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(Some individuals appear in the index more than once under alternate spellings.)

MALE Adalberto, d. 922×4, margrave of Ivrea.

MALE Adalberto, d. 975?; joint king of Italy.

MALE Adalhard, count, fl. 875-890.

FEMALE Adélaïde, living 901, m. Louis II, king of France.

FEMALE Adélaïde, m. (1) Lambert, count of Chalon; (2) Geoffroy I, count of Anjou.

FEMALE Adélaïde alias Werra, d. after 967, wife of Robert, count of Troyes.

FEMALE Adélaïde, d. 15 June 1003×5, wife of Hugues Capet, king of France.

FEMALE Adélaïde alias Blanche, m (1) Étienne de Brioude; (2) Raymond de Gothia; (3) Louis V; (4) Guillaume d'Arles.

FEMALE Adèle of France, d. 8 January 1079, wife of Baldwin V, count of Flanders.

FEMALE Adèle, d. 960, wife of Arnulf I, count of Flanders.

FEMALE Adèle de Troyes, living 974, wife of Geoffroy I, count of Anjou.

MALE Áed Find, d. 778, king of Dál Riata.

FEMALE Aeda, wife of Billung.

MALE Áedán mac Gabran, d. ca. 604, king of Dál Riata.

FEMALE St. Ælfgifu, d. 18 May ca. 944, wife of Eadmund I, king of Wessex.

FEMALE Ælfgifu(?), wife of Æthelred II, king of England.

MALE Ælfred "the Great", d. 26 October 899, king of Wessex.

FEMALE Ælfthryth, d. 17 November 999×1002, wife of Eadgar, king of England.

FEMALE Ælfthryth, d. 929, wife of Baldwin II, count of Flanders.

MALE Æthelred II "the Unready", d. 23 April 1016, king of England.

MALE Æthelred Mucil, ealdorman of the Gaini.

MALE Æthelwulf, d. 858, king of Wessex.

FEMALE Agatha, living 1067, wife of Eadweard the Exile.

FEMALE Agnes d'Évreux, 11th century, wife of Simon I de Montfort.

MALE Alain le Grand, d. 907, duke/king of Brittany.

FEMALE Alberada, wife of count Regnier I.

FEMALE Alberada, wife of Renaud, count of Roucy.

FEMALE Alpaïde, wife of Bégon, count of Paris.

MALE Alpin mac Ech[d]ach, d. ca. 840?, king of Dál Riata.

MALE Amaury I de Montfort, fl. 1022-1031.

MALE Anscario, d. 898×902, margrave of Ivrea.

MALE Arnulf I, d. 964×5, marquis of Flanders.

MALE Arnulf II, d. 987×8, marquis of Flanders.

MALE Aubry I, count of Mâcon.

MALE Aubry II, count of Mâcon.

MALE Baldwin I, d. 879, count [presumably of Flanders].

MALE Baldwin II, d. 918, count/marquis of Flanders.

MALE Baldwin III, d. 962, joint count of Flanders.

MALE Baldwin IV, d. 1035, marquis of Flanders.

MALE Baldwin V, d. 1067, marquis of Flanders.

FEMALE Béatrix, wife of Robert I, king of France.

FEMALE Béatrix, m (1) Geoffroy (II), count of Gâtinais; (2) Hugues du Perche.

MALE Bégon, bur. 28 October 816, count of Paris.

MALE Berengario I, d. 924, king of Italy.

MALE Berengario II, d. 966, king of Italy.

MALE Bérenger, fl. 892×5, count [of Maine?].

MALE Bernard, d. 818, king of Italy 812×3-818.

FEMALE Bertha, d. 925, m. (1) Thibaud, count of Arles; m. (2) Adalberto II, margrave of Tuscany.

FEMALE Bertila, wife of Berengario I, king of Italy.

FEMALE Bertrade de Montfort, m. (1) Fulk IV, count of Anjou; m. (2) Philip I, king of France.

FEMALE Bertrade (de Gometz?), wife of Amaury I de Montfort.

FEMALE Bethóc of Scotland (late 10th/early 11th cent.)

MALE Billung, count?

MALE Boso, d. after 936, margrave of Tuscany.

MALE Boso, ninth century, count.

MALE Boso, d. after March 965, count of Arles

MALE Brian Bóruma, d. 1014, king of Ireland.

MALE Causantín mac Cináeda (Constantine I), d. 876, king of the Scots and Picts.

MALE Charlemagne, d. 814, king of the Franks, Emperor.

MALE Charles "the Bald", d. 877, king of the Western Franks, emperor.

MALE Cináed mac Ailpín (Kenneth I), d. 858, king of the Scots and Picts.

MALE Cináed mac Máel Coluim (Kenneth II), d. 995, king of Scotland.

MALE Conan I, d. 992, count of Brittany.

FEMALE Constance, d. 22 July 1034; m. Robert II, king of France

FEMALE Constance, fl. May 961; m. Boso, count of Arles.

MALE Constantine I, d. 876, king of the Scots and Picts.

MALE Crínán, d. 1045, abbot of Dunkeld.

FEMALE Cunégonde, living 908×915.

MALE Dietrich, fl. 929, count in Westfalen.

MALE Domangart mac Domnaill, d. ca. 673, king of Dál Riata.

MALE Domangart mac Fergusa, d. ca. 506?, king of Dál Riata.

MALE Domnall Brecc mac Echach Buide, d. ca. 643, king of Dál Riata.

MALE Domnall mac Causantín (Donald II), d. 900, king of Scotland.

MALE Donnchad mac Crínáin (Duncan I), d. 1040, king of Scotland.

MALE Donnchad (Duncan), d. 965, abbot of Dunkeld.

FEMALE Eadburh, wife of Æthelred Mucil, ealdorman of the Gaini.

MALE Eadgar, d. 8 July 975, king of England.

FEMALE Eadgifu, d. aft. 966, wife of Eadweard the Elder, king of Wessex.

FEMALE Eadgyth/Matilda, d. 1 May 1118, wife of Henry I, king of England.

MALE Eadmund I, d. 26 May 946, king of Wessex.

MALE Eadmund II "Ironside", d. 30 November 1016, king of England.

MALE Eadweard "the Elder", d. 17 July 924, king of Wessex.

MALE Eadweard "the Exile", d. 19 April 1057, Anglo-Saxon prince.

FEMALE Ealdgyth, living 1016, wife of Edmund II Ironside.

MALE Ealhmund, fl. 784, king of Kent.

FEMALE Ealhswith, d. 5 December 902×3, wife of Ælfred the Great, king of Wessex.

MALE Eberhard, d. probably 865, duke of Frioul.

MALE Ecgbeorht, d. 839, king of Wessex.

MALE Egbert, fl. 809-811, count in Saxony.

FEMALE Elizabeth, fl. 1067×ca. 1095, wife of Robert de Château-du-Loir.

FEMALE Engeltrude, wife of Eudes, count of Orléans.

MALE Eochaid mac Echach, d. 733, king of Dál Riata.

MALE Eochu/Eochaid mac Áeda (king of Dál Riata?).

MALE Eochu Buide mac Áedáin, d. ca. 632, king of Dál Riata.

MALE Eochu ua Domnaill, d. ca. 697, king of Dál Riata.

FEMALE Éremburge, wife of Gervaise II de Château-du-Loir.

FEMALE Éremburge de la Flèche, d. 1126, countess of Maine.

FEMALE Ermengarde, d. 3 October 818, m. Louis I "the Pious", emperor.

FEMALE Ermengarde, d. 851, m. Lothair I, emperor.

FEMALE Ermengarde, living 924, wife of count Manassès.

FEMALE Ermengarde, fl. 935, wife of Liétaud, count of Mâcon.

FEMALE Ermengarde, fl. 942, wife of Giselbert, duke of Burgundy.

FEMALE Ermengarde d'Anjou, wife of Conan I of Brittany.

FEMALE Ermengarde, d. 1076, heiress of Anjou.

FEMALE Ermentrude, d. 869, wife of Charles the Bald, king of France, emperor.

FEMALE Ermentrude of France, mother of Cunégonde.

FEMALE Ermentrude, wife of Heribert of Kinziggau.

FEMALE Ermentrude, d. 1002×4, m. (1) Aubry II, count of Mâcon; (2) Otte-Guillaume, count of Burgundy.

MALE Eudes, d. 834, count of Orléans.

FEMALE Ève (Ava, Aba), d. 839, wife of Hugues, count of Tours.

MALE Fergus, king of Dál Riata.

MALE Foulques I, d. after 941, count of Anjou.

MALE Foulques II, d. after 958, count of Anjou.

MALE Foulques III, d. 1040, count of Anjou.

MALE Foulques IV, d. 1109, count of Anjou.

MALE Foulques V, d. 1144, count of Anjou, king of Jerusalem.

MALE Frédéric I, d. 978, duke of Upper Lorraine.

MALE Frédéric, d. 1019, count, advocate of Stavelot-Malmédy.

MALE Fulcois, count [of Mortagne?].

MALE Gabran mac Domangairt, d. ca. 559, king of Dál Riata.

MALE Geoffrey I, d. 987, count of Anjou

MALE Geoffrey V, d. 1151, count of Anjou.

MALE Geoffroy (I), fl. 967?-985, viscount of Châteaudun.

MALE Geoffroy (II), d. ca. 1038×9, viscount of Châteaudun.

MALE Geoffroy (II), d. 991×7, count of Gâtinais, before 979-991×7.

MALE Geoffrey (III), d. 1042×5, count of Gâtinais.

MALE Gérard I, fl. 747-775, count of Paris.

FEMALE Gerberga, d. 969 or later, m (1) Giselbert, duke of Lorraine; (2) Louis IV.

FEMALE Gerberge, d. bef. September 958, m. Foulques II, count of Anjou.

FEMALE Gerberge, wife of Megingoz.

FEMALE Gerberge, d. 986×992, m. (1) Adalberto, king of Italy; (2) Eudes-Henri, duke of Burgundy.

FEMALE Gerold, d. 784×6, count in Alemannia.

MALE Gervaise II, d. ca. 1095, lord of Château-du-Loir.

FEMALE Gisela, wife of Eberhard, duke of Friuli.

FEMALE Gisela, wife of Adalberto, margrave of Ivrea.

MALE Giselbert, d. 939, duke of Lorraine.

MALE Giselbert, d. 956, duke of Burgundy.

MALE Giselbert, d. 1004, count of Wallerfangen.

MALE Godefroid, count, fl. 934.

MALE Godefroid, d. after 997, count of Verdun.

FEMALE Godehilde, living 1005, wife of Yves I de Bellême.

FEMALE Godehilde, wife of Roger de Tosny and Richard, count of Évreux.

MALE Gottfried, d. 709, duke of the Alemannians.

MALE Gozlin, d. 942, count.

FEMALE Grimhilde, wife of Leuthard, count of Fézensac.

MALE Guillaume (William) "Longue Épée", d. 942, leader of the Normans of Rouen.

MALE Guillaume I (II) "le Libérateur", d. 993×4, marquis of Provence.

FEMALE Hadwig, d. prob. 903, wife of Otto, duke of Saxony.

FEMALE Hadwig, living 958, wife of Hugues le Grand, duke of France.

MALE Hamon, d. 1028×1036, lord of Château-du-Loir.

FEMALE Hedwig, d. after 993, wife of Sigefroid of Luxemburg.

FEMALE Heilwig, d. 5 November, after 833, wife of count Welf.

Heilwig/Hélvide, m. (1) Hucbald, count of Ostrevant; m. (2) Roger, count of Laon.

MALE Heinrich I, d. 936, king of Germany.

MALE Heinrich, d. 886, marquis of Neustia.

MALE Hélie de la Flèche, d. 1110, count of Maine.

MALE Henry I, d. 1135, king of England.

MALE Henry II, d. 1189, king of England.

MALE Herbert I, d. 1032×5, count of Maine.

MALE Heribert I, d. 900×906, count of Vermandois.

MALE Heribert II, d. 943, count of Meaux, Soissons, and Vermandois

FEMALE Herleve, wife of Robert, archbishop of Rouen.

MALE Hermann "Billung", d. 973, duke of Saxony.

FEMALE Hildeburge, 11th century, wife of Hamon, lord of Château-du-Loir.

FEMALE Hildegard, b. 757×761, d. 783, m. Charlemagne.

FEMALE Hildegarde, d. after 1005, wife of Geoffroy (I), viscount of Châteaudun.

MALE Hubert, d. 864; abbot; duke between the Alps and the Jura.

MALE Hugues "le Grand", d. 956, duke of France.

MALE Hugues "Capet", d. 996, king of France.

MALE Hugues, d. 837, count of Tours.

MALE Hugues I, d. after 931, count of Maine.

MALE Hugues II, d. 976×992, count of Maine.

MALE Hugues III, d. 1014×5, count of Maine.

MALE Hugues IV, d. 1051, count of Maine.

MALE Hugues du Perche.

MALE Hunroch, d. 844×852, count of Ternois.

MALE Huoching, early eighth century.

FEMALE St. Ida, wife of count Egbert.

FEMALE Imma, d. 798, m. Gerold, count.

MALE Ingram, count.

MALE Jean de La Flèche, d. after 1087, lord of La Flèche.

FEMALE Judith, d. 19 April 843, m. Louis I "the Pious", emperor.

FEMALE Judith, m (1) Æthelwulf; m. (2) Æthelbald; m. (3) Baldwin I of Flanders.

FEMALE Judith de Rennes, d. 1017, wife of Richard II of Normandy.

FEMALE Judith of Flanders, d. 1094, wife of Tostig of Northumbria and Welf of Bavaria.

MALE Juhel alias Bérengar, fl. 944×ca. 970, count of Rennes.

MALE Kenneth I, d. 858, king of the Scots and Picts.

MALE Kenneth II, d. 995, king of Scotland.

MALE Lambert, d. prob. 978, count of Chalon.

FEMALE Landrada, wife of Sigram.

MALE Landry de Baugency, fl. 989-1022.

MALE Landry alias Lancelin, fl. 1027×8-1050, lord of Baugency.

MALE Leuthard, fl. ca. 800, count of Fézensac.

MALE Liétaud, d. 958×960, count of Mâcon.

MALE Liudolf, d. 865×6, duke of eastern Saxony.

MALE Lothair I, d. 855, emperor.

MALE Lothair II, d. 869, king of Lorraine.

MALE Louis/Ludwig I "the Pious", d. 840, Emperor.

MALE Louis II, d. 879, king of France.

MALE Máel Coluim mac Cináeda (Malcolm II), d. 1034, king of Scotland.

MALE Máel Coluim mac Domnaill (Malcolm I), d. 954, king of Scotland.

MALE Máel Coluim mac Donnchada (Malcolm III), d. 1093, king of Scotland.

MALE Manassès, d. 918×920, count of Chalon.

FEMALE St. Margaret, d. 16(?) November 1093, wife of Malcolm III, king of Scotland.

FEMALE Mathilde, d. 968, wife of Heinrich I, king of Germany.

FEMALE Mathilde, living ca. 909, abbess of Herford.

FEMALE Mathilde, living 1086×1095, mother-in-law of Gervaise II de Château-du-Loir.

FEMALE Mathilde de Château-du-Loir, d. 1099, wife of Helias, count of Maine.

FEMALE Mathilde von Sachsen, d. 1009, m (1) Baldwin III of Flanders; (2) Godefroid, count of Verdun.

FEMALE Matilda of Flanders, d. 1083, wife of William the Conqueror.

FEMALE Eadgyth/Matilda, d. 1 May 1118, wife of Henry I, king of England.

FEMALE Matilda, d. 1167, Holy Roman Empress, claimant to throne of England.

MALE Megingoz, d. ca. 998.

FEMALE Melisende, living 1031×2, probable wife of count Fulcois.

MALE Nebi, d. bef. 9 August 773, Alemannian count

FEMALE Oda, d. 913, wife of Liudolf, duke of Saxony.

MALE Ordgar, d. 971, ealdorman of Devon.

FEMALE Osburh, wife of Æthelwulf, king of Wessex.

MALE Oslac, pincerna.

FEMALE Otgive of Luxemburg, d. 1030, wife of Baldwin IV of Flanders.

MALE Otte-Guillaume, d. 1026, count of Burugndy.

MALE Otto I "the Great", d. 973, king of Germany, emperor.

MALE Otto "der Erlauchten", d. 912, duke of Sachsen (Saxony);

MALE Pascweten, fl. 895×903.

FEMALE Paula, wife of Jean de La Flèche.

MALE Pépin/Pippin, d. 810, king of Italy.

MALE Pepin/Pippin, d. after 840, count (near Paris).

FEMALE "Poppa", tenth century, wife of Rollo "of Normandy".

MALE Raculf, fl. 915, viscount of Mâcon.

MALE Regnier I, d. 915, count.

FEMALE Reinhild, wife of count Dietrich.

MALE Renaud, d. 967, count of Roucy.

MALE Richard I, d. 996, leader of the Normans of Rouen.

MALE Richard II, d. 1026, duke of Normandy.

MALE Richard, d. 1067, count of Évreux.

MALE Ricuin, d. 923, count of Verdun.

MALE Ridoredh, 9th century, Breton noble.

MALE Robert "le Fort", d. 866, marquis in Neustria.

MALE Robert I, d. 923, king of France.

MALE Robert II, d. 1031, king of France.

MALE Robert I, d. 1035, duke of Normandy.

MALE Robert, d. 1037, archbishop of Rouen and count of Évreux.

MALE Robert, d. after 966, count of Meaux and Troyes.

MALE Robert de Château-du-Loir, d. bef. 1067.

MALE Roger, d. before 900, count of Maine.

MALE Rognvaldr, tenth century, "jarl of Möre."

MALE Rollo "of Normandy", d. 928×933.

FEMALE Rorans, grandmother of Hamon de Château-du-Loir.

FEMALE Rothilde, d. before 929, wife of Roger, count of Maine.

FEMALE Rotrude, wife of Gérard I, count of Paris.

MALE Roubaud, early 10th century.

MALE Sigefroid/Siegfried "of Luxemburg", still living 997.

MALE Sigehelm, d. 902×4, ealdorman of Kent.

MALE Sigram, father of Chrodegang, archbishop of Metz.

MALE Simon I de Montfort, d. in or shortly after 1087.

FEMALE "Sprota", wife of William "Longsword".

FEMALE Susanna, wife of Wulfhard.

FEMALE Suthen (of Northumbria?), wife of Duncan I, king of Scotland.

MALE Thibaud, d. after June 887, count of Arles.

FEMALE Tolosane, wife of Aubry I, count of Mâcon.

MALE Welf, died before 833, count.

MALE Wigeric, d. 916×9, count in Bidgau.

FEMALE Willa, wife of Boso, margrave of Tuscany.

FEMALE Willa, wife of Berengario II, king of Italy.

MALE William "Longsword", d. 942, leader of the Normans of Rouen.

MALE William "the Conqueror", d. 1087, king of England.

MALE Wulfhard.

FEMALE Wynflæd, mother of St. Ælfgifu.

MALE Yves I, living 1005, lord of Bellême.

FEMALE NN of France, wife of Heribert II, count of Vermandois.

FEMALE NN of Leinster, wife of Kenneth II, king of Scotland.

FEMALE NN, wife of count Frédéric ("of Luxemburg").

MALE NN, brother of Chrodegang, archbishop of Metz.