MALE Gisela

Wife of Eberhard, duke of Friuli.

Apparently the eldest child of the marriage of Louis the Pious and his second wife Judith, Gisela was married about 836 to Eberhard, duke of Friuli, and appears in his testament probably written in about 863 or 864. On 14 April 869, as widow of Eberhard, she gave Somain in Ostrevant to her son Adalard, in a charter which also mentions her sons Raoul and Bérenger ["Placuit mihi, in Dei nomine, Gisle de rebus, quas serenissimus ac piissimus rex Karolus meus, si dicere audeam, germanus, cum, exigente senioris mei dulcis memorie Evrardi negligentia, ... inter tres infantes meos, Rodulfum, videlicet, et Berengarium, nec non et te, dulcissime fili, Adelarde, ..." Cart. Cysoing, 7-8 (#3)]. On 2 April 870, Gisela, with her son Raoul, confirmed and augmented donations to Cysoing toward the burial of her and her daughter Engeltrude ["... ea ratione ut a die presenti idem locus ad quietem meam vel filie mee Ingeltrudis preparatus, ... Nos, in Dei nomine, Gisla et filius meus, Rodulphus, hanc donationis cartulam scribere jussimus, et manibus propriis subter firmavimus. S. Adelardi." ibid., 8-9 (#4)]. Gisela was still alive on 1 July 874, when she made another donation to Cysoing in a charter which also mentions her sons Hunroch, Adalard, and Raoul [" ... ut pignora corporis senioris et conjugis mei dulcis memorie Evrardi per coadjutoris filii mei Unroch solatia, ab Italicis partibus delata mihi conferens, ... Consentiens etiam utrique duorum filiorum meorum Adelardo atque Rodulpho ..." ibid., 10-11 (#5)].

Date of Birth: 819×822.
Her parents were married in 819. In the other direction, she already had three children by the death of her father on 20 June 840, making it certain that she was older than her brother Charles, who was born on 13 June 823 (see the page of Charles the Bald).
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: After 1 July 874.
Place of Death: Unknown.

Father: Louis/Ludwig I, d. 20 June 840, Emperor.
Mother: Judith, d. 19 April 843, daughter of count Welf.
The statement of Witger that Gisela was a daughter of Louis and Judith is confirmed by one of Gisela's own charters (undated, but ca. 874), in which she referred to Louis and Judith as her parents [
"Hludovicus ymperator genuit ... Karolum et Gislam ex Iudith ymperatrice." Witger, Genealogia Arnulfi Comitis, MGH SS 9: 303; "Ego, in nomine domini, Gisla, anniversariam reflectionem decrevi fieri pro Ludovico imperatore, patre meo, et pro Judith, imperatrice, matre mea, et pro glorioso rege Karolo, si fari audeam, germano, et pro prole mea videlicet: Hengeltrude, Hunroc, Berengario, Adelardo, Rodulpho, Heilwich, Gilla, Judich, necnon et pro omni cognatione mea. Post Resurrectionis Dominice festum die duodecimo." Cart. Cysoing, 11 (#6)].

Spouse: m. ca. 836, Eberhard, d. 865×6, duke of Friuli.

See the page of Eberhard for details.

MALE Eberhard, b. ca. 837, d. before 20 June 840.

FEMALE Engeltrude, b. say 837×840, d. after 2 April 870.

MALE Hunroch, b. before 20 June 840, living 1 July 874, d. 874×5?, duke of Friuli, 865-874×5;
m. Ava,
daughter of duke Liutfrid.

MALE Bérenger/Berengario I, b. say 840×5, d. 7 April 924, duke of Friuli, 874×5-881; king of Italy, 881-924; Emperor, 915-924;
m. (1) say 880×890,
Bertila, daughter of Suppo, duke of Spoleto;
m. (2) before December 915, Anna, d. after May 936.

MALE Adalard, d. after 1 July 874, held Cysoing (as abbot?).

MALE Raoul/Rudolf, d. 5 January 892; held Cysoing (as abbot?); abbot of Saint-Vaast and Saint-Bertin, 883-892.

FEMALE Heilwig/Hélvide, d. after 894;
m. (1) Hucbald, d. after 894, count of Ostrevant;
m. (2) after 894, Roger I, d. 926, count of Laon, lay-abbot of Saint-Amand.

FEMALE Gisela, nun in Brescia.

FEMALE Judith, d. after 863×4.


Cart. Cysoing = Ignace de Coussemaker, Cartulaire de l'abbaye de Cysoing et de ses dépendances (Lille, 1883).

MGH SS = Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores series.

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

First uploaded 20 September 2008.

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