MALE Giselbert of Wallerfangen

Count of Vaudrevange/Wallerfangen in Mosellane/Moselgau, 996.

Giselbert appears in an act of 996 (between 21 May and 23 September) in which a certain Bertha, widow of count Volkmar, gave Mutfort (Mudenfurt) in the pagus of Moselgau and countship of Vaudrevange/Wallerfangen, ruled by count Giselbert ["Dedit in pago Moselensi in comitatu Waldelevinga, cui Gisilbertus comes preesse videtur, villam Mudenfurt nominatum, ..." Wampach (1935), 292 (#207)], receiving the village of Dalhem from the abbacy in exchange ["... Dedimus ei econtra in precario per manum sepenominati advocati nostri comitis Henrici in eodem pago et comitatu villam Dalheim nominatam ..." ibid., 293]. Both places are very near to Luxemburg, just to the southeast [ibid., Map III]. Another act, from 962 (the year before Giselbert's father Sigefroid acquired the castle of Luxemburg), shows that Dalheim was acquired by the abbacy in that year, as a donation from a certain Thiedo, and that Wallerfangen was then ruled by a count Egilolf ["... predium Dalaheim nominatum, quod est in Rezcenci pago in comitatu Waldervinga, cui Egilolfus comes preesse videtur." Wampach (1935), 226 (#171); note that the pagus here is named as Rizzagau instead of Moselgau]. Giselbert accompanied the emperor Heinrich II (his brother-in-law) to Italy in 1004, and died of wounds received in Pavia in a riot which occurred after the coronation of the emperor as king of Italy ["Ibi tum quidam egreius iuvenis, Gisilbertus nomine, frater reginae, a Longobardis vulneratus oppeciit, et consociorum tristiciam vehementer adauxit." Thietmar, Chron., vi, 6, MGH SS 3: 806; "Tunc iuvenis quidam, frater reginae, Gislebertus nomine, a Langobardis vulneratur." Adelbold, Vita Henrici Imp., c. 39, MGH SS 4: 693].

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: 18 May 1004.
The date of Giselbert's death is given as 18 May by the Ranshofer codex ["15. Kal. Iunii Gisilbertus, frater Chunigundis imperatricis, Papiae occisus obiit.", MGH SS 4: 791] and in the Merseberg necrology ["Gisilbertus frater imp(eratricis) Chunigunde" Althoff (1984), 366 (K 16)]. The year of his death is given as 1004 by Annales Necrologici Fuldenses [MGH SS 13: 209].
Place of Death: Pavia, Italy.

Father: Sigefroid, living 997, ancestor of the counts of Luxemburg.

Mother: Hedwig, d. 13 December, after 993.

Spouse: Unknown (if any).

Possible children (usually attributed to his brother Frédéric):
Medieval sources give Giselbert as the name of Otgive's father, starting with Genealogia comitum Flandriae Bertiniana ["Balduinus Barbatus duxit filiam Gisleberti comitis Odgivam, ex qua suscepit Balduinus Insulanum, ..." , MGH SS 9: 306], identified further as count of Luxemburg in most sources. The observation that the count Giselbert of Luxemburg who died in 1056×9 could not have been Otgive's father (for chronological reasons) has generally led scholars to identify her as a sister of that Giselbert, and a daughter of count Frédéric (d. 1019). The alternate interpretation that Otgive was a daughter of Frédéric's brother Giselbert is discussed in detail on Otgive's page.

FEMALE Otgive, d. 21 February 1030, m. Baldwin IV, d. 29 or 30 May 1035, count of Flanders, 988-1035.

FEMALE Gisèle, d. 22 May, year unknown; generally believed to be the same as:
Gisèle, m. Raoul, advocate of Saint-Pierre de Gand, lord of Alost.
Gisèle is known to have been a sister of Otgive, and her connection to Giselbert obviously depends on the correctness of Otgive's attribution as a daughter of Giselbert. See Otgive's page for details.


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