FEMALE Ermengarde

Wife of Giselbert, duke of Burgundy.

Ermengarde appears in a charter of 11 December 942 with her husband Giselbert and daughter Adélaïde ["S. Giselberti comitis ... S. Ermengardis, que consensit, Adaleidis filie eorum ..." Werner (1960), 112, n. 95].

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth:

Date of death: After 11 December 942.
Place of death: Unknown.

Father: Unknown.
There does not appear to be any direct evidence for the parentage of Ermengarde. See the Commentary section.

Spouse: Giselbert, d. 956, duke of Burgundy.


As the known wife of Giselbert, it has been generally assumed that Ermengarde was the mother of both of Giselbert's daughter's, but she is directly documented only as the mother of Adélaïde (see above). See the page of Giselbert for more details.

FEMALE Liégarde, m. (1) Otto, duke of Burgundy, son of Hugues le Grand, duke of France; (2) Raoul, count of Dijon.

FEMALE Adélaïde alias Werra, m. Robert, count of Troyes.


Supposed father: Richard, d. 1 September 921, duke of Burgundy.
This supposed parentage for Ermengarde is stated by numerous sources, but without any reasonable documentation [e.g. Poupardin (1901), 336, 338, 343]. The claim is based on the plausible, but unproven, supposition that Giselbert had to be married to a relative of Richard in order to explain his succession to Burgundy.

Conjectured father (no proof): Louis, count of Thurgau, son of Rudolf I, king of Burgundy.
This suggestion is based on a string of onomastic assumptions [see Settipani (1994), 51].

Conjectured father (no proof): Aleram/Eliran, count of Dijon.
[Chaume (1925), 537 (table V)]

Falsely attributed daughter: Adélaïde, m. (1) Lambert, d. probably 978, count of Chalon; (2) Geoffroy I "Grisegonelle", d. 987, count of Anjou.
This is discussed on the page of Giselbert.


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