FEMALE Bertrade de Montfort l'Amaury

Countess of Anjou and Queen of France, living 1115×1117.

Bertrade, a daughter of Simon I de Montfort, was the center of one of the major scandals of her time. Married to count Fulk IV of Anjou, she was carried off in 1092 by king Philippe I of France, who married her (illegally, as she was still married to Fulk). After years of disputes with the church, which included putting France under an interdict, Philippe finally agreed to have no relations with Bertrade, in 1104. Bertrade continued to use the title of queen, but retired to a monastery after Philippe's death in 1108.

Date of Birth: say 1070.
[Estimate given by CP]
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: after 1115×1117.
[Anselme 6: 16]
Place of Death: Unknown.

Father: Simon I de Montfort, d. ca. 1087.
[GND viii, 17 (vol. 2, pp. 232-5)]

Mother: Agnes, daughter of Richard, count of Évreux.
[GND viii, 17 (vol. 2, pp. 232-5)]


(1) Foulques (Fulk) IV, d. 14 April 1109, count of Anjou.
[OV viii (vol. 4, pp. 184-7)]

(2) carried off by and (illegally) married, Philippe I, d. 29 July 1108, king of France.
[OV viii (vol. 4, pp. 184-7), and numerous other sources. The event was a major scandal of the time.]


by Foulques IV of Anjou:

MALE Foulques (Fulk) V, d. 1144, count of Anjou, king of Jerusalem.
[GND (Rob. Tor.) viii, 34 (vol. 2, pp. 260-1); OV xi, 16 (vol. 6, pp. 76-7)]

by Philippe I of France (regarded as illegitimate):
[Will. Tyre, xiv, 1 (vol. 2, p. 48); Historia regum Francorum monasterii Sancti Dionysii, MGH SS 9: 405]

MALE Philippe, living 1123, count of Mante, m. Elizabeth de Monthlery.
[Anselme, 1: 74, citing Suger c. 10]

MALE Florus, m. NN de Nangis.
[Anselme, 1: 74, citing Cartul. de Champagnon 123-4]

FEMALE Cécile, m. (1) Tancred, prince of Antioch; (2) Pons, count of Tripoli.
[Anselme, 1: 74, citing OV]


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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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