FEMALE Alpaïde (Alpheid, Elpheid)

Wife of Bégon, count of Paris.
Abbess of Saint-Pierre-le-Bas in Reims.

Date of birth: say 797.
Place of birth:
Louis was born in 778, and Alpaïde was the mother of two sons by 817 at the latest, so the estimate given should not be too far off.

Date of death: 23 July, after 852.
Place of death: Unknown.
Alpaïde emboidered a pillow for the saint's head when the relics of St. Remi were translated in 852, and the necrology of the cathedral of Reims states that she died on 23 July ["Alpheidis Deo sacrata" Werner (1967), 445-6].

Father: Louis/Ludwig I "the Pious", d. 28 June 840, Emperor.
["Picco, primus de amicis regis, qui et filiam imperatoris [nomine Elpheid] duxit uxorem, defunctus est." Annales Laurissenses Minores, s.a. 816, MGH SS 1: 122; see also Werner (1967), 429-441; "... Quod monasterium Ludowicus imperator Alpheidi, filiae suae, uxori Begonis comitis, dono dedit, ..." Flodoard, iv, 46, MGH SS 13: 595] Although the Annales Laurissenses Minores do not state which imperator (Charlemagne or Louis) was the father of Alpaïde, Louis was the current emperor, and Flodoard's testimony also gives that parentage. Thus, the case (mainly chronological) for making her a daughter of Charlemagne instead is weak [see the discussion by Settipani (1993), 200-3].

Mother: Unknown.
As noted on the page of Louis I, Alpaïde may have been illegitimate, but it is possible that her mother was Louis's first wife Ermengarde..

Spouse: Bégon, bur. 28 October 816, count of Paris.

See the page of Bégon for details.

MALE Leuthard, bur. 3 January, bef. 869, count [of Paris?].

MALE Eberhard, d. bef. 8 June 871.

Possible child:

FEMALE Susanna;
Susanna may have been the daughter of Bégon by an earlier wife. See the pages of Bégon and Adalhard for further details.


MGH SS = Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores series.

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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

First uploaded 16 August 2012.

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