FEMALE Ermentrude

Wife of Charles "le Chauve", king of France, Emperor.

Date of birth: 27 September, year unknown.
Charles gives 27 September as his wife's date of birth in a charter of 862 [RHF 8: 579 (#176)]. The estimate of ca. 830 given by Werner and Settipani for the birth seems a bit late [Werner (1967), table; Settipani (1993), 307], as it would make her only 12 at her marriage.
Place of birth: Unknown.

Date of death: 6 October 869.
["Karolus in villa Duciaco 7. Idus Octobris certo [nuntio] comperiens, obisse Hyrmentrudem uxorem suam 2. Nonas Octobris in monasterio sancti Dionysii, ubi et sepulta est, exsequente Bosone, filio Buvini quondam comitis, hoc missaticum apud matrem et materteram suam Teutbergam, Hlotharii regis relictam, sororem ipsius Bosonis nomine Richildem mox sibi adduci fecit et in concubinam accepit." Ann. Bertin., s.a. 869, 107]
Place of death: Unknown.

Father: Eudes, d. 834, count of Orléans.
["Accepit quidem Karolus, uti praefatum est, in coniugio Hirmintrudem, Uodonis et Ingeltrudis filiam et neptem Adelardi." Nithard, iv, 6, MGH SS 2: 671]

Spouse: m. at Quierzy on 13 (or 14) December 842, Charles "le Chauve", d. 6 October 877, king of the Western Franks, emperor.
["Karolus Carisiacum palatium veniens, Ermendrud, neptem Adalardi comitis, uxorem ducit, ..." Ann. Bertin., s.a. 842, 29; "Accepit quidem Karolus, uti praefatum est, in coniugio Hirmentrudem, Uodonis et Ingeltrudis filiam et neptem Adelardi." Nithard iv, 6, MGH SS 2: 671-2, who places the marriage on 14 December, at Quierzy] The date of 13 December is given in two acts of Charles from 862 [RHF 8: 579 (#176), 582 (#177)].

See the page of Charles "le Chauve" for details.

FEMALE Judith, b. ca. 844, d. after 870;
m. (1) 1 October 856,
Æthelwulf, d. 858, king of Wessex;
m. (2) 858, Æthelbald, d. 860, king of Wessex;
m. (3) 863,
Baldwin I, d. 879, count of Flanders.

MALE Louis II, b. 1 November, ca. 846, d. 10 April 879; king of Neustria, 856; king of Aquitaine, 867; king of France 877-9;
m. (1) March 862, Ansgard,
daughter of count Harduin;
m. (2) ca. 870, Adelaide,
daughter of count Adelard.

MALE Charles (Karolus minor), b. 847×8, d. 29 September 866, king of Aquitaine, 855-863, 865-6;
m. 862, NN,
widow of count Humbert.

MALE Carloman, tonsured 854, blinded 873, d. 877×8; abbot of Saint-Médard de Soissons, Moutier-Saint-Jean, Saint-Riquier (in Ponthieu), Saint-Germain d'Auxerre, Saint-Amand, and Monstier-Ramé; abbot of Echternach.

MALE Lothair, d. 865 (before 25 December), abbot of Saint-Germain, Auxerre.

FEMALE Hildegard.

FEMALE Ermentrude, fl. 877, abbess of Hasnon.

FEMALE Gisela.

MALE Drogo (twin), d. before 866.

MALE Pépin (twin), d. before 866.


Ann. Bertin. = G. Waitz, ed., Annales Bertiniani (MGH SRG 6, Hannover, 1883).

MGH SS = Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores series.

RHF = Recueil des historiens des Gaules et de la France.

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

First uploaded 26 July 2008.

Ermentrude's birthdate added 2 August 2008 (with thanks to Roger LeBlanc, who noticed that I had overlooked this).

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