FEMALE Adélaïde

Wife of Louis II le Bègue, king of France.

See Hlawitschka 165ff

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth:

Date of death: After 9 November 901.
Place of death: Unknown.
Adélaïde was living on 9 November 901, when she was mentioned in an act of her son Charles the Simple ["suggerentibus quoque una cum dilectissima genitrice nostra Adelaide" RHF 9: 494 (#27)].

Possible father: Alard/Adalhard, count, fl. 875-890.
The parentage of Adélaïde is not directly documented. As noted below, she is documented as a sister of abbot Wulfhard of Flavigny. Her parentage will be discussed in the Commentary section.

Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: Louis II le Bègue, d. 10 April 879, king of France 877-9.
For her marriage, see the page of Louis II le Bègue.

See the page of Louis II le Bègue for more details.

FEMALE Ermentrude, b say 870×7;
m. NN.

MALE Charles III "the Simple", b. (posthumously) 17 September 879, d. 7 October 929, king of France 898-922;
m. (1) shortly before 19 April 907, Frederuna, d. 10 February 917;
m. (2) 919, Eadgifu (Ottogeba), d. after 951,
daughter of Eadweard "the Elder", king of Wessex.

Brother: Wulfhard, d. 6 September, 880×894, abbot of Flavigny, ca. 875 - 880×894.
["Huic etiam Sigardus succedit, et 5. anno Wolfardo, Ludovici II. imperatoris sororio, dono eiusdem sedem reliquit. Cuius ordinationis anno 3. consecratio Flaviniacensis ecclesiae acta est a Iohanne papa et 18 episcopis, anno 878. ind 11." Series abbatum Flaviniacensium, MGH SS 8: 502; "8. Idus Sept. Wlfardus abbas Flaviniacensis, Ludovici imperatoris sororius obiit." Hugues de Flavigny, Necrologium, MGH SS 8: 286; 880×94 date range: Werner (1967), 432, sources unclear].

Great-grandfather (proavus): Bégon, d. 816, count of Paris.
Relative (consanguineus): Rumald, fl. 22 April 921, abbot of Fossés.
These relationships are proven by an act of Charles III the Simple on 22 April 921, which mentions his mother's relative Rumald and his mother's great-grandfather (proavus) Bégon ["Karolus divina propitiante clementia rex Francorum, ... ubi nunc præest præfatus Rumaldus abbas consanguineus ex nostræ genetricis parte Adeleisiæ, ... . ... qualiter ipsum monasterium Bego genetricis nostræ proavus penitus destructum restaurasset ..." RHF 9: 551 (#84)].


The parentage of Adélaïde

As noted above, there are three basic clues to the parentage of Adélaïde:

No direct evidence regarding the parentage of either Rumald or Wulfhard is known, so the descent from Bégon becomes the obvious starting point for further investigation. Assuming that the term proavus is literally correct, Wulfhard and Adélaïde should be the children of some grandchild of Bégon. Arguing along these lines, Karl Ferdinand Werner suggested that Wulfhard and Adélaïde were the children of count Adalhard, son of another Wulfhard by his daughter Susanna, possibly a daughter of count Bégon. If Susanna was indeed a daughter of Bégon, then the obvious onomastic argument would make Wulfhard and Susanna the likely grandparents of Adélaïde, with Adalhard as the most likely candidate for Adélaïde's father [Werner (1967), 429-441]. See the page of Adalhard for a more detailed discussion.

Conjectured father (improbable): Hunroch, b. before 20 June 840, living 1 July 874, d. 874×5?, duke of Friuli, 865-874×5;
Conjectured mother (improbable): Ava, daughter of duke Liutfrid.
[Vianello (1984, not seen by me), cited by Settipani (1993), 316 n. 857] Hunroch had a daughter, who in 887 was carried off from a nunnery in Brescia and married by force by Liutward, bishop of Vercelli to his nepos [".. ut monasterium puellarum in Brixia civitate situm invaderet et per quosdam amicos suos filiam Unruochi comitis propinquam imperatoris vi raperet suoque nepoti in coniugium daret." Ann. Fuld., s.a. 887, 105; Werner (1967), 452, n. 26 cites Hirsch (1910), 87 for the marriage of Hunroch]. Vianello identifies this daughter with Adélaïde, wife of Louis II. This is improbable, as it is unlikely that she would have been identified merely as a daughter of Hunroch and relative of the emperor if she were in fact the widow of Louis II. For more on Hunroch, see the page of his father Eberhard of Friuli, and for their supposed descent from Bégon, see the page of Eberhard's father Hunroch of Ternois.

Falsely attributed father (did not exist): Bégon, fl. 861, count of Paris.
[Kalckstein (1877), 470] As noted by Werner, this supposed count is based on a worthless eleventh century falsification, and no such Bégon ever existed [Werner (1967), 429].

Falsely attributed father: Welf I, count in Argengau and Linzgau.
Based on the account of Genealogia Welforum that Louis married Hildegard, daughter of Eticho (of the Welf family), Decker-Hauff, in an unconvincing argument, tries to make Adélaïde a daughter of Welf I [See Decker-Hauff (1955), 329ff.]. See the page of Louis II le Bègue for more details.


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