FEMALE Ermengarde

Wife of count Manassès.

Ermengarde is known from two charters, The first, a charter of Hervé, bishop of Autun ["Heriveus ejusdem miseratione humilis Eduorum episcopus"], dated 31 October 920, mentioned his mother Ermengarde (Hirmingardis) and his brothers ["dilectæ genetricis nostræ domnæ Hirmingardis venerabilis comitissæ et fratrum nostrorum"], his avunculus bishop Walo ["domnus Walo, pius presul et noster avunculus"], and was signed by Ermengarde and her sons Walo, Giselbert, and Manassès ["Hirmingardis Dei misericordia comitissa firmavit. Signum Walonis filii ejus. Signum Gisleberti filii ejus alterius. Signum Manassæ filii ejus." Cart. Autun, 42-4 (#26); see also RHF 9: 717-8]. The other was a donation of Ermengarde in June 924 to Saint-Marcel-lès-Chalon, in which her son Giselbert consented ["... munificentiam Ermengardis comitisse et deo devote, seu filii ejus Gisleberti comitis illustris, ... S. Ermengardis que fieri et firmare rogavit. S. Gisleberti qui consensit." Cart. S.-Marcel-lès-Chalon (#27)].

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth:

Date of death: After June 924.
Place of death: Unknown.

Father: Unknown.
For a conjecture, see the Commentary section.

Spouse: Manassès, d. 918×920, count.

The four sons were all named in the 920 charter mentioned above. Documentation for the daughter appears in a donation to Cluny dated 8 or 12 April 935, when the younger Ermengarde and her husband mentioned the names of their parents ["... ego Leotaldus, Dei gratia comes, necnon et uxor mea Ermengardis, pro Dei amore et eterna retributione, ut pius Dominus animas nostras vel parentum nostrorum, Alberici atque Tolosane, Manassei et Ermengardis, ..." Cart. Cluny, 1: 420 (#432); for the date, see ibid., 421, n. 1]. For more details on these individuals, see the page of Manassès.

MALE Walo, living 924.

MALE Giselbert, d. 8 April 956, duke of Burgundy, m. Ermengarde.

MALE Manassès, count, living 925.

MALE Hervé, bishop of Autun.

FEMALE Ermengarde, m. Liétaud, count of Mâcon.


Conjectured father (unproven): Boson, d. 887, king of Provence.
Conjectured mother (unproven): NN, sister of Guy, count of Atuyer, and of Anscario, marquis of Ivrea
Ermengarde is identified by Chaume as the daughter of Boson who was engaged to Carloman (d. 884), son of king Louis II "le Bègue" [Chaume (1925), 1: 266, n. 2, 539 (table VI), 545 (table IX), 549 (table XI)] This parentage of Ermengarde is based on an uncertain early reading from a now illegible manuscript, and is discussed in more detail on the page of Manassès.

Supposed brother: Hervé, d. 922, archbishop of Reims, 900-922.
[Verneuil (1876), 31, citing "Cusset. - Duchesne." with no further details] Since Ermengarde had a son named Hervé, this might just be an onomastic guess.


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