FEMALE St. Margaret

Wife of Malcolm III, king of Scotland.

Date of birth: Say 1050?
Place of birth: Unknown.
The birth of Margaret's father in 1016×7, Margaret's marriage in 1070×1, and the births of eight children before 1093 are the main clues we have about the date of Margaret's birth. Around 1050 seems like a reasonable estimate, but there would be nothing to rule out a date as early as 1040 or the late 1030's.

Date of death: 16(?) November 1093.
Place of burial: Dunfermline.
According to John of Worcester, Margaret lived for only three days after learning of the deaths of her husband and eldest son ["Quorum morte cognita, regina Scottorum Margareta tanta affecta est tristitia, ut subito in magnam incideret infirmitatem. ... nam post tres dies occisionis regis, soluta carnis vinculis, ut creditur, ad gaudia transivit æternæ salutis." John Worc. s.a. 1093 (2: 32)]. Turgot, in his life of Margaret, written 1100×7, states that she died on the fourth day after her husband's death [ESSH 2: 83]. After mentioning the death of Malcolm, the Annals of Ulster and Annals of Loch Cé state that Margaret died of sorrow for him "ria cenn nomaidhe" ["A righan imorro .i. Margareta do ec dia cumaidh ria cenn nomaidhe." AU, s.a. 1093; similarly in ALC, s.a. 1093]. The words "ria cenn nomaidhe" are translated by the editors of AU as "within nine days" but have been interpreted differently by different authors [see the comments in ESSH 2: 50 n. 5]. An inserted folio in the Chronicle of Melrose gives her date of death as 16 November ["Quod ut audivit felix regina Margareta, immo, ut verius dicam, spiritu sancto præscivit, confessione et communione susceptis, Deo se precibus commendans, animam sanctam celo reddidit, xvi.º kalendas Decembris." Chron. Melrose, s.a. 1057 (inserted folio), p. 52]. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle has only the year of her death [ASC(E) s.a. 1093]. John of Hexham's continuation of Simeon of Durham's history states that she was buried at Dunfermline ["[David] Regnavit autem xxix. annis, corpusque ejus ad Dunfermelin delatum in sepulchro regum Scotiæ sepultum est, ubi et Sancta Margareta regina mater ejus requiescit." Sim. Durh., Hist. Regum, cont. John of Hexham, c. 26, s.a. 1153 (2: 330)].

Father: Eadweard (Edward) "the Exile", d. 19 April 1057.

Mother: Agatha, living 1067.

Spouse: m. 1070×1, Máel Coluim mac Donnchada (Malcolm III), d. 13 November 1093, king of Scotland.
See the page of Malcolm III for further details.

See the page of Malcolm III for further details.

MALE Eadweard (Edward), d. 13×15 November 1093.

MALE Eadmund (Edmund), d. after 1094.

MALE Eadgar (Edgar), d. 6×13 January 1107, king of Scotland, 1097-1107.

MALE Alexander I, d. 23×6 April 1124, king of Scotland, 1107-24;
m. Sybil, d. 12 or 13 July 1122,
daughter of Henry I, king of England.

MALE Æthelred, earl of Fife, abbot of Dunkeld.

MALE David I, d. 24 May 1153, king of Scotland, 1124-53;
m. Matilda,
daughter of Waltheof, earl of Northumbria.

FEMALE Eadgyth/Matilda, d. 1 May 1118;
m. 1100,
Henry I, king of England.

FEMALE Mary, d. 31 May 1116;
m. 1102 Eustace III, count of Boulogne.


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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

First uploaded 20 June 2010.

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