FEMALE Constance

Wife of Boso, count of Arles.

Constance appears with her husband Boso and sons Guillaume and Roubaud in an act of May 961 at Arles ["... in Arelate civitate ... in mense maii, anno XXIV regnante Conrado rege Alamannorum vel Provinciarum ... Boso comes et uxor sua Constantia firmaverunt. Illorum filii similiter Willelmus comes. Rotbaldus comes" Manteyer (1908), 201, n. 1 (with date May 961), 225 n. 1 (with date May 963), both times citing Chantelou, Hist. de Montmajour, 37-8; Conrad began to reign in 937, suggesting that 961 is correct].

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth:

Date of death: After May 961.
Place of death: Unknown.

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.
See the Commentary section.

Spouse: Boso, d. after March 965, count of Arles.

See the page of Boso for details.

MALE Guillaume II "le Libératuer", d. aft. 29 August 993, marquis of Provence;
m. (1) Arsinde.
m. (2)
Adélaïde alias Blanche, daughter of Foulques II, count of Anjou.

MALE Roubaud (I), fl. 961-after 993, marquis of Provence, 993×4 - ?;
m. Emilde.


Conjectured father (improbable): Charles "Constantine", d. after January 962, count of Vienne;
Conjectured mother (improbable): Thiberge, living ca. 960, daughter of Garnier, count of Troyes.
Charles "Constantine" was the son of the emperor Louis III "the Blind" ["... Karolo Constantino Ludovici Orbi filio, qui eam [Viennam] tenebat, ..." Flodoard, Annales, s.a. 931 (p. 46); ibid., s.a. 941 (p. 83); "Karlus Constantinus, Viennae princeps" ibid, s.a. 951 (p. 129)]. The hypothsized parentage is an onomastic conjecture, based on the fact that the female name Constance (rare at the time) is similar to the male name Constantine [Chaume (1922), 298 n. 3, 301 (table); Berge (1952), 37-43 (not seen by me); Vajay (1980), 615; Settipani (1991), 3-6; Stasser (1997), 21]. However, although the proposed connection is geographically and chronologically possible, there is no direct evidence which would tie Constance to the family of Charles "Constantine", and assuming that a woman was given a variation of her father's name is a very weak basis for such a conjecture. Even more important, as has been pointed out by Peter Stewart in recent postings to soc.genealogy.medieval, "Constantine" was a nickname give to count Charles of Vienne by the chronicler Flodoard, who was prone to giving such nicknames to people with common names, and the name "Contantine" is not verified by any source independent of Flodoard.

Conjectured father (very improbable): Louis III "the Blind", d. 928, emperor, 901-5.
["Etait-elle, comme le comte de Vienne Charles Constantin, bâtard de Louis l'Aveugle?" Poly (1976), 33 n. 18] This conjecture would make Constance a sister of Charles "Constantine". For chronological reasons, it is much less likely than the previous conjecture. Also, if Constance did in fact get her name from the nickname of Charles "Constantine", she would be more likely to be named after her father than after a brother.


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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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