MALE Ermentrude

Daughter of Louis II of France

Mentioned only in two genealogical sources, this obscure daughter of Louis II of France was the ancestor of the counts of Luxemburg and of the dukes of Upper and Lower Lorraine, descendants of her daughter Cunégonde. Even the name of her husband is unknown.

Date of Birth: Say 870×7.
The early date is based on the fact that Louis's first marriage in 862 produced at least four children, while the later date is based on the fact that he had a postumous son born in 879. The the page of Louis II for further details.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: Unknown.
Place of Death: Unknown.

Father: Louis II, d. 879; king of Neustria, 856; king of Aquitaine, 867; king of France 877-9.
["Hludovicus rex genuit Hludovicum et Karlomannum et Hildegardim ex Ansgardi vocata regina, Karolum quoque postumum et Irmintrudim ex Adelheidi regina." Witgeri Genealogia Arnulfi Comitis, MGH SS 9: 303]

Spouse: Unknown.
See the Commentary section for various conjectures about his identity.

An eleventh century genealogical table, existing also in several later versions, identifies the empress Cunégonde, the wife of emperor Heinrich II, as a daughter of count Sigefroid, son of Cunégonde, daughter of Ermentrude, daughter of Louis II of France [see, e.g., MGH SS 2: 314; 6: 32, 176]. See the page of Cunégonde for a detailed discussion.

FEMALE Cunégonde, m (1) Wigeric, d. 916×9, count in Bidgau; m. (2) Ricuin, d. 923, count of Verdun.


These conjectures are discussed on her daughter Cunégonde's page.

Conjectured husband (possible, but unproven): Regnier I, d. 915, count; lay-abbot of Echternach, Stavelot-Malmedy, Saint-Maximin, and Saint-Servais.

Conjectured husband (no good evidence): NN, son of Reginar, d. 8 October 876, count; lay-abbot of Echternach.

Conjectured husband (no good evidence - very doubtful): Heinrich, d. 26 August 886, count of Grabfeld.


MGH SS = Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores series.

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

First uploaded 23 May 2007.

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