MALE Ermengarde de Tours

Wife of emperor Lothair I.

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth:

Date of death: 20 March 851.
["domna Hirmingarda imperatris obiit 13. Kal. April." Annales Laubacenses, s.a. 851, MGH SS 1: 15; "Obiit Ermengardis regina." Annales Prumienses, s.a. 851, MGH SS 15: 1291; "obiit Hirmingardis regina, coniunx Lotharii imperatoris, venerabilis et Deo acceptabilis matrona, quae tres filios Lothario genuerat, videlicet Ludowicum, Lotharium et Carolum." Regino, Chronicon, s.a. 851, 75; "..., defuncta ante biennium Ermengarda christianissima regina, ..." Ann. Bertin., s.a. 853, 43]
Place of death: Unknown.

Father: Hugues, d. 18 September or 20 October 837, count of Tours.

Mother: Ève (Ava, Aba), d. 4×5 September 839.

Spouse: m. October 821, Lothair I, d. 855, emperor.
["Medio mense Octobrio conventus generalis apud Theodonis villam magna populi Francorum frequentia celebratur, in quo domnus Hlotharius, primogenitus domni imperatoris Hludowici, Irmingardam Hugonis comitis filiam solemni more duxit uxorem." ARF, s.a. 821, 156]

See the page of Lothair I for more details.

MALE Louis II, d. 12 August 875, king of Italy; emperor, 855-875;
m. Engelberge.

FEMALE Helletrude, d. after 865×6;
m. Bérenger, d. before 865×6, count.

FEMALE Bertha, fl. 853, abbess of Avenay.

m. 846, Giselbert, fl. 840-863, count of Masau and Darnau.

FEMALE Gisela, d. 28 May, 860 or before; abbess of St. Salvatore, Brescia.

MALE Lothair II, d. 8 August 869, king of Lorraine, 855-869;
m. (1) Teutberga,
daughter of count Boso;
m. (2) (not recognized) Waldrada.

FEMALE Rotrude, baptized in Pavia, 835×840;
probably m. Lambert, count, possibly the same person as Lambert II, d. 852, count of Nantes.

MALE Charles, d. 24 January 863, king of Provence, 855-863.

[FEMALE NN, m. at Worms, 841, NN.]
A daughter of Lothair was married at Worms in 841 ["Ibi celebratis filiae suae nuptiis, ..." Ann. Fuld., s.a. 841, 32]. It is unknown whether or not this daughter was identical with one of the above listed daughters.


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Ann. Bertin. = G. Waitz, ed., Annales Bertiniani (MGH SRG 6, Hannover, 1883).

MGH SS = Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores series.

Regino, Chronicon = Friedrich Kurze, ed., Reginonis abbatis Prumiensis Chronicon cum continuatione Treverensi (MGH SRG, Hannover, 1890).

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

First uploaded 16 August 2012.

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