FEMALE Godehilde

(Wife of Roger de Tosny and Richard, count of Évreux)

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: After 1055.
[Fauroux (1961), no. 208 (pp. 396-8), where Godehilde signs a charter of her second husband Richard, 1055×1066]
Place of Death: Unknown.

Father: Unknown (see Commentary)

Mother: Unknown


(1) Roger I de Tosny, killed ca. 1040.

(1) Richard, d. 1067, count of Évreux.


by Roger de Tosny:

MALE Ralph de Tosny, d. 24 March, probably 1102, m. Isabel de Montfort, daughter of Simon I, lord of Montfort l'Amaury.
[OV v, 13 (vol. 3, pp. 128-9), which gives only the date, and says that Agnes was uterine sister of Ralph, verifying that Ralph was a son of Godehilde. See also CP 12:757 (sub Tony), and Musset (1978):56, n. 53, where charters are cited in which Ralph refers to Godehilde as his mother]

While Roger de Tosny had a number of other children, he had a previous wife, and Ralph is the only one who can clearly be placed as a son of Godehilde by evidence of which I am aware. The other children of Roger de Tosny are discussed in the Commentary section.

by Richard, count of Évreux:

MALE William, d. 18 April 1118, count of Évreux.
[GND (Orderic) vii, 2-4 (vol. 2, pp. 94-9); GND (Rob. Tor.) viii, 17 (vol. 2, pp. 232-3)]

FEMALE Agnes, m. Simon I de Montfort-l'Amaury.
[GND (Orderic) vii, 2-4 (vol. 2, pp. 94-9); GND (Rob. Tor.) viii, 17 (vol. 2, pp. 232-3)]

FEMALE Godehilde, fl. 1055×1066, nun at Saint-Saveur, Évreux.
Godehilde was mentioned in the foundation charter of Saint-Sevreux by her father Richard [Fauroux (1961) no. 208 (p. 396)]


Godehilde's first husband, Roger de Tosny, was married twice, and this presents some problems. One is the obvious one of deciding which of Roger's children were by Godehilde. Another problem has been caused by the careless identification by some of Roger's two wives, with the result that Godehilde has been assigned the parentage of Roger's first wife.

Falsely attributed father of Godehilde: Ramon Borrell, count of Barcelona.
Count Richard of Évreux was married to the widow of Roger de Tosny, who had previously been married to Estefania, daughter of count Ramon Borrell of Barcelona [Adémar Chab., iii, 55 (p. 178); Chr. S. Petri Vivi Senonensis, RHF 10: 223]. The careless identification of the two wives of Roger de Tosny as one person has sometimes resulted in the false attribution of Godehilde as a daughter of Ramon Borrell. [see, e.g. Keats-Rohan (1993), 35].

The family of Roger de Tosny

Children probably by Roger's first wife:
Since these two sons died in battle with their father, and Godehilde had at least three children after this, they are likely to have been by Roger's first wife.

MALE Helbert, killed ca. 1040 with his father.
[GND (Orderic) vii (3) (vol. 2, pp. 96-7)]

MALE Helinand, killed ca. 1040 with his father.
[GND (Orderic) vii (3) (vol. 2, pp. 96-7)]

MALE Vuazo. [see Musset (1978), 56, n. 51; CP 12 (part 1), 757, note c.]

Children of Roger whose mother is not clear:

FEMALE Adeliza, m. William Fitz Osbern, earl of Hereford.
[GND viii, 15 (vol. 2, pp. 226-7); CP (sub Hereford)]

MALE Robert de Stafford, d. prob. 1088. [CP (sub Stafford), citing charter evidence for the parentage.]
Since Ralph was his father's heir, Robert's place as a son of the second marriage seems likely.

Probable Tosny cadets sometimes erroneously attributed as sons of Roger:
[See CP 12 (part 1), 755, note c. Berengar and Bertha had a brother named Robert, and it would appear that Berengar and Bertha have sometimes been listed as children of Roger as a consequence of an erroneous identification of this Robert with Robert de Stafford above.]

MALE Berengar Hespine, fl 1066.

FEMALE Bertha; m. before 1026 Gui de Laval.

It is clear that more detailed research is needed on the genealogy of these early Tosnys, in order to more accurately determine which of these children should be attributed to Godehildis.


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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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