_____ Robinson (or Jane Hunter?)
first wife of John Crawford.

As noted on the page of John Crawford, his wife Rebecca Stull could not be the mother of his oldest child, and John Crawford was therefore married at least twice. According to a great-granddaughter, Jennie Stewart Martin, the maiden name of John Crawford's wife was Robinson [see letter below]. This matches well with the fact that John's daughter Ann Patterson/Pattison had Robinson as her middle name [see John Crawford's will below], as did his grandson Matthew Robinson Baird. It is of interest that John Crawford's will was witnessed by two James Robinsons. The maiden name of Robinson is contradicted by information apparently coming from descendants of John's sisters in Ireland, which had him married to a certain Jane Hunter ["... John Crawford, the eldest son married Jane Hunter of Ballyfore; they emigrated to South Carolina ..." The History of Nancy Boyd, see the page of Nancy Boyd for details]. Since the name Robinson came from a descendant, that name seems preferable, but it is obvious that better information is needed to be sure.

Date of birth: say 1796.
Place of birth: Unknown.
The 1820 census shows John Crawford's wife evidently aged between 16 and 26, and she was certainly closer to the latter age [John Crofford, 1M26-45, 2F<10, 2F16-26, 1820 cen., Cambridge tp., Guernsey co., OH]. The date estimated above would make her 20 at the birth of her first child, and should not be far off.

Date of death: probably 1830.
Place of death: Unknown.
Since no adult female appears in the 1830 census with John Crawford [1830 cen., Centre tp., Guernsey co., OH, 458], this indicates that John Crawford's wife died between March 1830 (when Ann was born) and the time of the 1830 census.

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: John Crawford, b. Ireland, 5 December 1791, d. Van Buren co., IA, 11 September 1860, bur. Winchester cem..

See the page of John Crawford for details.

Jane Crawford, b. co. Antrim, Ireland, 28 July 1816, d. 16 December 1885, bur. Winchester cem., Van Buren co., IA;
m. July 1843, John Julian, b. Cornwall, England, 28 March 1814, d. 18 November 1887, bur. Winchester cem.

Mary Crawford, b. Belmont co., OH, 1819, d. Guernsey co., OH, 31 December 1880, bur. Allen's cem;
m. Van Buren co., IA, 11 June 1859, Thomas Siddorn, b. England, 11 March 1817, d. 11 January 1876, bur. Winchester cem., Van Buren co., IA.

Margaret Crawford, b. ca. 1821, d. 1848, bur. Allen's cem., Guernsey co., OH.

Nancy Crawford, b. Guernsey co., OH, 28 June 1823, d. St. Charles, Madison co., IA, 7 September 1882, bur. St. Charles cem;
m. Guernsey co., OH, 15 March 1849, John W. Baird, b. Guernsey co., OH, 24 January 1824, d. Warren co., IA, 1 March 1896, bur. St. Charles cem.

Matthew Crawford, b. Guernsey co., OH, 5 March 1827, d. 15 April 1880, bur. Pleasant Hill cem., Scotland co., MO;
m. Van Buren co., IA, 23 September 1852, Mary Denning, b. Holms co., OH, 5 September 1835, d. Memphis, Scotland co., MO, 3 May 1931.

Ann Robinson Crawford, b. OH, March 1830, living 1900, West Point tp., Bates co., MO;
m. Guernsey co., OH, 29 March 1853, Thomas W. Patterson/Pattison, b. March 1829, living 1900, Bates co., MO.

Letter of Jennie Stewart Martin to Adron T. Moore, 13 December 1926.

Dec. 13, 1926
Cincinnati, Ohio
Mt dear Mr. Moore,
My aunt, Mrs. Proudfoot, sent to me your letter to her asking her to send some information in regard to the Crawford family to Julian Calhoun. ... As I understand it Matthew Crawford had two children, John and Jane. (1) The former married a Miss Robinson and was the father of six children -- Rebecca-(?), Mary (Siddorn), Jane (Julian), Ann (Patterson), Nancy (Baird) and Matthew. Mary & Ann left no children. ...
Very Sincerely yours,
Jennie Stewart Martin (Mrs. E. M.)
4403 Carnation Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio
(Granddaughter of Nancy Crawford)

Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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