FEMALE Godehilde

wife of Yves de Bellême, living 1005.

Godehilde was the wife of Yves I, lord of Bellême, who was living in 1005. She is known to have survived her husband, because she and her son Guillaume confirmed one of the charters of Yves after his death. [Cart. Marmoutier 1-3]

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: After 1005.
Place of Death: Unknown.

Father: Unknown (see Commentary section).

Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Yves I, living 1005, lord of Bellême.

See the page for Yves de Bellême for details..

MALE Guillaume (William), d. after 1027, lord of Bellême, after 1005-after 1027.

MALE Avesgaud, bishop of Le Mans, ca. 1004-ca. 1036.

MALE Yves II, lord of Bellême, probably in the 1040's.

FEMALE Hildeburge, m. Hamon, lord of Château-du-Loir.

FEMALE Godehilde.


Conjectured father (very improbable): Heribert II, d. 23 February 943, count of Vermandois.
[Depoin (1909), 153-6] Godehilde was almost certainly in a later generation than the children of Heribert.

Conjectured father (no supporting evidence): Hugues II, count of Maine.
[Keats-Rohan (1994), 16, 19, with no reason given]

Conjectured father (no supporting evidence): Avesgaud, fl. 970.
[Keats-Rohan (1996), 18, abandoning the earlier conjecture in favor of an unsupported conjecture which attempts to explain the name of Godehilde's son Avesgaud]

Possible bother: Seifrid, d. 16 February ca. 1004, bishop of Le Mans, ca. 971 - ca. 1004.
[16 Feb.: Nec. Mans 39; See the page on Yves.]


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