FEMALE Adélaïde alias Werra

Wife of Robert, count of Troyes.

Adélaïde appears in a charter with her parents on 11 December 942 ["S. Giselberti comitis ... S. Ermengardis, que consensit, Adaleidis filie eorum ..." Werner (1960), 112, n. 95]. Robert appears as a witness to a charter of Giselbert dated between 19 June 949 and 18 June 950 [Werner (1960), 111 & n. 89]. She signed along with her husband Robert and son Heribert in an act at Troyes on 6 August 959 ["Placuit atque convenit inter gloriosum Trecassine urbis comitem Robertum et Gratianum abbatem monasterii sancti Petri Dervensis, ... Signum Rotberti, gloriosissimi comitis. S. Adelais comitisse. S. Erberti filii eorum. ..." Cart. Montiéramey, 19 (#14); see also Lot (1901), 269; Werner (1960), 112]. She evidently survived her husband, and appears with Robert's brother count Heribert in a fragment of the cartulary of Montiéramey ["... S. Adeleidae comitissae, S. Ettini, S. Eriberti comitis ..." Werner (1960), 112-3, n. 95].

The identification as the same person of Adélaïde, daughter of Giselbert of Burgundy in the 942 document, Adélaïde, wife of Robert of Troyes in the 959 document, and Werra, the daughter of Giselbert who married Robert (from Odoran's chronicle, see below) is covered on Giselbert's page.

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth:

Date of death: Probably after 19 June 966.
She evidently survived her husband, who was still living on 19 June 966.
Place of death: Unknown.

Father: Giselbert, d. 8 April 956, duke of Burgundy.
["Et Gislebertus, comes Burgundionum obiit, et honorem ejus cum filia, nomine Leudegarde, ex qua postea a Rodulpho Divionensi pipicus factus, Otho, frater Hugonis ducis recepit. Aliam vero filiam, nomine Werram, duxit in matrimonium Robertus, comes Trecasinorum." Odoran, Chronicon, s.a. 956, Bib. Hist. Yonne, 2: 395 (also RHF 8: 237)]

Mother: Ermengarde.
She is known from the charter of 11 December 942 (see above).

Spouse: m. 11 December 942 × 18 June 950, Robert, d. after 19 June 966; count of Meaux, 946-; count of Troyes, 956-.


MALE Heribert "juvenus", d. 28 January 995 or 996, count of Meaux and Troyes, 980×4-995×6.

FEMALE Adèle, living 6 March 974, m. ca. 965, Geoffroy I Grisegonelle, d. 987, count of Anjou.
For details, see Adèle's page.


Falsely attributed daughter or sister:
Falsely attributed identification:
Adélaïde, m. (1) Lambert, d. probably 978, count of Chalon; (2) Geoffroy I Grisegonelle, d. 987, count of Anjou.

For an account of the confusions which have led to the above problems, see the pages of Adélaïde of Chalon and Giselbert.

For some other supposed additional children, see the page of Robert.


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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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