Sarah Richardson
wife of Samuel Weed

At a court of probate held at Woodbury on 16 May 1748, Ensign Nathll Arnold of Waterbury informed the court that Sarah Weed, wife of Samuel Weed ("who lately reported undercovert at Waterbury, being an outlaw") was lately deceased, and was granted letters of administration for the estate of Sarah Weed. The inventory of her estate was taken 28 April 1748. Seven children were listed in the distribution of the estate (date uncertain), namely Samuel Weed, David Weed, Nathll Weed, Dan Weed, Reuben Weed, John Weed, and Abel Weed, of whom it is noted (in an addition made at an uncertain date) that the two eldest sons, Samuel Weed and David Weed, died in their minority, and the estate was to be divided among the five remaining sons. [Woodbury, CT Probate Register 2: 280 (47), FHL film #6,171]

Date of birth: 28 April 1710.
Place of birth: Recorded at Waterbury.
[Waterbury Vit. Rec., 1: 114, FHL film #6,111]

Date of death: 15 February 1747/8.
Place of death: Recorded at Waterbury.
[FANH 1963, citing Waterbury Vital Records, but the only record I found states "Sarah Richason Alias Weed dyed" followed by blank space, Waterbury Vit. Rec. 1: 114, FHL film #6,111]

Father: John Richardson, b. 15 April 1672, d. 17 October 1712.
Mother: Elizabeth Richards, b. July 1675, bp. Farmington, 21 March 1679/80, d. 23 May 1750?
[Waterbury Vit. Rec., 1: 114, FHL film #6,111]

Spouse: Samuel Weed, b. 18 July 1704, rec. at Derby.
Sarah Richardson's marriage to Samuel Weed is not directly documented. What the records prove directly is that Samuel Weed was married to a Sarah and that Sarah Richardson was married to a Weed. Derby vital records contained in the Derby Deed Books show the births of the children of Samuel and Sarah Weed, the same children as those shown as heirs in the 1748 estate record of Sarah Weed mentioned above [Derby, CT Deeds 4: A2; 5: 2, FHK film #4,059]. On the page of the Waterbury vital records containing the births of the children of John Richason/Richardson, his daughter Sarah's married name is shown as Weed [Waterbury Vit. Rec., 1: 114, FHL film #6,111]. Also, the distribution of the estate of John Richardson of Waterbury, deceased, on 4 December 1750, mentioned the offspring of his sister Sarah Weed late of Waterbury, deceased, among the heirs [Woodbury, CT Probate Register 3: 14, FHL film #6,172; see the page of the elder John Richardson for more details]. Tying this together is the fact that the administrator of Sarah Weed, wife of Samuel, was Nathaniel Arnold, who was the stepfather of Sarah (Richardson) Weed. This clearly shows that Sarah wife of Samuel Weed was the same person as Sarah daughter of John Richardson.

See the page of Samuel Weed for details.

Samuel Weed, of Waterbury, CT, b. 4 March 1731/2, rec. at Derby, d.s.p. shortly bef. 10 April 1750.

David Weed, b. 16 January 1733/4, rec. at Derby, d.s.p 174854.

Nathaniel Weed, b. 3 June 1736, rec. at Derby, d. SC, 18 December 1797 27 March 1798;
m. Margaret McCurdy.

Dan Weed, b. 10 March 1738/9, rec. at Derby, living 5 December 1754.

Reuben Weed, b. 16 October 1740, rec. at Derby, d. Abbeville co., SC, 11 November 1791 28 March 1792;
Martha _____, d. Abbeville co., SC, 22 September 2 October 1809.

John Weed, b. 9 May 1742, rec. at Derby; living 1790, Orangeburgh dist., SC?;
m. _____.

Abel Weed, of Little Britain, Ulster (now Orange) co., NY, b. 5 November 1744, rec. at Derby;
m. 6 February 1766, Dorcas Weed, of Symsbury, CT, petition for div., 1 January 1773.

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FANH = Donald Lines Jacobus, "Families of Ancient New Haven", New Haven Genealogical Magazine (TAG) 1-8 (1922-32). (paginated consecutively)

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