias Placidiam et Mathildam, quarum primogenitam dedit Corrardo, filio Corrardi comitis, qui post eum imperavit; et aliam dedit Henrico, filio Othonis ducis Saxonie; qui, mortuo Corrardo imperatore et Placidia, uxore eius, sine herede, imperavit cum Mathilda uxore sua, ..." Chron. Sancti Martini Turonensi, MGH SS 26: 460; see also Waitz (1885), 207]. It is a transparent attempt to give a Carolingian connection to the families of Konrad I ("Corrardus") and Heinrich I, and has no value.


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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

First uploaded 3 April 2011.

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