FEMALE Bertrade (de Gometz?)

fl. 1052×3, wife of Amaury de Montfort.

Bertrade is mentioned as the wife of Amaury [de Montfort] in his foundation charter for the priory of Saint-Thomas d'Épernon (11 April 1052 × July 1053) ["... ego Amalricus miles sollicitatus, ..., voluntate et assensu auctoritatis mee conjugis nomine Bertredis, nec non et filiorum meorum Simonis videlicet atque Mainerii, ... S. Ainrici regis. S. Amalrici. S. Simonis, filii ejus. S. Mainerii, filii ejus. ..." Cart. S.-Thomas d'Épernon, 1-4 (#1)].

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth:

Date of death: After 11 April 1052.
Place of death: Unknown.

Father: Unknown.
See the Commentary section.

Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Amaury I de Montfort, fl. 1022-1060.

Presumed children:
When Amaury de Montfort mentions his wife and sons in the foundation charter of Saint-Thomas d'Épernon, he calls Simon and Mainer "my sons", so that direct evidence that Bertrade was the mother of these sons is lacking. However, she was the only known wife of Amaury.

MALE Simon I de Montfort, d. in or shortly after 1087, lord of Montfort;
m. (1) Isabel,
daughter of Hugues Bardoul, lord of Broyes, Beaumont, Pithiviers, and Nogent-le-Roi.
m. (2) NN;
m. (3)
Agnès, daughter of Richard, count of Évreux.

MALE Mainer, fl. 1052×3-1074×5.

Probable brother: Geoffroy de Gometz, fl. 1074×5(?), m. Ermengarde.
Bertrade's son Simon appears as a nepos of Geoffroy de Gometz in a donation by Geoffroy of the villa and church of Bazainville to the abbey of Marmoutier, possibly 1074×5 ["... ego Gauffredus, saeculari miliciae mancipatus, ...cum assensu et auctoritate mee conjugis, nomine Ermengardis, necnon et filiorum meorum, Simonis videlicet atque Amalrici simulque Gauffredi, et fratris mei Ursi, Milonis quoque et Guidonis, meorum seniorum, de Caprosis, de quorum beneficio haec sunt, ... S. Gauffredi de Gomet. S. Simonis, filii ejus. S. Amalrici, filii ejus. S. Gauffredi, filii ejus. Milonis, filii ejus. S. Guidonis vicecomitis, filii ejus. S. Ursi, fratris Gauffredi. S. Ernaldi Osalis Bastardi, filii ejus. S. Simonis, nepotis ejusdem Gauffredi. S. Mainerii, fratris ejus. S. Rorici, generi ejusdem Gauffredi. ..." Rec. actes Philippe I, 178-181 (#70) (reference courtesy of Peter Stewart); the charter is dated in the fifth year of Philippe I (1064×5), but Prou argues with good reason that the correct date is the fifteenth year (1074×5), see ibid., 178 n. 1; the witness list is at least partly corrupt, for the text of the charter shows that Milo and Guy were not sons of Geoffroy]. Rhein states that Simon de Montfort calls Geoffroy de Gometz his uncle, but this is an error [Rhein (1910), 31, citing one of the manuscripts of the same act]. The appearance of Mainerius, fratris ejus immediately after Simon nepos Gauffredi shows that this Simon was Simon I de Montfort, whose brother Mainer is confirmed in other records. Although other interpretations of nepos cannot be completely ruled out, the word probably means nephew in this case, and Simon was probably a maternal nephew of Geoffroy, much less likely a paternal nephew [evidently the interpretation of Fourmont (1867), 3: 267]. Thus, the most natural interpretation of this document would make Bertrade a sister of Geoffroy de Gometz, although strictly speaking, we also cannot rule out the possibility that Amaury de Montfort was married twice, first to a sister of Geoffroy de Gometz, and later to Bertrade. As noted below, the parentage of Geoffroy de Gometz remains unknown.

Probable brother: Ursus, fl. 1074×5.
As noted above, Ursus consented to the 1074×5 charter of his brother Geoffroy de Gometz.


Supposed father (improbable): Guillaume de Gometz, fl. 1043-1071, m. Alberade.
[RFC2, 68 (line 90)] An otherwise unidentified Guillaume de Gometz appears frequently on websites as the supposed father of Bertrade, but without any clear documentation in primary sources. The earliest known Guillaume de Gometz would appear to be the Guillaume de Gometz who appears for the first time on 20 May 1043 witnessing a charter of king Henri I of France ["Signum Guilelmi Comitis de Goms" RHF 11: 578 (#12)]. He also appears as a witness for Philippe I on 29 May 1067 ["Willelmus de Gomethiaco" Rec. actes Philippe I, 94 (#30)], again in 1067 ["Guillelmus Giometensis castri" Rec. actes Philippe I, 98 (#32)], and on 2 November 1071 ["Willelmi de Gumetho" Rec. actes Philippe I, 160 (#60)]. He had a son of the same name, who had only recently attained majority on 16 May 1081 ["... quoniam junior Willelmus, predecessoris sui, eodem vocabulo nuncupati, heres legitime ut filius, eo anno quo de potestate et custodia Hervei de Montemorentiaco, sub cujus bajulatione parvulus fuerat, exiit, ... ipse supramemoratus Willelmus pro patris ac matris suique anima libentissime concessit, suasque culturas dominicas, sicut mater sua, nomine Albereda, pro anima patris sui Willelmi ... MLXXXI, xvij kal. junii ..." Charte Gometz, 356-7]. Thus, it seems clear that the elder Guillaume de Gometz was not in a generation early enough to be the father of Geoffroy and Bertrade. Nor does Geoffroy de Gometz appear to have been the father of Guillaume de Gometz, who does not appear among Geoffroy's sons in the above charter. Most likely they were collateral relatives, as suggested by Moutie [Moutie (1876), 2: 25-6]. While it is impossible to rule out the possibility that Geoffroy and Bertrade were indeed children of some different Guillaume de Gometz, the name does not appear to have any good basis, and cannot be accepted in the absence of evidence. The elder Guillaume de Gometz has also often been stated to have been the father of Hodierne, wife of Guy de Montlhéry, but Moutie has argued that she was more likely to be a sister [Moutie (1876), 2: 12 n. 2, 25].


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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin, with thanks to Peter Stewart for supplying much information.

First uploaded 29 May 2012.

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