Stewart Baldwin's Genealogy page

The pages on this website are currently under construction, and probably will be for some time, as I try to get the information I have in a form which is suitable for the internet.

Medieval Genealogy


Here are links to three medieval items which I have written that are on the GEN-MEDIEVAL/soc.genealogy.medieval website.

Llywelyn ap Iorwerth Ancestor Table

Kings of the Danes prior to 873

Kings of the Isle of Man

Ancestral Lines which I am researching

So far, I have very little documentation included on this website, but I hope that will change as I find the time to convert material I have to html form. In the meantime, I do have a complete list of the families ancestral to me which I am researching, which those interested can consult to see if our research interests overlap. The more detailed list, which shows my exact line of descent from each of these ancestral families, is alphabetical by surname, and can be found by clicking on the link below. The brief list is grouped roughly by categories (for example, Quaker families), and is given below.

Click here for the more detailed aphabetical list

List of families by category

Unless I have expended considerable effort on the surname, this brief list does not include the maiden names of wives whose parentage is unknown, or for which little information is available beyond the name of her father. For those cases, or for cases in which the brief descriptions below are unclear, the detailed list can be consulted in the link above. In addition, there are several families listed here (notably the Hayhursts and Morgans) from which I have a probable, but still unproven, line of descent.

Quaker Families

I have a large amount of Quaker ancestry which I have spent a great deal of time researching, including the families of BALDWIN (co. Lancaster, England > Bucks co., PA > Frederick co., VA > Guilford co., NC > TN > Highland, Champaign, Logan, and Hardin cos., OH), BEALS (Chester co., PA > Prince George's co., MD), BOND (co. Lancaster, England), BOWATER (co. Worcester, England > PA), CLAYTON (co. Sussex, England > PA), COOK (co. Chester, England > PA), EDGE (co. Chester, England > PA), HAYHURST (co. York, England > PA), JARMAN (Wales > PA), JOHNSON (Ireland > Chester co., PA), LANSDALE (co. Lancaster, England > PA), LLOYD (Wales? > PA), MARIS (co. Worcester, England > Chester, co., PA), MILLER (Ireland? > Chester co., PA), MOON (Bristol, England?? > Bucks co., PA > Frederick co., VA), MORGAN (PA > VA, the family of Daniel Boone's mother), NORMAN (co. Chester, England > PA), PARKER (cos. Lancaster and York, England), PAXSON (co. Bucks, England > Bucks co., PA > Kent co., DE > Hunterdon co., NJ > VA > Logan co., OH), POWNALL (co. Chester, England > Bucks co., PA), ROBINSON (MD? > Guilford co., NC > OH), ROBINSON (co. Lancaster, England), RUDD (co. York, England), SCOTT (co. York, England > PA), SIMCOCK (co. Chester, England > Chester co., PA > Hunterdon co., NJ), THORNBURGH (Ireland > PA > VA > NC > TN), TURNER (co. York, England), WALN (co. York, England > PA), WILLIAMS (MD > NC > VA > Logan co., OH), WILLIAMS (Wales > PA), WILSFORD (co. Leicester, England > NJ), and WORRALL (co. Chester, England > PA). Of course, the above Quaker families were not all Quakers during the entire period that I am researching them. I have listed them as being Quakers if they were Quakers during some period. Early English families which were ancestral to one of the above Quaker families, but were not themselves Quakers (at least not during the period being researched by me) include the families of BOSTOCK (co. Chester), BRACE (co. Worcester), COLLIER (co. Worcester), DEANE (co. Chester), HUETT/HEWITT (co. Chester), MORE (co. Worcester??), TEW (co. Chester), and WYTHE (co. Worcester).

Families from the North and East Ridings of Yorkshire

Through one Canadian-born great-grandparent (Elizabeth CARTWRIGHT), whose parents and some elder siblings were born in England, I have a large amount of descent from families in the North and East Ridings of Yorkshire. Most of these families lived in a small area near Scarborough which includes the parishes of Brompton (by Sawdon), Ebberston, Hackness, Hutton Bushel, Scarborough, Wykeham, and other nearby parishes in the North Riding. Families being researched in that general area include AUDAS, BEVERLEY, CARLILL, CARTWRIGHT, CASSE, CONSITT, CRAVEN, DICKINSON (three different lines of that name in the parish of Hackness), ESTILL, KAY, LANGDALE, SKELTON, and STAINS. In the East Riding parish of Skipsea, I am researching the families of FOSTER, PILKINGTON, and WARCUP, and also the STEPHENSON family in the parish of Flamborough. I am also researching the DAKINS family of Derbyshire and Yorkshire, because of their apparent connection to the BEVERLEY family of Rillington in the East Riding, probable ancestors to my family of that name in the North Riding.

Families of Colonial Virginia

Not counting the Virginia Quaker families listed above, my early Virginia families are BOTTOM (Henrico & Amelia cos., VA), DOGGETT (Suffolk > Lancaster co., VA), REEVES (Prince William co., VA > Fleming co., KY), RIVES (Franklin, Pittsylvania, etc. couties, VA), and STEGALL (Amelia, Brunswick, etc. counties, VA). Of these, the only one which has successfully been traced back to England (at least so far as I know) is the Doggetts. English families ancestral to the Doggetts are CARTER (Walton-on-the-Naze, co. Essex), GALE (Edwardstone, co. Suffolk), LANGLEY (Colchester, co. Essex, and possibly Yorkshire before that), and LAPPAGE (Boxford, co. Suffolk). Other Virginia families which have not been traced back to Colonial times (or only barely so) are CARRICK (county unknown), JONES (Frederick co., VA > Fleming co., KY > Brown co., OH > Scott co., IN > Polk co., IA), SMITH (Bath co., VA > Logan co., OH > Hardin co., OH), STILL (SC? > Franklin co., VA > Shelby co., KY > Washington co., IN), TAYLOR (VA, according to censuses, but not yet located > Logan co., OH), and WILLIAMS (Grayson & Carroll cos., VA > Logan co., OH).

Scotch-Irish families

BAIRD (Lancaster & Fayette cos., PA > Guernsey co., OH > Warren & Polk cos., IA), BAIRD (Lancaster & Abbeville cos., SC), CAMPBELL (Westmoreland co., PA), CAMPBELL (Guernsey co., OH), CRAWFORD (co. Antrim, Ireland > Guernsey co., OH > Van Buren co., IA), FRAME (Fayette co., PA > Guernsey co., OH). I am also interested in the AGNEW (of Kilwaughter, co. Antrim) and HOUSTON (of Craig, co. Antrim) families, because of their connection to the CRAWFORD family of Ballysavage, the probable ancestors of my Crawford line.

New England families

With the exception of my New England ancestry, all of the research that I have done on my ancestry has been verified in the primary sources. In the case of my New England families, I have not spent as much time as on the other ones, but I have still based my information on good secondary sources. My New England families are ANDREWS (Farmington, CT), BEAMON (New Haven co., CT), HULL (New Haven co., CT), JACKSON (New Haven co., CT), RICHARDS (Hartford & Farmington, CT), RICHARDSON (Farmington & Waterbury, CT), WEED (CT > NY > SC > OH > IL > IA), and WESCOTT (Fairfield, CT). To my knowledge, none of my New England families have been successfully traced back to England with adequate documentation.

German families

Because I have not had access to the appropriate records (which have not been filmed in SLC, to my knowledge), my knowledge of my German ancestry (which comes through my paternal grandmother) is very limited. The families, which came over to Hardin co., OH in the middle of the nineteenth century (apparently from Oberzell, Hessen-Kassel, or nearby) to, are ALT and DORN.


My other ancestral lines which do not fit in one of the above categories are GRIMES (MD > Fayette co., PA > Logan co., OH) and YEAGLEY (Hunterdon co., NJ > Fayette co., PA)