MALE Geoffroy I "Grisegonelle" (Geoffrey Greycloak, Gaufridus/Gauzfredus Grisegonella)

Count of Anjou, 958×960-987.

Geoffroy succeeded his father Foulques II as count of Anjou sometime between September 958, when Foulques was still alive [Morice (1742) 1: 346-7], and September 960, when a count Gausfredus signed a donation to the monastery of Saint-Florent de Saumur by a certain Éremburge ["S. Gausfredi comitis", Latouche (1910), 161-2; see also Bachrach (1984), 115, n. 24]. Geoffroy was killed on 21 July 987 while besieging a certain Odo Rufinus at Marçon, near Château-du-Loir [Annales de Saint-Aubin, s.a. 987: "Obiit Gaufridus comes, pater Fulchonis comitis, XII kalendas augusti, in obsidione Narsonis [recté Marsonis] super Odonem Rufinem facta." and similarly in other Angevin annals; see Halphen (1903), 2, etc.].

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: 21 July 987.
Place of Death: Siege of Marçon (near Château-du-Loir).

Father: Foulques II "le Bon", d. 958×960, count of Anjou, after 941-958×960.

Mother: Gerberge.
In charters of March 966 and 19 June 966, Gaufridus, comes Andegavorum, mentions his brother abbot Widdo, father Fulco and mother Gerberga [Cart. S.-Aubin 1: 268-9, 4-7], and in a charter of 970, count Gaufridus mentions his father Fulco and mother Gerberga [Cart. S.-Aubin 1: 38-9].


(1) Adèle de Troyes, living 6 March 974, daughter of Robert I, count of Troyes.
On 6 March 974, Adela, wife of count Gauzfredus, donated land which she had inherited to Saint-Aubin d'Angers, in a charter witnessed by, among others, count Gauzfredus, his sons Fulco and Gauzfredus, and count Heribertus [Cart. S.-Aubin 1: 7-10]. The Saint-Aubin genealogies make Adèle a daughter of count Robert I of Troyes [See Poupardin (1900), 207; Halphen (1903), 49]. Although some have placed her instead as a sister of Robert and a daughter of Herbert II of Vermandois, there is no early authority for this. See the discussion in Settipani (1997), 251-2.

(2) Adélaïde, living 999, widow of Lambert, count of Chalon.
After Lambert's death, Adélaïde was married to a count Geoffroy, who has generally been identified with Geoffroy Grisegonelle. This identification is discussed in more detail on Adélaïde's page.


(by Adèle de Troyes)

MALE Foulques III "Nerra", d. 1040, count of Anjou.

MALE Geoffroy, living 974.
He was still alive at the time of his mother's charter in 974.

FEMALE Ermengarde, d. aft. 992, m. Conan I de Rennes, d. 992.
Rodulfus Glaber [ii, 3 (pp. 30-1)] states that Conan married a sister of count Foulques of Anjou, the Chronicle of S. Florent says that Geoffrey was son of Conan by a sister of Foulques [Lobineau (1707), 2: 85], and the Angevin genealogical collection states that Judith, wife of Richard of Normandy, was the daughter of Conan by his wife Ermengarde, daughter of Geoffroy of Anjou [Poupardin (1900), 208]. Chronological considerations place her as a child of Geoffroy's first marriage.

FEMALE Gerberge, d. aft. 988, m. Guillaume IV, count of Angoulême.
Ademar de Chabannes states that count Guillaume (IV) was married to Gerberge, sister of count Foulques ["Andegavensis" in one manuscript], who must chronologically be Foulques III ["Comes denique Engolismae Willelmus, copulata sibi in coniugio Girbirga, sorore comitis Fulconis, filios ex ea suscepit Hilduinum et Gosfridum." Ademar de Chabannes, iii, 41, MGH SS 4: 134]. Depoin cites a charter which gives the name of Guillaume's wife as Girberga ["Ego in Dei nomine Willelmus Engloismensium comes ... exhortante nobilissima conjuge mea Girbirga atque filiis meis dulcissimus vivus Helduini, Gauzfredi, nec non defunctis Hernaldi atque Willelmi, ...", Depoin (1904), 22]. As noted below, there is no good reason to regard Ermengarde and Gerberge as the same person.

(by Adélaïde)

MALE Maurice, d. in or before 1039.
He was mentioned as a brother of count Fulco in a charter of 1003 [Cart. S.-Aubin 1: 157-8]. See also the Saint-Aubin genealogies [Poupardin (1900), 206], where he is called a son of Geoffroy. He was killed in combat by a certain Gautier, son of Hamelin de Langeais, in or before 1039 ["Vivente Goffrido Andegavorum comite, qui Martellus cognominatus est, cum honorem teneret Vindocini dominicum, miles quidam, Walterius dictus, filius Hamelini de Lingaiis, qui et ipse in pago Vindocinensi honorifice fevatus erat, quendam cognatum predicti comitis, nomine Mauricium, in congressu quodam occidit." Cart. Trinité de Vendôme, 1: 34 (#16)]. See also the page of his mother Adélaïde.


Falsely attributed children:
MALE Bouchard (Barbatus), supposed father of Bouchard de Montmorency.
FEMALE Adélaïde (in fact a sister), mother of queen Constance.
One example of this comes from a late fabricated genealogy which was published with the cartulary of Trinité de Vendôme ["Anno inaugurationis Hugonis regis, obiit Godefridus comes Andegavorum dictus Grisagonella, filius Fulconis comitis dicti Boni et Gerbergæ comitissæ, et requiescit cum Adella uxore sua, relicta Lamberti comitis, in ecclesia Sancti-Martini. Godefridus comes et Adela habuerunt quatuor filios et duas filias: Fulconem comitem dictum Nigram, qui patri successit, Gaufridum de Montebasonis patrem Gaufridi, Mauricium et Burchardum Barbatum, qui fuit pater Burchardi de Montemaurenciaco, Gelduini archipresulis et Alberici comitis, et Adelasiam uxorem Willelmi comitis quæ fuit mater Constantiæ reginæ." Cart. Trinité de Vendôme, 1: 10-11 (#3)]. Bouchard is part of a late attempt to fabricate an origin for the house of Montmorency. Constance's mother Adélaïde was a sister of Geoffroy (see the page of
Foulques II). This source also erroneously combines Geoffroy's two wives into a single person.

False identification:
FEMALE Ermengarde/Gerberge.
There is no good reason to identify Geoffroy's daughters Ermengarde (wife of count Conan of Rennes) and Gerberge (wife of count Guillaume IV of Angoulême) as the same person, as is sometimes done [see Settipani (1997), 250-1].


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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

First uploaded 11 May 2006.

Revision uploaded 24 April 2008. The most significant change is that a page has now been written for Geoffroy's second wife Adélaïde, with the result that the detailed discussion of the marriage of Geoffroy and Adélaïde has been moved from Geoffroy's page to Adélaïde's page, where it is more relevant. I have also changed my opinion somewhat regarding the evidence for Geoffroy's marriage to Adélaïde. In the original version of this page, I expressed doubt that Geoffroy and Adélaïde had been married, and left the matter open. Having reexamined the evidence in more detail, I am now convinced that Adélaïde's second husband Geoffroy was probably the same person as Geoffroy Grisegonelle.

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