MALE Domangart mac Domnaill Bricc

King of Dál Riata, ca. 673.

Domangart does not appear in the king lists of Dál Riata (which are very confused for this period), but he is called king of Dál Riata at his obituary in the Irish annals [see KKES, 228]. His predecessors seem to have been his uncle Conall Crandomna (d. ca. 659) ["Conall Crannamna moritur." AU (s.a. 659) "Conall Crandamna mortuus est." AT 17: 195] and an otherwise unknown Dúnchad, and his successor appears to have been his cousin Máel Dúin (d. ca. 689), Conall's son, ["Mors Maele Duin m. Conaill Crannamhna" AU (s.a. 688)]. Domangart's place on the kinglists appears to be occupied by one Domnall Dond [Duan Albanach, 131; Thurneysen (1933), 89], a name which appears in Senchus Fer nAlban as one of Domangart's uncles [see the page of Domangart's grandfather Eochu Buide], and perhaps represents Máel Dúin's successor.

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: ca. 673.
["Iugulatio Domangairt m. Domnaill Bricc regis Dal Riati." AU (s.a. 672)]
Place of Death: Unknown.

Father: Domnall Brecc, d. ca. 643, king of Dál Riata.
See the quote from AU above. Also, see the quotes of the relevant genealogies on the page of Eochaid mac Echach.

Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Unknown.


MALE Eochu ua Domnaill, d. ca. 697, king of Dál Riata.
See the discussion of this part of the genealogy of Dál Riata on the page of Eochaid mac Echach.

Chronological note

What is the chronological convention on these pages?

For events dated from 700 to 1012 in the manuscript of AU, the conventional "corrected" chronology is used, obtained by adding one year to the manuscript date of AU. All dates on this page prior to 700 and qualified by "about" or "ca." are from McCarthy's tables [McCarthy (2005)] unless otherwise stated. All bibliographical references given here in the form "AU (s.a., year)" are given with respect to the "uncorrected" chronology. References from other annals, such as the so-called Annals of Tigernach (AT) and Chronicon Scotorum (CS), are given by page number of the published version, with the "corrected" chronology of AU used as a guide for the date after 700, and McCarthy's tables before 700. A more detailed discussion is given on the page of Eochu Buide.


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AU = Seán Mac Airt and Gearóid Mac Niocaill, eds., The Annals of Ulster (Dublin, 1983). See also the CELT website.

Duan Albanach = Jackson (1956) [critical edition], Jackson (1957) [parallel text and translation]; unless otherwise specified, citations are to the latter.

Jackson (1956) = Kenneth Jackson, "The Poem A eolcha Alban uile", Celtica 3 (1956): 149-167.

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McCarthy (2005) = Daniel P. Mc Carthy, "Chronological synchronisation of the Irish annals", available at

Thurneysen (1933) = R. Thurneysen, "Synchronismen der irischen Könige", Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 19 (1933): 81-99.

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