MALE Bernard

King of Italy, 812×3-817.

Bernard was named to his father's position as king of Italy in 812 or 813 ["Bernardus filius Pippini, fratris Hludoici filii Karli magni imperatoris, constituitur pro parte suo in regnum Italiae." Annales Laurissenses Minores (Codex Remensis), s.a. 812, MGH SS 1: 121; "Pernhardus rex factus est." Annales Iuvavenses Maiores, s.a. 812, MGH SS 1: 88; "... Bernhardumque nepotem suum, filium Pippini filii sui, Italiae praefecit et regem appellari iussit." ARF, s.a. 813, 138]. Bernard was blinded for disloyalty by the emperor, and died three days later [Thegan, Vita Hludowici, c. 23, MGH SS 2: 596].

Date of Birth: say 797.
This is a reasonable estimate, since he left a son, and his father was born in 777.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: 17 April 818.
[Enhardi Fuldensis Annales, s.a. 818, MGH SS 1: 356; Regino, s.a. 818, MGH SS 1: 567 (see below for quote); Thegan, Vita Hludowici, c. 22-23, MGH SS 2: 596; Vita Hludowici, MGH SS 2: 623]. [For the date of 17 April, see Brandenburg (1964), 1; Werner (1967), table; Settipani (1993), 212; the original source is not clear]
Place of Death: Aachen.

Father: Pépin/Pippin, d. 8 July 810, king of Italy.

Mother: Chrothais.

Spouse: m. ca. 815, Kunigund, d. after 15 June 835.
Kunigund mentions her deceased husband Bernard and her son Pépin in a charter dated 15 June 835 ["Ideo ego in Dei nomine Cunicunda relicta quondam Bernardi inclite regis, cogitans pro mercedem & remedium anime seniori meo Bernardi vel mea, seu filio meo Pippino, ... Sign. + m. Cunicunde qui hanc cartola tradiconis fieri rogavit, ..." Affò (1792-5), 283-5 (#8)]

"Anno dominicae incarnationis 818. Bernhardus filius Pippini, rex Italiae, Aquis evocatus ad imperatorem dolo capitur, et primo oculis, post vita privatur. Habuit autem iste Bernhardus filium nomine Pippinum, qui tres liberos genuit, Bernhardum, Pippinum et Heribertum; qui Heribertus Rodulfum comitem, filium Balduini interfecit nostris temporibus, et non multum post occisus est a Balduino, satellite Balduini, gratris Rodulfi, qui Balduinus hucusque in Flandris ducatum tenet." [Regino, s.a. 818, MGH SS 1: 567]

MALE Pépin/Pippin, b. say 815, d. after 840, count (near Paris).


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MGH SS = Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores series.

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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

First uploaded 23 May 2007.

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