MALE Máel Coluim mac Domnaill (Malcolm I)

King of Scotland (Alba), ca. 943-954.

Máel Coluim (Malcolm) succeeded to the throne on the abdication of his cousin Causantín (Constantine) mac Áeda (d. 952) in about 943, a year which is calculated based on the eleven years of reign given to him by the Old Scottish Chronicle ["Maelcolaim filius Domnaill .xi. an' regnauit." KKES 252], and by the statement of the same source that Constantine died in the tenth year of his reign ["Mortuus est autem Constantinus in .x. eius anno sub corona penítenti in senectute bona.", ibid.]. The Old Scottish Chronicle states that he was killed by the men of Mearns at Fodresach ["Et occiderunt uírí na Moerne Malcolaim in Fodresach id est in Claideom.", ibid.], but this is contradicted by other versions of the king lists, which state that he was killed at Ulurn/Ulnem by the men of Moray ["Malcom Mac-Dovenald 9 an. interfectus in Ulurn a Moraviensib. sep. in Iona" Regnal List "F", KKES 275; "Malcolin filius Dounald ix. annis et interfectus est in Ulnem a Morauiensibus per dolum et sepultus in Iona insula." List "I", ibid., 283; similarly in List "D" but with the place omitted, ibid., 267; see also ESSH 1: 451-4]

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: 954.
["Mael Coluim m. Domnaill, ri Alban, occisus est." AU, s.a. 954]
Place of Death: Uncertain.
As noted above, he is said by conflicting sources to have been killed by the men of Mearns at Fodresach, or by the men of Moray at Ulurn/Ulnem.

Father: Domnall mac Causantín (Donald II), d. 900, king of Scotland.
["Máel Coluim mc Cináeda mc Máel C[h]olum mc Domnaill mc C[h]usantín mc C[h]ináeda mc Alpín." Genelaig Albanensium, Bannerman (1974), 66]
[See ESSH 1: 451-4; KKES 251ff.]

Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Unknown.

["Cináed & Dub dá mac Máel-Choluim m. Domnaill m. Cináeda m. Alpín." LL336b27, CGH 426]

MALE Dub mac Máel Coluim, d. 966×7, king of Scotland, 962?-966×7.
["Dub m. Mael Coluim, ri Alban, do marbad la h-Albanchu fein." AU, s.a. 967] He is called "Niger" (a translation of Dub, "black") in the Old Scottish Chronicle, which gives him a reign of five years, while Regnal Lists "D", "F", and "I", the principal witnesses to the alternate tradition, give him four years and six months. He is said to be the ancestor of Clan MacDuff, which is quite plausible, but not directly documented.

MALE Cináed mac Máel Coluim (Kenneth II), d. 995, king of Scotland, 971?-995.
[See the genealogy quoted above.]


Supposed additional son (existence unclear):

MALE Aear mac Máel Coluim, supposed king of Scotland, ca. 967?
The longer version of the Synchronisms (which include a list of Scottish kings) mention Aear as king immediately after Dub and immediately before Cuilén mac Illuilb, whom most sources make Dub's immediate successor [Thurneysen (1933), 93 (VIII C 10)]. Aear is absent from the shorter version of the Synchronisms [Boyle (1971), 179], and I am unaware of another medieval source which mentions him.


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