MALE Causantín mac Cináeda (Constantine I)

King of the Scots and the Picts, 862-876.

Constantine succeeded to the kingship on the death of his uncle Domnall mac Ailpín in 862 [AU]. He was killed by the Norwegians in a battle at Inverdofatha in 876, and was succeeded by his brother Áed mac Cináeda. ["Constantinus macKynat xv a. reg. et interemptus est a Noruagensibus in bello de Merdo fatha et sepultus in Iona insula." Regnal List "D", KKES 267, similarly in List "F" (16 years), ibid., 274, and List "I" (16 years, battle at Inverdufatha)., ibid., 283]

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: 876.
["Custantin m. Cinaedha rex Pictorum, ..., moriuntur." AU, s.a. 876]
Place of Death: Battle of Inverdofatha.

Father: Cináed mac Ailpín (Kenneth I), d. 858, king of the Scots, ca. 842-858; king of the Picts, ca. 849-858.
["Máel Coluim mc Cináeda mc Máel C[h]olum mc Domnaill mc C[h]usantín mc C[h]ináeda mc Alpín." Genelaig Albanensium, Bannerman (1974), 66]

Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Unknown.


MALE Domnall mac Causantín (Donald II), d. 900, king of Scotland (Alba), ca. 889-900.
[See the genealogy quoted above.]


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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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