FEMALE Bethóc of Scotland

Wife of Crínán, abbot of Dunkeld.

Duncan I is called a son of a daughter of Malcolm II by Marianus Scottus ["Moelcoluim rex Scotiae obiit 7. Kal Decembr. Donchad, filius filiae eius, sibi successit annis 5, mensibus 9." Marianus Scottus, Chronicon, s.a. 1056=1034, MGH SS 5: 556]. The name of the intervening generation is given as Bethóc by three of the Scottish regnal lists ["Donchath macCrau Abbatis de Dunkeldin et Bethok filia[e] Malcalm macKynnet ..." Regnal List "D", KKES 268; "Donchath Mac-Trini abbatis de Dunkeld et Bethoc filiæ Malcom-Mac-Kinat ..." List "F", KKES 276; "Item Donchat filius Crini abbatis de Dunkeldin et Betoc filia[e] Malcolin filii Kinet ..." List "I", KKES 284]. The fourteenth century historian John of Fordun gives her name as "Beatrice" ["Sepulto quoque Malcolmo cum patribus in insula Iona, successit Duncanus nepos ejus, quem abthanus Crynyn genuit ex filia Beatrice." Fordun, iv, 44 (p. 187)].

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: Unknown.
Place of Death: Unknown.

Father: Máel Coluim mac Cináeda (Malcolm II), d. 1034, king of Scotland.

Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Crínán, d. 1045, abbot of Dunkeld.


MALE Donnchad mac Crínáin (Duncan I), d. 14×15 August 1040, king of Scotland.

See Commentary for possible additional child.


Possible additional child:

MALE Maldred, ancestor of the earls of Dunbar;
m. Ealdgyth,
daughter of Uhtred, earl of Northumbria.
Maldred was probably a son of Crínán, but there is no direct evidence whether or not Bethóc was Maldred's mother. See the page on Crínán for further details.


Fordun = William F. Skene, ed., Johannis de Fordun Chronica Gentis Scotorum (The Historians of Scotland, vol. 1, Edinburgh, 1871).

KKES = Marjorie Ogilvy Anderson, Kings and Kingship in Early Scotland (Edinburgh, Totowa, NJ, 1973).

MGH SS = Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores series.

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