MALE Donnchad or Dúnchad (Duncan, Duchad)

Abbot of Dunkeld (Dún Caillen), d. 965.

According to the Scottish Chronicle contained in the Poppleton Manuscript, Duncan ("Duchad"), abbot of Dunkeld, was killed, along with Dubdon, mormaer (?) (satrapas) of Atholl, in a battle between Dub mac Máel Coluim ("Niger") and Culén mac Illuilb ("Caniculus"), upon the ridge of Crup, in which Dub (king of Scotland) had the victory (over Culén, later king of Scotland) ["[Bellum] inter nigerum [et] Caniculum super dorsum Crup in quo Niger habuit uictoriam ubi cecidit Duchad abbas Duncalden et Dubdon satrapas Athochlach." Poppleton MS., KKES 252]. The Annals of Ulster place this battle in 965 [see below].

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: 965.
["Cath etir firu Alban imoneitir, ubi multi occisi sunt im Donnchad .i. abb duine Caillen." ("A battle between the men of Scotland themselves in which many were killed, including Donnchad, i.e., the abbot of Dún Caillen.") AU s.a. 964=965]
Place of Death: Crup.
The Poppleton Manuscript locates the battle in which Duncan lost his life on the ridge of Crup [see above].

Father: Unknown.

Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Unknown.


See the Commentary section for a supposed child.


Supposed child (chronologically doubtful):

MALE Crínán, d. 1045, abbot of Dunkeld;
As discussed on the page for Crínán, there is no good supporting evidence for the suggestion that Duncan was the father of Crínán.


AU = Seán Mac Airt and Gearóid Mac Niocaill, The Annals of Ulster (Dublin, 1983).

KKES = Marjorie Ogilvy Anderson, Kings and Kingship in Early Scotland (Edinburgh, Totowa, NJ, 1973).

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