MALE Geoffroy (I)

Viscount of Châteaudun, bef. 967? - aft. 985.

A viscount Geoffroy appears regularly from 967 to soon after 986, as listed by Boussard, who does not make it clear whether or not any of these documents explicitly cite Geoffroy as viscount of Châteaudun [Boussard (1962), 312 n. 84]. He appears in March 967 ["Signum Gauzfredi vicecomitis" Cart. S.-Julien de Tours, 60 (#21)], in May 975, 978 (or February 979), and in 986×1011 (but apparently soon after 986) in the cartulary of Saint-Florent de Saumur [Boussard (1962), 312 n. 84, citing Cartulaire noir de Saint-Florent de Saumur, Bibl. Nat., Nouv. acq. lat. 1930, fol. 11-12, 16 (not seen by me); see also Archives d'Anjou, 241 (#13), 242 (#14), 243 (#20)], in October 983 as a vassal of archbishop Arduin of Tours ["... Arduinus, misericordia Dei sanctæ Turonicæ sedis archiepiscopus, ... de fideli nostro Gauzfrido vicecomiti ... Signum Gauzfridi vicecomitis, ad cujus beneficium pertinere videtur" Cart. S.-Julien de Tours, 80-2 (#29)], and in 985 in a charter of Saint-Père de Chartres ["S. Gauzfridi vicecomitis." Cart. S.-Père de Chartres, 1: 79 (#18)]. Although there is not any direct proof that all of these records are references to the same Geoffroy, it is probable that they were.

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth:

Date of death: Probably 985×9.
Place of death: Unknown.
As noted above, Geoffroy was still living in 985. He was presumably deceased in 989, when Hugues, viscount of Châteaudun, witnesses a charter of Robert, viscount of Blois ["S. Hugonis, vicecomitis Castredunensis, ... S. Alonis de Cayone castro, ..." Lex (1892), 125 (Pièces justificatives #3)].

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.
For conjectured origins, see the Commentary section.

Spouse: Hildegarde, d. after 1005.
The probable identity of Geoffroy (I) as the husband of viscountess Hildegarde is discussed on her page.

These two sons(and the two probable daughters) were children of Hildegarde, and also of Geoffroy if he has been correctly identified as her husband. See the page of Hildegarde for details.

MALE Hugues, d. 10 June 1023, viscount of Châteaudun, 985×9 - 1003×4; archbishop of Tours, 1005?-23.

MALE Alo (Adelaud) de Chinon, fl. 989-1009×12;
m. Senegunde.

Probable daughter:

m. Albert, d. 14 January 1036, abbot of Micy.

Probable daughter or daughter-in-law (and son-in-law or son):

FEMALE Melisende, living 1031×2;
prob. m.
Fulcois, count [of Mortagne?].


Conjectured father (plausible, but direct evidence lacking): Geoffroy, fl. May 942, viscount of Chartres.
[Settipani (2000), 249] He appears as a witness in a charter of Hugues le Grand ["S. Gauzfridi Carnotensium vicecomitis. ... Data mense maio ... anno scilicet Dominicæ incarnationis DCCCCXLIIº sive anno tertio regnante Hludovico rege." Rec. Chron. Touraine, 234; also RHF 9: 723, dating it to May 939, with the words "anno scilicet Dominicæ incarnationis DCCCCXLIIº sive" missing]. The obvious onomastic argument, plus the frequent connection between Chartres and Châteaudun, suggest a connection, but there is no direct evidence. Saint-Phalle instead identifies Geoffroy of Chartres as the same person as Geoffroy (I) of Châteaudun [Saint-Phalle (2000), 245 (table 6)].

Supposed spouse: Ermengarde.
(existence as a person disctinct from Hildegarde uncertain)
The short chronicle of Bonneval mentions viscount Geoffroy and his wife Ermengarde and his/their son Hugues ["Deinde extitit quidam vicecomes Castrodunensis, Gaufridus nomine, qui, pro redemptione anime sue et uxoris, Hermengardis nomine, ... Similiter filius suus, nomine Hugo, ..." Petite Chron. Bonneval, 33]. As noted on the page of Hildegarde, the most likely explanation would be that Hermengardis in this record is a mistake for Hildegardis, although it cannot be ruled out that Geoffroy had another wife named Ermengarde.

Conjectured ancestry (plausible): "Rorgonide".
The "Rorgonide" dynasty is a modern name given to the vaguely defined family which included Roricon I (d. 840), count of Maine. Although a handful of individuals can be documented as members of the immediate family of Roricon, for the most part membership in the family has been determined by indirect means such as onomastics. In addition to the uncommon name Roricon, names beginning in Gauz- were common in the Rorgonide family, including Geoffroy (Gauzfridus). One Geoffroy, son of Roricon I and brother of Roricon II, appears from 863 to 878 [Ann. Bertin., s.a. 863 (p. 62); "Rorigus, frater Gauzfridi" ibid., s.a. 866 (p. 80); ibid., s.a. 871 (p. 116), s.a. 878 (p. 140)]. In the latter year, the unnamed sons of this Geoffroy invaded the castle and honors of the sons of the late count Eudes, and king Louis II le Bègue could do no more than accept the homage of the sons of Geoffroy for the lands ["... filii Gozfridi castellum et honores filii Odonis quondam comitis invaserunt, ... . ... venit ad eum isdem Gozfridus, adducens secum filios suos ea conditione, ut castellum et honores quos invaserant Hlodowico regi redderent et postea per concessionem illius haberent."]. The count Eudes in question was apparently Eudes (d. 870×1), count of (among other places) Châteaudun [see the page of Robert le Fort for more details on Eudes], and it has been generally believed that the castellum of which that sons of Geoffroy gained possession in 878 was Châteaudun [Merlet (1897), 63 & n. 2; Boussard (1962), 311-2]. Thus, onomastics suggests that it was the same family that was in possession of Châteaudun in the tenth century. This is all plausible enough, but unproven, and the attempt of Settipani to give an exact line of descent is little more than guesswork [Settipani (2000), 249 (table), with mostly "dotted" lines].


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