William Williams
of Grayson co. (now Carroll co.), VA, d. 18348.

A biographical sketch of his grandson William J. Williams begins: "Lieut. William J. Williams, farmer, was born in Grayson County, Va., (now Carroll County), on his father's farm, in 1834, and is the son of Absolom Williams, and the grandson of William Williams, who was a captain in the War of the Revolution, and served five years. He was under the command of Gen. Green, and was in the battle of Guilford Court House. He was a native of Pittsylvania County, Penn., and immigrated to Carroll County, Va. He married Miss Nancy Safewright, of England, and to them were born seven children: William, Jesse, Henry, Jonathan, John and two daughters whose names are forgotten. Mr. Williams lived on his farm in Virginia until his death, which occurred when he was eighty years of age." [Hist. Lawrence co., MO, 274]

Date of birth: 175060.
Place of birth: perhaps Pittsylvania county, Virginia. (or Wales?)
There was no Pittsylvania co., PA, so it has been suggested that VA was intended instead. He was called "Welch" William Williams to distiguish him form other men of the name [Carroll Settlements, 174-6]. This suggests that either he himself was from Wales or that his family had recently emigrated from Wales. William Williams appears in the 1830 census of Grayson co., VA as aged 70-80, living with a woman aged 70-80, presumably his wife Nancy, one man aged 20-30, one woman aged 20-30, one girl aged 5-10, and one girl aged under 5 [1830 cen., Grayson co., VA, 285]. His birthdate given above is based on this census. The age of eighty at death given above by the Lawrence co., MO history appears to be approximately correct.

Date of death: 8 August 1834 August 1838.
Place of death: Grayson county (now Carroll county), Virginia.
His will, transcribed below, was dated 8 August 1834, and proved August term, 1838.

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.
A John Williams has been suggested for his father, but the evidence supplied is not strong [Williams (1991), 25]. There are also uncertain traditions that the father was named Thomas Williams.

Spouse: Nancy Safewright, b. 175060, living 8 August 1834.
Her maiden name appears only in the above quoted passage from the biographical sketch of her grandson.

A biographical sketch of his grandson Newton Williams (son of Henry) states: "Newton's grandfather came from Wales. He had six sons - William, Henry, John, Jesse, Jonathan and Absalom." [Hist. Logan co., OH, 680] This agrees exactly with the list of sons of William Williams and Nancy Safewright which appears in the above-quoted passage from the biographical sketch of William J. Williams. Given that we have agreement about the list of sons in two apparently independent nineteenth century sources, we can accept that list as probably accurate.

William Williams, b. VA, ca. 1783 (ae. 67 in 1850), d. Logan co., OH, 15 September 10 November 1856;
m. Hannah _____, b. NC, ca. 1788 (ae. 62 in 1850), living 1850, Logan co., OH.
[1850 cen., Logan co., OH] The will of William Williams, dated 15 September and proved 17 November 1856, is transcribed below. Like Henry Williams, Williams was an early settler of Logan co., OH. According to Joshua Antrim's History of Champaign and Logan Counties, William Williams, Henry Williams, and Obadiah Williams came to Monroe tp., Logan co., OH in 1814 from VA [Hist. Champ. & Logan cos., OH, 143]. The 1880 History of Logan County and Ohio states that Henry Williams came to Ohio with an older brother [Hist. Logan co., OH, 680]. I know of no direct evidence which would identify this William Williams with the William who was a son of William Williams and Nancy Safewright, but the identification seems reasonable.

Henry Williams, b. VA, 31 December 1871, d. 7 9mo. [September] 1871, bur. Logan co., OH;
m. (1) Champaign co., OH, 8 September 1812,
Nancy Paxson, b. ca. 1788, d. 13 11mo. [November] 1836, bur. Logan co., OH;
m. (2) Logan co., OH, 1 May 1845, Rachel Jacobs, b. NC, ca. 1798, d. 1877.

Absalom Williams, b. ca. 1790 (ae. 60 in 1850),
m. Sarah Bobbitt, b. ca. 1800 (ae. 50 in 1850), living 1850.
[1850 cen., Lawrence co., MO, 916; Hist. Lawrence co., MO, 274]

Jesse Williams, b. 17901800 (ae. 30-40 in 1830), living 1831, Grayson co., VA;
m. Elizabeth _____, b. 17901800 (ae. 30-40 in 1830), living 1831.
Jesse Williams appears in the 1830 census of Grayson co., VA, aged 30-40, with a woman aged 30-40 and five girls under 20 [1830 cen., Grayson co., VA, 285]. He was enumerated adjacent to William Williams, although that is less significant than it might first appear, because the census was grouped by first letter of surname. In 1831, Jesse Williams and Elizabeth his wife of Grayson co., VA, sold 100 acres to John Frazier of the same place [Grayson co., VA Deed Book 6: 278, FHL film #31,748].

John Williams.
A John Williams is given as a son by both the Lawrence co., MO history and the Logan co., OH history, as noted above. He has not been firmly identified in other records.

Jonathan Williams, b. ca. 1799 (ae. 51 in 1850), d. January or February 1865;
m. 1821, Elizabeth Bobbitt, apparently d. bef. 1850.
[1850 cen., Carroll co., VA; marriage: Carroll Settlements, 176] The will of Jonathan Williams, dated 6 January 1865, and proved February term 1865, is transcribed below.

_____ Williams (daughter).

_____ Williams (daughter).
[For suggestions as to the identity of these daughters, see Williams (1991), 26]

Will of William Williams of Grayson co., VA, dated 8 August 1834, proved August term 1838.

Know all men by these presents that I William Williams of the County of Grayson and state of Virginia do make and ordain this my last will and testament touching such worldly estate as I have been favored with and first I order and ordain that all my Just Debts and funeral Charges be paid by my Executors hereafter mentioned 2, I give and bequeth unto my son Jonathan Williams my plantation I now live on supposed to be one hundred and forty five acres being more or less 3d, My beloved wife Nancy Williams is to have her mentainance on my plantation during widowhood or Life time 4, I give and bequeath all of they my household and kitchen furniture and all of my stock of kinds to my beloved wife Nancy Williams during her Life to dispose of as she think proper and after her death to be sold and the money Equally divided amongs the rest of my Children. Codicil. I do hereby Nominate Constitute and appoint my trusty son Jonathan Williams to be my Executor to my last Will and testament In Witness hereof I have have hereunto set my hand and seal this the 8th day of August one thousand eight hundred and thirty four. Witnesses Isaac Edwards Jr., John Edwards Senr., Isaac Edwards Senr., Esau Worrell. Proved August term 1838. Inventory 28 September 1838. Report of settlement, September term 1840. [Grayson co., VA Will Book 1: 534 (will), 538-9 (inventory); 2: 95 (report), FHL film #31,741]

Will of William Williams of Monroe tp., Logan co., OH, dated 15 September 1856, proved 17 November 1856.

In the name of the greate benevolent father of all I William Williams of Monroe Township Logan county State of Ohio do make and publish this my last will and testament.
Item 1st. I give and devise to my beloved wife in lieu of her dower the farm on which in [sic] now reside situate in Monroe Township Logan County containing about one hundred and forty six acres be the same more or less situate between the little Miami and Scioto rivers in the county of Logan and state of Ohio being two Millitary surveys on No. 22.20 origionally for one hundred acres in the name of Henry Delay, and one No. 64.87 for forty six acres in the name of James Galloway Jur. patented to the said Galloway during her natural life, and all the stock house hold goods furnature provisions and other goods and chattels, which may be there at the time (of) my decease, during her natural life as aforesaid, she however selling so much thereof as may be sufficient to pay my just debts. At the death of my said Wife, the real estate aforesaid, and such part of (my) personal property, or the procedes thereof as may then remain unconsumed or unexpended.
Item 2nd. I give and devise to my sons George Williams, John Williams and Lanson Williams, and my daughter [sic] Rebeca Long Elisabeth Short Margaret Dunson Hannah Lisle(?), Mary Williams and Ann Burnside
Item 3rd. The aforesaid real estate and personal property to be sold at the death of my aforesaid wife, and one hundred and fifty dollars to be paid to my grand daughter Mary Clem. The residue remaining to be equally divided between my aforesaid sons and daughters.
Item 4th. I do hereby nominate and appoint George Williams senr. executor of this my last will and testament. I hereby revoke all former wills by me made. In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this the 15th day of September A.D. 1856. Witnesses David Norton, N. T. Line. Proved 17 November 1856 [Logan co., OH Will Book 1: 297-9, FHL film #534,847]

Will of Jonathan Williams of Carroll co., VA, dated 6 January 1865, proved February term 1865.

In the name of God, Amen, I Jonathan Williams of the County of Carroll and State of Virginia, being of sound mind and memory and believing that perhaps the time of my dissolution is not far distant and desiring to make a written disposition of the property which I possess in this world in that way which seemeth right unto me, do therefore make and constitute this instrument of writing my last will and testament in manner and form following, viz. In the first place my will and desire is that my just debts and funeral charges be paid out of my estate by my executor hereinafter mentioned.
Secondly I give and bequeath unto my son William Williams my tract of land on which I now reside, containing by survey one hundred and forty two acres. I also give him two milch cows, four head of stock sheep, one brood sow, my Rifle gun, and one bedstead, bed and furniture and I give him my wheat Fan, to be kept upon the old place for his own use and use of all the other children whenever they or any of them may need it, and enjoin it upon my son William Williams to let all the other children have the use of the said wheat fan whenever any or either of them may need the use of it.
Thirdly, I give to my daughter Sophina Crigar wife of Michael Criger the tract of land on which she now resides containing one hundred and twenty acres with the understanding and upon the condition that the said Sophina Crigar or Michael her husband shall pay back to my estate one hundred dollars in Confederate money or any current money of Virginia I also give her one colt or if at my decease I should have no colt on hand she must in that event have twenty five dollars in money or other property at its appraised value.
Fourthly, I give to my daughter Rosamond Williams my roan Mare which I purchased of Washington Gardner, she is also to have any thing about the house which she claims or has made for herself since the death of her mother and she is also to have a home on the old place with my son William so long as she remains a single woman.
Fifthly, My will and desire is that all the residue of my estate be except the honey bees divided between my two daughters Rosamond Williams and Nancy Mathews so as to give Nancy one hundred dollars the most. My executor may divide the property between them at its appraised value or if they prefer it he may sell the property and divide the proceeds between them. The honey bees I want equally divided between all.
And lastly I hereby appoint and constitute my friend Ira B. Coltrane Executor of my last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills heretofore made by me. This sixth day of January 1865. Witnesses Amos Worrell, Esau Worrell, L. F. Woltz. Proved February term 1865. [Carroll co., VA Will Book 2: 276, FHL film #31,076]

Reference abbreviations

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