Andrew Yeagley
of Hunterdon county, New Jersey and Fayette county, Pennsylvania, d. 18323.

Andrew Yeagley is difficult to identify for certain in the early tax lists of Amwell township, Hunterdon county, New Jersey, because of possible confusion with his father. Tax lists exist for Amwell township in 1780, 1784, 1786, 1789, 1802, and a list with no date. On these, we find Andrew Yeagel in 1780, Adam Yeagly and Andreas Yeagly in 1784, Andreas Yeagley in 1786, Andreas Yeagly in 1789, and Andrew Yeagley in the undated list, with no Yeagleys in 1802 [Hunterdon co., NJ tax lists, FHL film #865,475; spellings like Jakel, Jakle, etc. were also checked without finding any]. The published alphabetized version of the Hunterdon county tax lists would lead one to believe that there were two Andrew Yeagleys in Amwell township in 1786, but that is not the case [Hunterdon County, New Jersey Taxpayers, 1778-1797 (T.L.C. Genealogy, 1990), 201]. Thus, it is hard to tell whether all of these appearances were by the younger Andrew Yeagley, or whether the younger Andrew started appearing in the lists just after the older Andrew died. In any case, since the younger Andrew (the one who heads this page) was married in 1787, it was probably he who appeared in the 1789 list. Andrew Yackley appears in the militia of Amwell tp., Hunterdon co., NJ in 1793, as do Elias Yackley, Joseph Yackley, Peter Yackley, and Henry Yackley [NJ in 1793, 177]. Then, in 1795, Joseph Yeaglish, Petter Yeaglish, Elias Yeaglish, and Andrew Yeaglish appear on the tax list of Franklin township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, with Henry appearing in 1796 and 1797 and Adam appearing starting in 1797 [Franklin tp., Fayette co., PA tax lists, FHL film #1,499,306]. This clearly documents the movement of the Yeagley family from Hunterdon county, New Jersey to Fayette county, Pennsylvania. Andrew Yeagley appears on the tax lists of Franklin township in each year from 1795 to 1800 [ibid.], and then on the tax lists of Dunbar township in the same county each year from 1801 to 1832, except for 1804 when there is no list [Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA tax lists, FHL film #1,449,305]. Andrew Yeagley appears in the census of Dunbar township for 1800 [Andrew Yeagley, 2M<10, 1M26-45, 2F<10, 1F10-16, 1F26-45, 1F>45, 1800 cen., Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA, 206v], 1810 [Andrew Yeagley, 3M<10, 1M10-16, 1M>45, 3F<10, 2F16-26, 1F26-45, 1F>45, 1810 cen., Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA, 110], 1820 [Andrew Jakel, 1M10-16, 2M18-26, 1M>45, 2F<10, 2F10-16, 1F16-26, 1F>45, 1820 cen., Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA, 720], and 1830 [Andrew Yeagley, 1M60-70, 1F15-20, 1F60-70, 1830 cen., Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA, 202]. The will of Andrew Jakle of Dunbar township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, dated 9 January 1832, and proved 7 November 1833, mentioned his wife Sarah Jakle, son Henry Yeagley, son John Yeagley, children Margaret Drake, Sarah Oldshue, John Yagley, Henry Yagley, Elizabeth Grimes, Mary Gelmer, Andrew Yagley, and Martha McDonald, and granddaughter Sarah Ann McDonald, with son Henry Yagley as executor. A codicil, date 6 October 1832, stated that his son John Yagley was now deceased, and mentioned John's children Sarah, Richard, and John. Also mentioned in the codicil were the children of his daughter Margaret Drake and her husband Drake (both then alive), namely Sarah Drake, John, William, James, and Henry Drake [Fayette co., PA Will Book 1: 362, FHL film #861,065 (inaccurate transcript: no. 1 vol. 3: 1206, FHL film #861,066)]. Andrew was using the old spelling of the surname while his sons used an anglicized spelling.

Date of birth: ca. 17605.
Place of birth: Unknown.
Andrew Yeagley was above 45 in the 1810 census and 60-70 in the 1830 census [see above].

Date of death: 6 October 1832 7 November 1833.
Place of death: presumably Fayette co., PA.

Father: Andrew Yeagley, living 20 February 1769.
Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: m. Amwell, Hunterdon co., NJ, 5 April 1787, Mrs. Sarah (Miller) Davis, b. 176070, living 9 January 1832.
["1787 April 5 Yoagley, Andrew, to Sarah Davis, Amwell." Frazer's Mar., 228]

The list of children is proven by the will of Andrew Jakle/Yeagley (above). Only Sarah, Henry, Elizabeth, and Andrew have known approximate birthdates. Birthdates for the others are estimated on the (perhaps not correct) assumption that the children are listed in Andrew Jakle's will in order of birth.

Margaret Yeagley, b. say 1789, living 9 January 1832;
m. _____ Drake.

Sarah Yeagley, b. NJ, ca. 1791, living 1850;
m. [George?] Oldshoe.
In 1850, Sarah Oldshoe was living in Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA as an apparent widow [Sarah Oldshoe 59 b. NJ, John 32 farmer b. PA, Henry 21 farmer b. PA, Daniel 15 b. PA, Eliza Thompson 12 b. PA, 1850 cen., Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA, 250r]. Her husband may have been the George Oldshoe who appears in Fayette county from 1820 to 1840, enumerated adjacent to Andrew Yeagley in 1830 [George Oldshue, 2M<10, 1M18-26, 1M26-45, 1F<10, 2F26-45, 1820 cen., Menallen tp., Fayette co., PA, 142v; George Oldshoe, 1M<5, 2M5-10, 1M10-15, 1M40-50, 1F<5, 1F5-10, 1F10-15, 1F30-40, 1830 cen., Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA, 202; George Oldshoe, 1M<5, 1M5-10, 2M15-20, 1M20-30, 1M50-60, 1F10-15, 1F15-20, 1F20-30, 1F40-50, 1840 cen., Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA, 427].

John Yeagley, b. say 1794, d. 9 January 6 October 1832;
m. ca. 1828, _____.
John Yeagley begins to appear in the tax lists of Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA in 1819, and appears in each year through 1832 (called a single man, 1823-7) [Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA tax lists, FHL film #1,449,305]. He was living when his father wrote his will on 9 January 1832, but had died when the codicil to that will was written on 6 October 1832, mentioning John's three children.

Henry Yeagley, b. NJ, 1 November 1797, d. Connellsville, PA, 18 June 1884;
m. Dunbar, Fayette co., PA, 10 June 1824, Phoebe Lincoln, b. 30 September 1806, d. Connellsville, 18 August 1884.
[Hist. Lincoln Fam., 218, citing the records of Mrs. Edmund Dunn, a daughter of Henry and Phoebe Yeagley] Henry Yeagley begins to appear in the tax lists of Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA in 1819, appears through 1829, and then again from 1833 to 1842 [Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA tax lists, FHL film #1,449,305]. He then appears crossed out in the 1843 list, after which he does not appear in that township at least through 1850 [ibid., film #1,449,306; I did not check the other townships of Fayette co.]. The will of Henry Yeagley of Connellsville, Fayette co., PA, dated 4 May 1881, and proved 28 June 1884, mentioned his wife Phebe Yeagley, his sons George Yeagley, Henry Yeagley, Andrew Yeagley, and Benjamin Yeagley, and his daughters Sarah Stouffer and Rhoda Dunn, with George Yeagley and Benjamin Yeagley as executors. A codicil dated 12 April 1884 mentioned his children Sarah Y. Stouffer, Rhoda L. Dunn, and Benjamin L. Yeagley [Fayette co., PA Will Book 6: 76, FHL film #1,318,056].

Elizabeth Yeagley, b. 8 September 1799?, d. 19 January 1865?;
m. 20 May 1819,
James Grimes, b. MD, 9 October 1799?, d. 12 October 1856, bur. West Liberty cem., Logan co., OH.

Mary Yeagley, b. say 1801, living 9 January 1832;
m. _____ Gelmer.

Andrew Yeagley, b. PA, ca. 1804, living 1860;
m. Catherine Dougherty, b. PA, ca. 1807, living 1860.
Andrew Yeagley Jr. appears in the tax lists of Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA from 1827 to 1835 and again in 1838, with his occupation given as butcher starting in 1832 [Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA tax lists, FHL film #1,449,305]. Andrew and Catherine Yeagley moved from Fayette co., PA to Richland co., OH, then to Crawford co., OH, finally in the 1850's to Williams co., OH, where both died [Biog. Rec. NW OH, 375, which also gives Catherine's maiden name]. They appear in the 1830 census of Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA [Andrew Yeagley, 1M20-30, 2F<5, 1F20-30, 1830 cen., Dunbar tp., Fayette co., PA, 202]. In 1840, they appear in Sandusky tp., Crawford co., OH [Andrew Yeagley, 2M<5, 2M5-10, 1M30-40, 1F30-40, 1840 cen., Sandusky tp., Crawford co., OH, 20], and in 1850 they appear in Vernon tp. in the same county [Andrew Yeagley 45 merchant b. PA, Catherine 43 b. PA, 5 ch., 1850 cen., Vernon tp., Crawford co., OH, 338v]. In 1860, they were living in Williams co., OH [Andrew Yagley 55 (occupation illegible) b. PA, Catherine 53 b. PA, 2 ch., 1860 cen., Center tp., Williams co., OH, 78r].

Martha Yeagley, b. say 1806, living 9 January 1832;
m. _____ McDonald.

Reference abbreviations

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Frazer's Mar. = Marriages from Henry Race, "Rev. William Frazer's Three Parishes, - St. Thomas's, St. Andrew's, and Musconetcong, N.J., - 1768-70", Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 12 (1888): 212-232 (includes marriages and baptisms).

Hist. Lincoln Fam. = Waldo Lincoln, History of the Lincoln Family (Worcester, MA, 1923).

NJ in 1793 = James S. Norton, New Jersey in 1793 (Salt Lake City, 1973). (An abstract and index to the 1793 Militia Census of the State of New Jersey)

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