Reuben Cooper Weed(e)
of Abbeville co., SC, Preble co., OH, and Rush co., IL, d. 1866.

In 1810, Reuben C. Weed was living in Abbeville county, South Carolina, where he was associated with the Cedar Springs congregation of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian (A. R. P.) church [Reubin C. Weed, 1M<10, 1M 16-26, 1F<10, 2F16-26, 1F>45, 1810 cen., Abbeville co., SC, 125, adjacent to Nathan. Weed; Autobiog. N. C. Weede]. In Autumn 1816, Reuben C. Weed and his family left South Carolina, and moved to the Hopewell congregation in Israel township, Preble county, Ohio, in a journey of 600 miles which took six weeks [Autobiog. N. C. Weede]. They were enumerated in Israel township in the 1820 and 1830 censuses [Reuben Weed 1M10-16, 1M26-45, 5F<10, 1F10-16, 1F26-45, 1820 cen., Israel tp., Preble co., OH, 108, mistranscribed as "Wild" by; illegible, 1830 cen., Israel tp., Preble co., OH, 312]. By 1840, they had moved to Centre township, Rush county, Indiana [1M10-15, 1M50-60, 2F15-20, 1F20-30, 1F50-60, 1840 cen., Centre tp., Rush co., IN, 437]. In 1850, he was back in Preble county, Ohio, mistakenly enumerated as being only 14 years old [John C. Brown 34 farmer b. OH, Reuben C. Weed 14 [sic] farmer b. SC, Sally 66 b. SC, Martha 29 b. OH, 1850 cen., Israel tp., Preble co., OH, 375r]. In 1860, he was living with his daughter Nancy Miller in Peoria county, Illinois [Nancy Miller 50 b. SC, Sarah 21 b. OH, Martha 19 b. OH, Margaret 16 b. OH, Mary 11 b. IL, Reuben Wead 72 b. SC, 1860 cen., Logan, Peoria co., IL, 649v].

Date of birth: 13 November 1786.
Place of birth: probably Abbeville dist., SC.
[Weede Letter 1846; Autobiog. N. C. Weede; Weede Family Records]

Date of death: 11 July 1866.
Place of death: near Monmouth, IL.
[Weede Family Records]

Father: Nathaniel Weed, b. say 1762, d. 16 March 3 August 1818.
Mother: Elizabeth _____, d. 14 October 20 December 1826.

Spouse: m. 17 September 1807, Lilias Baird, b. 12 February 1784, d. 22 July 1851.
[Weede Letter 1846]

The children are listed in the 1846 letter as Nathaniel C., Nancy M., Eliza, Mary Ann, Sarah Jones, Martha, Margaret, Lily Jane, and John B., with exact dates of birth except the day for Eliza which is torn (month and year still readable) [Weede Letter 1846]. Other data is from Weede Family Records, unless specifically cited otherwise. Hopewell church records list the children of Reuben and Leleas (Bard) Weed as Nathanial, Nancy, Betsy, Polly, Sally, Martha, Peggy C., and John Bard, with birthdates for the last three agreeing with the Weede letter, and the marriage of Nancy to Ezra Miller [Hopewell Comm., 2]. The not always accurate transcriptions from Rev. Alexander Porter's shorthand notebooks show the children of Kirby [sic] and Lillian Weid as Nathanul, Nancy, Betsy, Polly, Martha, and Peggie in one undated list, and in a visitation list for 1821 the children of Reub'n and Lilian Weid are listed as Nath'l, Nancy, Bitsy, Polly, Lotty, Matty, Peggy, and Sally Jane [Porter Notebook, 1, 13].

Nathaniel Cooper Weede, b. Cedar Springs, Abbeville co., SC, 23 June 1808, d. St. Charles, IA, 5 October 1887;
Jane Campbell, b. near Sewickley, PA, 18 August 1811, d. Elmira, IL, 21 March 1895.

Nancy M. Weede, b. SC, 13 February 1810, d. Smithville, IL, 1 September 1886;
m. Preble co., OH, 4 January 1827, Ezra Miller, b. PA, 10 November 1797, d. 16 September 1856.
[Preble co., OH marriages A: 151, FHL film #564,963] In 1830 and 1840, they were living in Preble co., OH [illegible, Israel tp., Preble co., OH, 314; Ezra Miller 2M10-15, 1M20-30, 1M40-50, 2F<5, 1F5-10, 1F30-40, 1F40-50, 1840 cen., Israel tp., Preble co., OH, 47]. In 1850 and 1860 they were living in Peoria co., IL [E. Miller 52 farming b. PA, Nancy 37 b. SC, James 20 b. OH, Agnes 15 b. OH, Sarah 12 b. OH, Margaret 10 b. OH, Martha 7 b. IL, Mary 2 b. IL, W. Wister 9 b. Ger., 1850 cen., Peoria co., IL, 327v; Nancy Miller 50 b. SC, Sarah 21 b. OH, Martha 19 b. OH, Margaret 16 b. OH, Mary 11 b. IL, Reuben Wead 72 b. SC, 1860 cen., Logan, Peoria co., IL, 649v]. In 1870 and 1880 Nancy Miller was living in Elmwood tp., Cass co., NE with her daughter Mary [Ashford McGee 26 farmer, Mary 22 kh, both b. IL, Nancy Miller 60 b. SC, 1870 cen., Elmwood pr., Cass co., NE, 161r; Ashford Magee 35 farmer b. IL (PA, PA), Mary 32 wife kh b. IL (PA, SC), Lillie 5 dau., Henrietta 2 dau., both b. NE (IL, IL), Nancy Miller 70 mother-in-law kh, b. SC (SC, SC), 1880 cen., Elmwood tp., Cass co., NE, ED274, p. 9].

Elizabeth Lily Weede, b. SC, 9 December 1811, d. Monmouth, IL, 23 September 1877;
m. Rush co., IN, 20 August 1834, John P. Wiley, b. KY, 28 May 1808, d. 24 January 1893.
[Rush co., IN marriages 4: 85, FHL film #1,630,188] A poem by N. C. Weede in memory of his sister gives 23 September 1877 as the date of her death ["In Memory of Eliza L. Wiley who died Sept 23, 1877, in Monmouth, Ill. My sister. A lament." Poet. Comp. N. C. Weede, 67]. Another page in Weede Family Records gives the date as 21 September 1877. They were living in Preble co., OH in 1850 [John Wiley 42 b. KY, Elizabeth 38 b. SC, Mary A. 13, Lilli? M 8, Samuel 7, Sarah 5, John 4, Joseph 1, ch. all b. OH, 1850 cen. Israel tp., Preble co., OH, 368r]. I have not located them in the 1860 census. In 1870, they were in Henderson co., IL [John P. Wiley 63 farmer b. KY. Elizabeth 58 kh b. SC, Margaret 29, Sarah 25, John R. 23 farmer, William 18 farm lab., James 14 farm lab., ch. all b. OH, 1870 cen., T11N, R4W, Henderson co., IL, 120v].

Mary Ann Weede, b. SC, 16 November 1813, living 1860;
m. (1) Rush co., IN, 29 February 1844, James Bonner, d. 18445;
m. (2) Rush co., IN, 29 May 1845, Hugh Mayne, b. Ireland, ca. 1792, d. 185060.
[Rush co., IN marriages 6: 63 (1st m.), 166 (2nd m.), FHL film # 1,630,189] In 1850, Hugh and Mary Ann Mayne were living in Randolph co., IL [Hugh Mayne 58 clergyman b. Ire., Mary Ann 38 b. SC, Ann 20 b. KY, James 5 b. IN, Reuben 3, b. IN, Hugh 6/12 b. IL, 1850 cen., T5S, R6W, Randolph co., IL, 28v]. By 1860, Mary Ann Mayne was apparently a widow, and living in an adjacent household to her sister Nancy and her father in Peoria co., IL [Mary Mayne 46 b. SC, James 14 b. IN, Reuben 10 b. IL, 1860 cen., Logan tp., Peoria co., IL, 649v].

Sarah Jones Weede, b. SC, 13 December 1816, d. young.

Martha Weede, b. Preble co., OH, 1 October 1817, d. 186070;
m. Preble co., OH 2 June 1853, James Pinkerton, b. SC, ca. 1799, living 1870.
[Preble co., OH marriages 1: 343, FHL film #564,963] This was evidently a second marriage for James Pinkerton. In 1860, they were living in Logan tp., Peoria co., IL [James Pinkerton 61 farmer b. SC, Martha 43 b. OH, Susan 20, James 18, Margaret 16, last 3 b. "IA" (i.e., IN), George 2, David 11/12, both b. IL, 1860 cen., Logan tp., Peoria co., IL, 270]. In 1870, James Pinkerton was living as an apparent widower in the same township [James Pinkerton 71 farmer b. SC, Susan E. 29 b. IN, George R. 12 b. IL, 1870 cen., Logan tp., Peoria co., IL, 181r].

Margaret C. (Peggy) Weede, b. OH, 8 May 1819, living 1880;
m. Rush co., IN, 3 July 1845, William Foster, d. 186070.
[Rush co., IN marriages 6: 172, FHL film #1,630,189] I have not located them in the 1850 census. In 1860, they were living in Peoria co., IL [Wm. Foster 57 farmer b. SC, margaret 41 b. OH, John 10 b. IN, Margaret 7 b. IN, Olive 5 b. IN, Mary 3 b. IL, Lansing 3 b. IL, Thomas 1 b. IL, Carl Rowman 21 Germ., 1860 cen., Logan, Peoria co., IL, 629v]. In 1870 and 1880, William Foster was apparently deceased, and Margaret Foster was living in Rushville tp., Rush co., IN [Margaret Foster 51 kh b. OH, John T. 20 photographer b. IN, Margaret 17 b. IN, Olive G. 15 b. IN, Barnett 13, b. IL, Nathaniel 11 b. IL, Lillus 8 b. IL, James M. Minis 13 farm labor b. IL, 1870 cen., Rushville tp., Rush co., IN, 438v; Barnet Foster 23 son [sic] farmer, Nathaniel T. 21 [son] (apparent ditto mark) farmer, Lillie 18 dau. kh, all 3 b. IL (SC, OH), Margrett C. wife [sic] widowed kh b. OH (PA, PA), Margrett Boyse 4 gr. dau. b. IN (IL, IN), 1880 cen., Rushville tp., Rush co., IN, ED86, p. 6].

Lily Jane Weede, b. 11 March 1821, d. in infancy.

John Baird Weede, b. 22 January 1824, d. unmd.

Reference abbreviations

Autobiog. N. C. Weede = Autobiographical Sketch of Nathaniel Cooper Weede (found among Weede Family Records).

Hopewell Comm. = Hopewell Community (publication data unknown, from copy at Preble co., OH District Library). Hopewell Church records "copied from notebooks that are copied from the original documents".

Poet. Comp. N. C. Weede = Poetical Compositions by Rev. N. C. Weede For his Daughter Fannie A. Martin (manuscript, Elmira, IL, commenced 1883). In the 1980's, the manuscript was in possession of Mrs. Dorothy Weede Bethel, a great-granddaughter of Nathaniel Cooper Weede, and she sent me copies of some of the pages that had genealogical content.

Porter Notebook = Notes from Rev. Alexander Porter's Notebook (typescript ms.). Transcribed from Porter's original shorthand by Homer H. Erwin in 1964.

Weede Family Records = Weede family records photocopied in the late 1980's from the collection of my cousin Mrs. Bernice Hollander, from the collection of her mother Mrs. Faith Herman, a granddaughter of Nathaniel Cooper Weede. It is generally difficult to tell when and by whom these records were written. Some are typescript records which seem to have been copied from earlier sources.

Weede Letter 1846 = Letter dated 25 March and 1 April 1846 (damaged with pieces missing), written to "Brother and Sister" Nathaniel and Jane Weede from _____ Weede, which gives among other information the birthdates of Reuben C. Weede and Lilias Baird and their children, from photocopy of original which in the late 1980's was in the possession of my cousin Mrs. Bernice Hollander of Des Moines, a great-granddaughter of Nathaniel Cooper Weede. The writer of the letter refers to Reuben C. Weede and Lilias Baird as "Father & Mother", so by process of elimination, the writer would seem to have been either John B. Weede, the only brother of Nathaniel Cooper Weede, or Martha Weede the only sister who was then unmarried.

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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