MALE Jean de La Flèche (Johannes de Fissa)

Lord of La Flèche, fl. 1040×1052-1087.

Jean (John, Johannes) de La Flèche is first known from a charter of 1032×1052, when Agnès, wife of count Geoffroy Martel, purchased the church of Saint-Bienheuré de Vendôme from Jean's father Lancelin de Baugency, and acquired the church of Saint-Jean de Châteaudun from Jean and his brother Lancelin ["a Lancelino dominico vasso de castro Balgentiaco, ...; ... a filiis ejusdem Lancelini, scilicet Johanne et Lancelino, ..." Cart. Trinité de Vendôme, 1: 43 (#22)]. He was evidently lord of La Flèche by 1081, based on his appearance in a charter of 1060×1081: ["Johannes de Feza" Cart. S.-Aubin 1: 297 (#254)]. Jean de La Flèche was still living on 13 February 1087, when he made a donation to Saint-Aubin ["... quidam vir nobilis et miles egregius, qui nomen est Johannis de Fissa, ... Elias filius ejus ..." Montzey (1877), 41-2; see also Cart. S.-Aubin, 1: 383 (#200)]

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: After 13 February 1087.
Place of Death: Unknown.

Father: Landry alias Lancelin, fl. 1027×8-1050, lord of Baugency.
[OV viii, 11 (v. 4, pp. 196-7); Cart. Trinité de Vendôme, 43 (#22)]

Mother: Uncertain.
(see the page of Paula).

Spouse: Paula, possibly heiress of Maine.
[OV x, 8 (v. 5, pp. 228-9] It is not certain whether the claim of the lords of La Flèche to Maine came through Paula or through Jean's mother. See Paula's page for a discussion.

[OV iv (vol. 2, pp. 304-5: first three sons); x, 8 (vol. 5, pp. 228-9: all seven sons, of whom the last four died in their youth); see Paula's page for quotes from these passages of Orderic Vitalis]

MALE Helié (Helias), d. 11 July 1110, lord of La Flèche and count of Maine.
In addition to the statements of Orderic Vitalis, Helias is called a son of Jean in a charter of Foulques IV of Anjou between 1084 and 26 June 1086 ["Helias filius Johannis de Fissa" Cart. Angers, 207], and in a donation of Jean de La Flèche to Saint-Aubin [Montzey (1877), 41-2 (see above)].

MALE Gosbert, a monk.

MALE Enoch, a monk.

MALE Geoffrey.
["Gaufridus, filius Johannis de Fissa" 1082×1106, Cart. S.-Aubin 1: 194 (#168); "Gaufridus puerulus, frater Helie de Fecia", 22 December 1087, Cart. S.-Aubin, 1: 18 (#8)]

MALE Lancelin.

MALE Miles.

MALE Guillaume (William).


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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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