FEMALE Ève (Auua, Aba)

Wife of Hugues, count of Tours.

In an act at Olonna in Italy on 10 August 836, the emperor Lothair I granted the possession of Locate in Mailand on the river Lambro to Auua, wife of Hugues ["... deuotissimæ nobis Auue coniugis uidelicet Ugonis obtimatis nostri concessimus quandam curtem ex fisco nostro uocatam Locadum consistentem in territorio Mediolanense super fluuio Lambro ..." Frisi, 2: 7 (#4); some capitalization changed from version printed there].

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth:

Date of death: 4×5 September 839.
Place of death: Unknown.
The necrology of Monza states that Aba, wife of duke Hugues and mother-in-law of emperor Lothair, died on 4 September, and the she survived her husband for almost two years, which fixes the year as 839 ["O. Dna Aba coniux Dni Ugonis ducis de locate. et socrus Dni Lotharii Imperatoris. superuixit uiro pene annis duobus religiosissimam ducens uitam. Obiit pridie nonas septembris anno ab incarnatione Dni . . ." Frisi, 3: 131]. The Martyrology of Wandelbert of Prüm has a marginal entry which places her death date at 5 September ["Deposicio Abae." MGH Poet.Lat. 2: 593 (line 541 n.); Tellenbach (1957), 338 (829)].

Father: Unknown.
See the Commentary section for a conjectured brother.

Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Hugues, d. 20 October 837, count of Tours.

See the page of Hugues for more details.

FEMALE Ermengarde, d. 20 March 851;
m. Tours, October 821,
Lothair I, d. 28×9 September 855, emperor.

MALE Liutfrid, d. 865×6, count, duke.

FEMALE Adélaïde, d. 18 August, prob. bef. 862,
m. Conrad/Konrad, count in Argengau,
son of count Welf.

FEMALE Berthe,
m. Gérard II "de Roussillon", d. 878×9, count of Paris, count of Vienne.

MALE Hugues, d. bef. 24 January 835, bur. St. Ambrosius, Milan.


Conjectured brother: Matfrid, d. 836, count of Orléans.
[Krüger (1890), 7; Parisot (1898), 165 n. 5; Poupardin (1901), 298-9] The reason behind this conjecture is that a certain Engeltrude, daughter of a Matfrid (and probably granddaughter of count Matfrid of Orléans), was called a relative (propinqua) of king Lothaire II in his divorce case [Hincmar, De divortio Lotharii et Tetbergæ, quæstio V, PL 125: 754]. It is a reasonable hypothesis, but clear proof is lacking.


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