MALE Grimhilde

Wife of Leuthard, count of Fézensac.

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth:

Date of death: Unknown.
Place of death: Unknown.

Father: Unknown.
For conjectured parents and other relations, see the Commentary section.

Spouse: Leuthard, d. after 811, count of Fézensac.


MALE Gérard II "de Roussillon", d. 878×9, count of Paris, count of Vienne;
m. Berthe,
daughter of Hugues, count of Tours.

Probable children:

MALE Adalard (Alard), fl. 831-877, senechal.

FEMALE Engeltrude, m. Eudes, d. 834, count of Orléans.

FEMALE Rotrude, d. 10 December, year unknown.

For documentation on the children and probable children of Grimhilde, see the page of Leuthard.


The following conjectures have been offered regarding the origin of Grimhilde.

Conjectured father (evidence weak): Hugues (Ugo), fl. 28 December 774.
Conjectured mother (evidence weak): Grimhilde (Eremhilt, Eremhildis), fl. 28 December 774.
Conjectured sister (evidence weak): Bertrude (Berthrudis), d. before 28 December 774.
On 28 December 774, Hugues and his wife Grimhilde/Eremhilde made a donation to Lorsch for the soul of their daughter Bertrude ["ego Ugo & conjux mea Eremhilt donamus pro anima filiæ nostræ Berthrudis ... Signum Ugonis & conjugis ejus Eremhildis" Codex Lauresh., 1: 383-4 (#321)]. Their supposed connection to Grimhilde, wife of Leuthard, is an onomastic conjecture of Levillain which is not backed up by any direct evidence.

Depoin, Chaume:
Conjectured brother (evidence uncertain): Badilo, fl. 877, abbot of Saint-Martin d'Autun.
Badilo appears as abbot of Saint-Martin d'Autun on 12 July 877 ["Similiter et venerabilis Badilo, qui ad praesens jam habetur." RHF 8: 668]. Depoin stated that Grimhilde's son Gérard was nepos to abbot Badilo who in turn had an uncle count Badilo [Depoin (1912), 100, n. 49, 106, n. 69]. Chaume makes Grimhilde a sister of count or abbot Badilo [Chaume (1925), 177, n. 1, 266, n. 1, 270]. Neither cites a clear source for this relationship. [For Badilo, see also De S. Badilone abbate, AASS, Oct., 4: 349-361]


AASS = Acta Sanctorum.

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Codex Lauresh. = Codex principis olim Laureshamensis abbatiae diplomaticus, 3 vols., (Mannheim, 1768). I have only had access to volumes 1 and 2. I have not seen Glöckner's modern edition [K. Glöckner, ed., Codex Laurehsamensis, 3 vols., (Darmstadt, 1929-36)].

Depoin (1912) = Joseph Depoin, "Les comtes de Paris sous la dynastie carolingienne", Mémoires de la société historique et archéologique de l'arrondissement de Pontoise et du Vexin 31 (1912): 83-117.

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RHF = Recueil des historiens des Gaules et de la France.

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

First uploaded 26 July 2008.

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