MALE Alpín mac Ech[d]ach

King of Dál Riata, ca. 840?

Alpín appears in the synchronisms as king of Alba (i.e., Dál Riata), succeeding a king Eoganán and being succeeded by another king of that name ["... & Aedh & Eoghanan & Ailpin mac Echach & Eoghanan & Cinaeth mac Ailpin, in cet-rig rogab rige Sgoinde do Gaidhelaib." Boyle (1971), 177; see also Thurneysen (1933), 91, where the same entries read "Aed mac Boanta, Eoganan mac Oengusa, Alpin, is e cetri ro gab rige Scoine do Gaidelaib." and it is clear that words have been omitted from the latter recension, due to the copyist's eye skipping from one occurrence of the name Alpin to the next]. The so-called "Latin Lists" of kings of Dál Riata have reshuffled many entries, with the result that it is not clear whether the three year reign attributed to a king Alpín was intended for the present Alpín or an eighth century namesake. However, the statement of these versions that a king Alpín died while fighting in Galloway probably refers to this Alpín ["Alpin fil. Heoghed annuine. 3 an. Hic occisus est in Gallwathia, postquam eam penitus destruxit et devastavit." Regnal List "F", similarly in List "D" and List "I", KKES 265, 271, 282]. Alpín's predecessor Eoganán mac Óengusa died in 839 [AU (s.a. 838)], and Alpín's son Cináed (Kenneth), who died in 858, is said to have ruled in Dál Riata for two years before a sixteen year rule over the Picts, so the length of the reigns of Alpín and his successor, the second Eoganán, cannot have been long [See Anderson (1982)].

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: ca. 840?
Place of Death: Galloway.

Father: Eochu/Eochaid mac Áeda Find.
["Causantín mc Culiuin mc Ilduib mc O[h]ausantín mc Áeda mc C[h]ináeda mc Alpín m Echach mc Áeda F[h]ind mc Echach ..." Genelaig Albanensium, Bannerman (1974), 65]

Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Unknown.


MALE Cináed mac Ailpín (Kenneth I), d. 858, king of the Scots, ca. 840-858; king of the Picts, 842×8-858.
[See above]

MALE Domnall mac Ailpín, d. 13 April 862, king of the Scots and the Picts.
["Domnall m. Ailpin, rex Pictorum, mortuus est." AU (s.a. 861); "Obiit in palacio Cinnbelathoír idus Aprilis." Poppleton ms., KKES, 250]


Conjectured mother: NN, Pictish princess.
See the comments on the page of his father Eochu/Eochaid.


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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

First uploaded 26 April 2007.

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