Nathaniel Cooper Weede
of Indiana co., PA, Marshall and Stark cos., IL, and Van Buren and Madison cos., IA, d. 1887.

In March 1825, Nathaniel Cooper Weede went to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio to study theology, receiving his diploma on 30 September 1829. He then arranged to go to the Seminary in Pittsburgh, but arrived to find that the professor of the seminary had died. His replacement, Rev. Mungo Dick of Sewickly, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, about 25 west of Pittsburgh, agreed to teach on the condition that he taught at home, so Nathaniel Cooper Weede moved to Westmoreland county, where he lodged with John Marshall of that county. There he married Marshall's step-daughter, Jane Campbell, on 27 December 1830 [previous data from Autobiog. N. C. Weede]. In November 1833, he was ordained a minister, and was installed as pastor of Bethel, Brush Valley, and Blairsville, Indiana county, Pennsylvania [Obit N. C. Weede]. He resigned as pastor of Blairsville in 1841, and Bethel and Brush Valley in the Fall of 1848 [Obit N. C. Weede]. In April 1849, he settled with his family in Fairfield, later La Prairie, Marshall county, Illinois. In 1850, he began to spend half of his time preaching at La Prairie and half of his time at Elmira, Stark county, Illinois, and in 1852 he moved to Elmira [Autobiog. N. C. Weede]. He resigned at Elmira in 1859 and at La Prairie in 1864. After that he lived in comparative retirement at Elmira, at Birmingham, Van Buren county, Iowa, and at St. Charles, Madison county, Iowa [Obit N. C. Weede].

Date of birth: 23 June 1808.
Place of birth: Cedar Springs, Abbeville co., SC.
[Autobiog. N. C. Weede; Weede Family Records]

Date of death: 5 October 1887.
Place of death: St. Charles, IA.
[Weede Family Records]

Father: Reuben Cooper Weed(e), b. 13 November 1786, d. 11 July 1866.
Mother: Lilias Baird, b. 12 February 1784, d. 22 July 1851.

Spouse: Westmoreland co., PA, 27 December 1830, Jane Campbell, b. near Sewickley, PA, 18 August 1811, d. Elmira, IL, 21 March 1895.

[Weede Family Records]

Eliza Lily Jane Weede, b. Israel tp., Preble co., OH, 18 October 1831, d. Mt. Pleasant, IA, 3 February 1879.
[d.: Poet. Comp. N. C. Weede, 15]

Robert Campbell Weede, b. Wheatfield tp., Indiana co., PA, 12 June 1833, d. 1837.

John Marshall Weede, b. Wheatfield tp., Indiana co., PA, 25 January 1835, d. St. Charles, IA, 11 February 1897;
m. Woodford co., IL, 16 June 1859, Magdalene Irwin, b. 1 November 1839, d. 11 March 1915.

Nathaniel Reuben Weede, b. Wheatfield tp., Indiana co., PA, 4 December 1836, d. 3 April 1924;
m. Marshall co., IL, 9 May 1866, Diantha Caldwell, b. 20 December 1839, d. 8 February 1901.

James Campbell Weede, b. Wheatfield tp., Indiana co., PA, 3 February 1839, d. Sterling, KS, 10 August 1924;
m. (1) Warren co., IL, 17 December 18689, Isabella Turnbull, d. 26 March 18701;
m. (2) Jefferson co., IA, 23 May 1878, Mary Elizabeth Ross, b. Defiance co., OH, 11 March 1857, d. Sterling, KS, 6 January 1943.

Margaret Nancy Weede, b. Wheatfield tp., Indiana co., PA, 2 November 1840;
m. Elmira, Stark co., IL, Alexander Murchison.

Carolina Mary Weede, b. Wheatfield tp., Indiana co., PA, 9 September 1842, d. 14 May 1916;
m. Marshall co., IL, 7 February 1865, Samuel Martin, b. Scotland, 31 May 1842, d. IN, 16 March 1922.

Frances Ann Weede, b. Wheatfield tp., Indiana co., PA, 22 July 1844, d. 20 July 1920;
m. Jefferson co., IA, 12 December 1872, James M. Martin, b. 1850, d. 2 December 1876.

Andrew Brown Weede, b. Wheatfield tp., Indiana co., PA, 6 May 1846, d. 29 April 1926;
m. Keokuk co., IA, 28 February 1872, Sarah Kirkpatrick.
A biographical sketch of Andrew B. Weede gives his birthplace as Allegheny co., PA [Hist. Marshall co., KS, 627].

Elizabeth Boone Weede, b. Wheatfield tp., Indiana co., PA, 30 June 1848;
m. Jefferson co., IA, 29 January 1878, Robert Maxwell McCullough.

Alice Celinda Baird Weede, b. La Prairie tp., Marshall co., IL, 23 January 1851, d. Des Moines, IA, 15 July 1922;
m. Jefferson co., IA, 14 March 1877, Matthew Robinson Baird, b. Guernsey co., OH, 7 February 1853, d. Des Moines, IA, 25 April 1927.

Reference abbreviations

Autobiog. N. C. Weede = Autobiographical Sketch of Nathaniel Cooper Weede (found among Weede Family Records).

Hist. Marshall co., KS = Portrait and Biographical Album of Marshall County, Kansas (Chacago, 1889).

Obit. N. C. Weede = Delayed obituary of N. C. Weede in the Midland (a local newspaper?) which appeared just after his wife's death.

Poet. Comp. N. C. Weede = Poetical Compositions by Rev. N. C. Weede For his Daughter Fannie A. Martin (manuscript, Elmira, IL, commenced 1883). In the 1980's, the manuscript was in possession of Mrs. Dorothy Weede Bethel, a great-granddaughter of Nathaniel Cooper Weede, and she sent me copies of some of the pages that had genealogical content.

Weede Family Records = Weede family records photocopied in the late 1980's from the collection of my cousin Mrs. Bernice Hollander, from the collection of her mother Mrs. Faith Herman, a granddaughter of Nathaniel Cooper Weede. It is generally difficult to tell when and by whom these records were written. Some are typescript records which seem to have been copied from earlier sources.

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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