Nathaniel Weed
of Abbeville county, South Carolina.

In the early records of Abbeville district, South Carolina, Nathaniel Weed is sometimes called Nathaniel Weed Jr. to distinguish him from his uncle Nathaniel Weed Sr. [see the page of Samuel Weed]. There was a Nathaniel Weed who fought in the American Revolution in South Carolina, but this was probably the uncle. On 2 October 1786, Nathaniel Weede Jr. received a grant of 150 acres on the branches of Long Cane Creek in Ninety-Six district, South Carolina [SC Land Grants, Class 1, 13: 275, FHL film #22,538; Class2, 14: 647, FHL film #22,549]. He was living in Abbeville county, South Carolina in the 1790 [Nathanl. Weed 1M>16, 2M<16, 2F, 1790 cen., Abbeville co., SC, 453; another Nathanl. Weed 1M>16, 2M<16, 3F, ibid., 477; one is his uncle Nathaniel Sr.], 1800 [Nathaniel Weed 2M<10, 1M10-16, 1M26-45, 1F<10, 1F10-16, 1F26-45, 1800 cen., Abbeville co., SC, 13], and 1810 [Nathan. Weed 1M<10, 1M10-16, 1M>45, 2F10-16, 1F16-26, 1F>45, 1810 cen., Abbeville co., SC, 125, adjacent to Reubin C. Weed] censuses. The will of Nathaniel Weed, dated 16 March 1818, and proved 3 August 1818, mentioned his wife Elizabeth Weed, made his two youngest children James Cooper Weed and Martha Crawford Weed his principal heirs after his wife's death or remarriage, and gave Bibles to his son-in-law John Pressly, his son Reuben C. Weed, his daughter Sarah Jones Weed, his son Andrew Weed, and his son Nathaniel Weed, with his wife Elizabeth, his daughter Sarah Jones Weed, and Joseph McCreary as executors [Abbeville co., SC Probate Records, Box 110, Pack 3249, FHL film #181,732; Abbeville co., SC Will Book 2: 53, FHL film #22,825; abstracted with minor inaccuracies in Abstr. Old 96, 445]. Elizabeth Weed appears as a head of household in the 1820 census of Abbeville district [Elizabeth Weed 1M18-26, 1F16-26, 1F>45, 1820 cen., Abbeville dist., SC, 29]. The will of Elizabeth Weed, dated 14 October 1826, and proved 20 December 1826, mentioned her grandson James Weed son of Nat. Weed (given notes held on George Penny, James C. Weed & Nat. Weed), sons-in-law John Pressly and Alexr. Davison, and son Nat. Weed, with John Pressly Esqr. and son Nat. Weed as executors [Abbeville co., SC Probate records, Box 97, Pack 2378, FHL film #181,725].

Date of birth: say 1762.
Place of birth: probably New York.
He is usually listed with a birthdate in 1767 or 1768, but there appears to be no good authority behind those dates. The fact that he had a son born in 1786 would suggest a slightly earlier date. So would the fact that his age in the 1810 census is listed as over 45. The estimate given here is subject to significant uncertainty.

Date of death: 16 March × 3 August 1818.
Place of death: presumably Abbeville co., SC.

Father: Reuben Weed, b. 16 October 1740, rec. at Derby, d. Abbeville co., SC, 11 November 1791 × 28 March 1792.
Mother: Martha _____, d. Abbeville co., SC, 22 September × 2 October 1809.

Spouse: Elizabeth _____, d. 14 October × 20 December 1826.

These children are all named in the will of Nathaniel Weed (above).

Reuben Cooper Weed(e), b. 13 November 1786, d. 11 July 1866;
Lilias Baird, b. 12 February 1784, d. 22 July 1851.

Sarah Jones Weed, living 16 March 1818;
m. Alexander Davidson, of Newberry dist., SC.
As noted above, Alexander Davison is named as a son-in-law in the will of Elizabeth Weed. A biographical sketch of author James Wood Davidson (b. 1829) states that he was born in Newberry dist., SC, the son of Alexander and Sarah Jones (Weed) Davidson [Lamb's Biog. Dict., 2: 354]. The will of John Davidson of Newberry dist., SC, dated 23 May 1845, and proved 30 December 1847, mentioned his brother Alexander Davidson's children William A. Davidson, John J. Davidson, Nathaniel W. Davidson, Reuben S. Davidson, Elizabeth J. Davidson, Jennet Davidson, and James W. Davidson [Newberry co., SC Will Book 1: 329, FHL film #24,266].

Andrew Weed, b. say 1790, d. 5 May 1825, rec. at Hopewell Church, Preble co., OH;
m. Nancy Pressley.
[mar.: National Cyclopędia of American Biography 22: 132; d.: Hopewell Comm., 2] Andrew Weed moved from Abbeville co., SC to Preble co., OH, probably around the middle of the decade 1810-20, and in 1820, he was living in Israel tp., Preble county [And Weed]. 2M<10, 1M10-16, 1M26-45, 2F<10, 1F26-45, 1820 cen., Israel tp., Preble co., OH, 108].

Elizabeth Weed, b. SC, ca. 1793, living 1870, Boone co., IN;
m. Preble co., OH, 4 April 1816, John Pressley, d. bef. 1850.
[Preble co., OH marriages A: 58, FHL film #564,963] In 1850, Elizabeth Pressley was living in Centre tp., Rush co., IN [Joseph Pressly 23 farmer, Elizabeth 54, Elizabeth 24, John 15 farmer, all b. SC, 1850 cen., Centre tp., Rush co., IN, 486v]. She has not been located in the 1860 census, and in 1870 she was living with her son in Clinton tp., Boone co., IN [John B. Pressley 36 farmer b. SC, Rebeca 28 b. IN, Elva O. 9 b. IN, Elizabeth 77 no occ. b. SC, 1870 cen., Clinton tp., Boone co., IN, 51r]. However, more evidence would be desirable to verify that this was the same Elizabeth Pressley.

Nathaniel Weed, b. SC, 8 September 1798, bp. Cedar Springs, SC, 14 October 1798, d. 14 July 1862, bur. Mt. Carmel cem., Marshall co., MS;
m. (1) Mary (Polly) Wiseman, b. SC, 22 April 1800, d. 18 May 1860, bur. Mt. Carmel cem., Marshall co., MS;
m. (2) Marshall co., MS (lic. 16 May 1861), Mary Ann Eason.
[dates of b. & d.: gravestones at Mt. Carmel A. R. P. cem., Cemeteries of Marshall County Mississippi (Old Timer Press, Ripley, MS, 1983), 97; bp.: Rec. Cedar Springs ARP Ch., 86; 1st mar.: Cent. Hist. ARP Church, 379; 2nd. mar.: Marshall co., MS marriages F: 29, FHL film #894,366] In 1850 he was living with his family in Oktibbeha co., MS [Nathaniel Weed 52 farmer b. SC, Mary 50 b. SC, Margaret 24 b. SC, John 22 farmer b. SC, Jane 20 b. SC, Mary 15 b. MS, Sarah 10 b. MS, Martha 6 b. MS, 1850 cen., Oktibbeha co., MS, 260v]. In 1860, he was living in Marshall co., MS [N. Weed 61 farmer b. SC, Jane Holmes 31 b. AL, Mary 9, Willis M. 5, F. E. 1, ch. all b. MS, 1860 cen., T2R4, Marshall co., MS, 111r]. The will of Nathaniel Weed of Marshall co., MS, dated 12 August 1862, and filed 15 September 1862, mentioned his daughter Jane T. Holmes, his wife Mary Ann Weed, and his other three children Mary Louisa Stovall, J. P. Weed, and Elizabeth T. Ragan, Jane's husband Robert Holms, and the unnamed heirs of his deceased daughter Margaret Angling, with son-in-law James [uncertain middle initial] Stoval as executor [Marshall co., MS Probate Court Record 15: 554, FHL film #894,476].

James Cooper Weed, bp. Cedar Springs, SC, 15 November 1801, living 1860, Carroll co., MS;
m. Savanah Rebecca Eskridge, b. SC, ca. 1811, living 1860.
[bp.: Rec. Cedar Springs ARP Ch., 86] His marriage is proven by the will of Richard Eskridge [of Carroll co., MS], dated 7 October 1853, which mentioned, among others, his daughter Rebecca Weed, wife of Cooper Weed [Carroll co., Will Abs., 40-1]. In the 1850 and 1860 censuses, he was living in Carroll co., MS [James C. Weed 48 farmer b. SC, Rebecca 39 b. SC, Nathaniel 18 farmer b. AL, Thomas 16 farmer b. AL, Talifero 15 farmer b. AL, Samuel 13 farmer b. AL, Mary 11, William 9, Martha 7, John 5, Dabney 3, Ira 1, younger ch. all b. MS, 1850 cen., North div., Carroll co., MS, 255r; James C. Weed 58 farmer b. SC, Savanah R. 49 b. SC, William H. 19, John D. 15, Dabney L. 13, Ira G. 10, Francis M. 6, ch. all b. MS, 1860 cen., Police dist. 1, Carroll co., MS 843r].

Martha Crawford Weed, bp. Cedar Springs, SC, 15 November 1801, living 16 March 1818.
[bp.: Rec. Cedar Springs ARP Ch., 86; James and Martha, baptized on the same day, were perhaps twins] The 1820 census (above) would seem to suggest that she was living with her mother at that time.

Reference abbreviations

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