Elizabeth Wilson
wife of Robert Audas and Francis Jordan.

Date of birth: ca. 1617.
Aged 21 at marriage [Paver's ML].
Place of birth or baptism: Unknown.

Date of death or burial: Unknown.
Place of death or burial: Unknown.

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.


(1) m. 1638 (lic.), Robert Audas, bp. Hackness, 13 November 1608, d. betw. 6 September 1658 and 10 June 1659.
["Robert Awdons ? yeoman, Hutton Bushell, and Elizabeth Wilson, spinster, 21, Scarborough - at Hutton Bushel." Paver's ML (1630-1714), 40: 134; "Awdons" should alomst certainly be read as "Awdous"]

(2) m. bef. 14 November 1661, Francis Jordan, b. ca. 1620, bur. Hutton Bushel, 22 August 1670, ae. 50.
This second marriage is proven by the probate act of Robert Audas on 14 November 1661, in which the will was proved by Elizabeth Jordan alias Awdus, relict of the deceased, now wife of Francis Jordan [Dickering Act Book, FHL film #100,000]. Further proof is given by the will of the younger Robert Audas [transcribed on the page of the elder Robert Audas], naming the younger Francis Jordan as a brother, and by the burial record of William Audas ("Oadis"), where he is called a "son" of Francis Jordan [Reighton BT].

Children by Robert Audas:
See the page of Robert Audas for details.

Robert Audas, bur. Hutton Bushel, 10 January 1675[/6].

Elizabeth Audas, bur. Reighton, 19 January 1666[/7].

Margarett Audas
m. Reighton, 11 December 1666, Bartholomew Johnson of Spreton.

William Audas, bur. Reighton, 20 May 1662.

Matthew Audas, b. 5 November 1656, bp. Hackness, d. 20 January 174[0/]1, bur. Hutton Bushel;
m. 3 February 1686[/7]
Catherine Kay, b. ca. 1765, d. 1 April 1743, bur. Hutton Bushel.

Child by Francis Jordan:
The younger Francis Jordan was mentioned as a brother in the will of Robert Audas (the younger), dated 2 January 1675[/6]. (See the page of Robert Audas for a transcript.)

Francis Jordan, bp. Reighton 23 April 1665, bur. there 21 January 1731[/2];
m. Dorothy _____, bur. Reighton, 17 October 1737.
[Reighton BT] The will of Francis Jordan of Reighton, dated 12 January 1731[/2], and proved 4 May 1732, did not name any of his Audas relatives [PCY 82: 287, FHL film #99,702].

Reference abbreviations

Paver's ML (1630-1714) = John William Clay, ed., "Paver's Marriage Licences", Yorkshire Archaeological Society Record Series 40 (1908); 43 (1909); 46 (1911) [vol. 40: 1630-44; vol. 43: 1660-74; vol. 46: 1674-1714].

Reighton BT = Bishop's transcripts of Reighton, co. York, FHL film #919,203.

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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