Francis Wakeman
of Bewdley, in the parish of Ribbesford, co. Worcester, England, d. 1626.

The will of Francis Wakeman of Bewely in the parish of Ribbifford, diocese of Hereford, cowper, dated 19 August 1626, and proved 7 November 1627, mentioned his son Samuell, his son Joseph (under 21), his daughter Priscilla, his daughter Ann(e) Wakeman (under 16), his son-in-law William Davies of Gloucester, cowper, his daughter Martha Davies wife of William Davies, Sarah daughter of William Davies, his daughter Hester (under 16), his son John Wakeman, his daughter Sarah wife of Richard Hubball, her son Richard Hubball, his daughter Martha's daughter Sarah, May and John children of Johne Wowen which he had by my daughter Mary, John Phinlly of the Wyerhill, and his brother John Wakeman, with his son John Wakeman as executor and Mr. Hammond rector of Ribbesford and his son-in-law John Wowen as supervisors [PCC 123 Hele, FHL film #92,107].

Date of birth: Unknown.
Place of birth: Unknown.

Date of burial: 2 September 1626.
Place of burial: Ribbesford, co. Worcester.
[Ribbesford PRT, 108]

Possible father (very uncertain): John Wakeman, bur. Ribbesford, 10 August 1619.
Possible mother (very uncertain): Joan _____, bur. Ribbesford 27 March 1588.
See the discussion below.


(1) Anne Goode, bur. Ribbesford, 29 January 1620[/1].

(2) m. Ribbesford, 11 July 1624, Thomasine Goode.
[Ribbesford PRT, 21] She was perhaps the widow of Henry Goode of Bewdley, whose nuncupative will, dated 22 December 1623, and proved 8 January 1623[/4], gave everything to his wife Thomasine, executrix [Original Will, Consistory Court, Bishop of Hereford, FHL 91,646].


Mary Wakeman, bp. Ribbesford, 10 January 1590[/1], living 19 August 1626;
m. Ribbesford, 14 January 1621[/2], John Wowen, living 19 August 1626.

Sarah Wakeman, bp. Ribbesford, 23 April 1593, living 19 August 1626;
m. Ribbesford, 31 April 1621 [sic], Richard Hubball, living 19 August 1626.

[John Wakeman, bur. Chaddesley Corbett, co. Worc., 8 May 1595.]
Chaddesley Corbett is not far from Ribbesford, and it has generally been assumed that the John Wakeman of this burial was a son of Francis Wakeman of Bewdley. This is possible, but not entirely obvious. In any case, there is no matching baptism to help us out.

Martha Wakeman, bp. Ribbesford, 27 March 1596, d. 20 August 1662 29 December 1663;
m. Ribbesford, 20 November 1621, William Davis, d. 18 August 21 October 1659.
The will of Wm. Davis, dated 18 6mo. [August] 1659 (inventory 21 October 1659), mentioned his wife Martha, executrix, daughter Sarah Russell and her husband Wm. Russell, and their children Hannah and Noadiah ["Early Probate Records of New Haven", NEHGR 81 (1927): 123]. The will of Martha Davis, dated 20 August 1662 (inventory 29 December 1663), mentioned her son William Russell, executor, daughter Sarah Russell, grandson Noadiah Russell, granddaughter Anna Russell, sister Priscilla Richards and her daughter Mary Richards, sister Anna Nichols, brother Barnabas Davis, Elizabeth Mitchell and her daughter Elizabeth, Abigail and Sarah Glover, cousin Esban Wakeman and his sister Hannah, cousin Thos. Richards, Samuel and Rebeckah Bristow, the children of Henry Bristow, and John Jackson, with John Gibbs and Henry Glover as overseers [ibid.].

John Wakeman, b. say 1600, d. CT, 16601;
m. Ribbesford, 28 January 1628[/9], Elizabeth Hopkins.
The will of John Wakeman of New Haven, CT, dated 18 4mo. [June] 1660, mentioned his daughter Helina, wife of John Talcott of Hartford, son-in-law John Talcott, their children John, Elizabeth, and Samuel, son Samuell Wakeman's two sons Samuell and John, daughter Kitchell's daughter Elizabeth, brother-in-law Adam Nicholls of Hartford (given a suit which was his cousin John Walker's), his wife my sister Anna Nicholls, their four children John, Hanna, Sarah, and Ebenezer, Hanna Cheeuers (under 18), servant Thomas Huxley, son Samuell Wakeman, son-in-law and daughter Samuell and Elizabeth Kitchell, with Samuell Wakeman and Samuell Kitchell as executors, friends and brethren Henry Glover and James Bishop as over seers, and my sisters sister Davis and sister Glover to assist (these were apparently the Martha Davis and Ellen Glover who witnessed the will) [ECPR Hartford 1: 158-9; inventory 14 September 1661].

Samuel Wakeman, bp. Ribbesford, 25 September 1603, killed in the Bahamas, 1641;
m Elizabeth _____. She m. (2) Nathaniel Willett.
[death: Wakeman Gen., 158] On 4 December 1645, the estate of Samuel Wakeman, deceased, was settled on Nathaniel Willett, on the condition that he pay 40 to the eldest son and 20 to each of the three daughters as they come of age [ECPR Hartford 1: 39]

Isaac Wakeman, bp. Ribbesford, 3 August 1606.

Joseph Wakeman, bp. Ribbesford, 23 April 1609, living 19 August 1626.

Priscilla Wakeman, b. say 1611, d. bef. 12 June 1671;
m. Ribbesford, 19 January 1629[/30],
Thomas Richards, d. CT, say 16535.
Based on her date of marriage, a birth in the gap from 1609 to 1614 seems likely.

Anne Wakeman, bp. Ribbesford, 3 July 1614;
m. Adam Nichols, d. 25 August 1682.
[death of Adam: ECPR Hartford 1: 341] Anne's marriage is proven by the wills of her sister Martha and brother John.

Hester/Esther Wakeman, bp. Ribbesford, 15 June 1617, d. Hadley, bef. 1 December 1693;
m. (1) Thomas Selden, d. 14 August 19 December 1655;
m. (2) Andrew Warner, d. Hadley, 18 December 1684.
The will of Thomas Selden of Hartford, CT, dated 14 August 1655, mentioned his wife Hester Selden, eldest son Thomas Selden, other children Mary, Joseph, Hanna, and Sara Selden, with his wife as executrix and his brother Mr. John Wakeman and his "cosin" Thomas Osmer as overseers [ECPR Hartford 1: 149-150, giving 1665 in error]. Since John Wakeman is known to have had a sister named Hester/Esther, the "brother" relationship is best explained by identifying Thomas Selden's wife as Hester/Esther Wakeman. Thomas Selden's inventory was taken 19 December 1655 [ECPR Hartford 1: 149, giving 1665 in error]. On 3 December 1663, Thomas Hosmer presented a complaint against Andrew Warner of Hadley that he had not given security to the overseers of the estate of Thomas Selden [ibid., 150]. Andrew Warner died at Hadley on 18 December 1684, and his will, dated 18 June 1681 and proved 31 March 1685, mentioned his wife Esther, sons Jacob, Daniel, Isaac, Andrew, Robert, and John, and daughters Ruth Pratt and _____ Hills [Gen. & Pers. Mem. of MA, 2: 838]. Esther Warner's inventory was taken 1 December 1693 [ibid.].

The possible parentage of Francis Wakeman

The best clue we have to the origin of Francis Wakeman is that he names a brother John Wakeman in his will. The parish registers of Ribbesford show several children of a John Wakeman (including a son Francis) being baptized in the period 1590 to 1601. This is quite likely to be the brother of Francis. There is also the baptism of an Elizabeth daughter of John Wakeman on 12 February 1577[/8] and burials for a Joane wife of John Wakeman tan[n]er on 27 March 1588 and for a John Wakeman on 10 August 1619. The John Wakeman who died in 1619 cannot be Francis Wakeman's brother John, who was still living in 1626. The Ribbesford registers only begin in 1574, so it seems likely that Elizabeth's baptism was for the youngest child of the elder John Wakeman, rather than from an earlier marriage of the younger John Wakeman. Thus, the elder John Wakeman and Joan would seem to make reasonable candidates for the parents of Francis Wakeman and the younger John Wakeman, although no firm conclusion is possible. Nothing further is known of this John Wakeman or his wife Joan. It hardly seems likely that they were the same individuals as the John Wakmon and wife Joane (no surname given) who were married at Chaddesley Corbett on 9 August 1545, as has sometimes been suggested.

Reference abbreviations

Chaddesley Corbett PR = Chaddesley Corbett, co. Worcester parish register, FHL film #------.

Gen. & Pers. Mem. of MA = William Richard Cutter, & William Frederick Adams, Genealogical and Personal Memoirs relating to families of the State of Massachusetts (vol. 2, New York, 1910).

Ribbesford PRT = Ribbesford, co. Worcester Parish Register Transcripts, FHL fiche #6,344,777 (baptisms), #6,085,626 (marriages and burials).

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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